How to Build a Mini Home Theatre on a Budget

How to Build a Mini Home Theatre on a Budget


We all love going to the cinema for movies, but setting up a mini home theatre at home is a better idea. I mean sure we all enjoy, those hot caramel popcorns and drink in those large cups but sometimes going to the cinema can get pretty expensive. And if you happen to be an avid movie lover, then visiting the cinema two to three times in a month can become very heavy on your pocket. How about saving up all that money and setting up a nice mini home theatre in the comfort of your own home? That too on a budget?

I have curated this blog, especially for moviegoers who are seeking affordable options, towards setting up a mini-movie theatre. In this blog, you will find simple ways where you would be able to turn an average looking room into a magnificent mini home theatre. For décor, you would be able to find many affordable products on a budget by availing Instruments4music Discount Codes .  Anyway, without further ado, let’s start our list:

Tip to Build a Mini Home Theatre on a Budget

Table of Contents

1)     Find an Ideal Space

First things first, looking for an ideal space matters a lot. If you don’t have a room for the setup, you can always use your basement, garage, attic or even your outdoor space for this purpose. Once, you have found an ideal space for the theatre, and then you can move on to the next step. Make sure the room is well equipped with essentials such as electric sockets. The room must also be clean and tidy. If it’s not then got some help and clean it properly.

I believe space matters a lot! If the area isn’t open or big enough then I suggest you set it up someplace outdoor. Nobody would prefer watching a movie in a compact space. Once, you have selected the area; you can start designing it in your mind. Get creative and move on to the next step.

2)     Get a Big Screen

Usually, I would suggest you get a flat-screen UHD display screen—the one which is at least 55-85 inches wide. But since you’re on a budget these television set can get pretty expensive. For those who want to build a pocket-friendly mini home theatre, opt for old big screens or projectors. This could be a very cost-effective option. I mean, the display quality won’t be that good, but at least it will be in your budget.

If you still want to go for an LCD, then I suggest you go for open box options. These TV screens aren’t used or defected and cost less too. Just visit your nearby electronic store and view options.

3)     Explore Blue-ray Players

The next thing you need to look into is the console options. Do explore blue-ray players. They’re more efficient than CD or DVD players. It also comes with a broad range of audio, video and USB port options. The best feature blue-ray players possess is the internet streaming option. These players can be connected to any streaming website, allowing you to stream audio and video content. That can be displayed on a Projector directly.

4)     Jump on the Bandwagon of Streaming World

Cable doesn’t work for mini home theatres. You would be required to explore streaming video options for this purpose. The most popular one among all is Netflix and prime video. The fees for these subscription videos is minimal as compared to cable. Get yourself subscribed to these streaming websites if you haven’t already. You can also rent movies digitally by virtue of Google Play and Vudu if you haven’t already. You can also opt for a pc setup; it will give you more control.

Set-top box such as Roku also works best. I mean sure, a pc setup will give you more control, but a device like Roku requires less space and less maintenance as well.

5)     Audio

Audio plays a very significant role in a mini home theatre setup. The set for speakers that you would choose will add life to your home theatre. But be mindful about one thing; the size of the speaker doesn’t matter. The brand and the placement does. Get a set and place two speakers on left and right, one at the centre, two rear speakers and a subwoofer for bass.

Place all these speakers a foot or two above foot level. Keep the centre speaker aimed upward to point ear level.

6)     Seating

The last thing you need to think about  is the seating. You need to make sure the seating you buy is comfortable and modern. For this, you can visit the local furniture stores and purchase coaches of your choice. If you are setting the mini home theatre for your friends and family, then floor cushions and furry carpets are also a good idea. Get some cushions and pillowcases and give the entire venue a cozy look.

Wrapping it all Up

Setting a mini home theatre on a budget can be quite challenging. I have given some simple tips that you can follow above. If you find this blog interesting, then leave us feedback in the comment section down below.

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