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15 Best Anime Openings 2021

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Japan has proven to be a force in the entertainment industry, and amines have been Japan’s greatest gift to the world in that respect. Being products of sketches, the scenes amines can paint are endless. Anime makers can create a village on the sun, a tadpole that talks, and much more.

This theoretical box of infinite volume that anime makers can draw scenes from does not only enhance the main story of the anime. Even an amine’s opening is enhanced by this infinite bandwidth of creativity. Anime openings can invoke beauty that only the most creative minds can fashion.

Like every piece of art, the opening of an anime has a vital role to play in enhancing the enjoyment it has to offer. It can lead the audience directly into the heart of a character or story, even before they begin seeing the character or story.

The most formidable part of an anime’s opening is certainly its music. Some of the most downloaded musical contents on the internet are anime opening musicals. The world has certainly been blessed with many creative amine openings. However, there are some that have better combination of effects, music and story than others.

Here Are The Best Anime Openings Available;

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15. Mitsu No Yoake

This is the opening music for the season 2 of ‘Spice and Wolf’, an anime about a journeying man and his Wolf harvesting goddess. The show included medieval trading, but its biggest hit was when the man and his goddess got romantic moods flying. Romance between mortal and immortal was certainly captured by the creators of the opening.

Aside capturing the romantic aspects of this show, the song and graphics of the opening helps individuals in the audience simulate the experience that comes with traveling with a goddess, making money and finding love. Love, money and traveling are items that feature on lists of things most people want to do before they die. These vital items are well captured by this opening.

14. Talon

This anime opening features a cool and soothing Japanese pop musical emanating from a strong voice and an organized combination of instruments. The music was done by Shuta Sueyoshi and it is part of the album ‘Jack in the Box’. It is the opening for the anime titled ‘Spiritpact’.

This musical makes it into this list because it creates a telepathic relationship between the audience and the movie even before the movie begins.

13. Zankoku Na Tenshi No Thesis

This anime opening is the opening of ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’. The anime certainly had some tragic scenes in between a comic relief or two. For the trauma it could bring an audience, it is loved by some and hated by others. Some people hate the plot, but since the day I can remember, I have never seen anyone who hates the anime’s opening.

This anime opening makes the list because its disco pop sound helps the audience lose themselves, and shed their troubles. It is important that they shed their troubles because the anime itself is a world of troubles and characters that could be both pitied and laughed at. The opening gives individuals in its audience a heart light enough to bother about the troubles of the characters in the story.

12. Spark Of Lies

This song features in the opening of the anime titled Scum’s Wish. The lyrics were given life by the tireless voice of KusoNeko. Neko’s voice blended with the rock guitar to create Japanese pop tunes that every fan of J-pop would love to hear.

11. Hello, World!

This is the opening of Kekkai Sensen, and it certainly captures the essence of the entire anime in one line “Hello World, here I am”. The lyrics give you the feeling of an adventurer facing life in times everything has a meaning, and in times life makes no sense as well. The lyrics portray the voice of a brave man ready to take on anything life can throw. This song certainly tosses the audience straight into the heart of Kekkai Sensen, and gives clues about its plot’s ability to make sense out of the senseless even before the main show begins.

10. Found And Lost

This gem of a song was made by the band ‘Survive Said The Prophet’, and is part of the album S p a c e (s). The song certainly survived because it remains one of the most popular anime openings of all time.

In this musical, instruments raged like the drones of World War II. The lyrics were spoken from the heart, just like the pilots at the war flew with heart. A combination of voice and heavy metal instruments was certainly a combination as lethal as the drones of World War II. Yes, they killed it, they nailed it.

9. Signal

This song by Toru Kitajima is the anime opening for ‘91 Days’. It is a Japanese pop music piece from Toru’s album ‘White Noise’, but it is certainly not noise. This piece climbs this high on this list simply because it is an amazing piece of music. That’s it, plain and simple.

8. Touch Off

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This piece of rock music was given to the world courtesy the gifted Uverworld. It is the anime opening of Promised Neverland. Like ‘Signal’, it makes this list because of its beauty. This track can stand alone, or serve as the forebear of a wonderful story like Promised Neverland. The amazing part is that it can do both jobs seamlessly and retain its beauty either way.

7. Blue Bird

It is no longer news that Naruto is one of the most followed anime series in the world. When you see openings like Blue Bird, you understand better the reasons for Naruto’s successes over time. Blue Bird is a blend of Japanese pop and rock pop, and it is the anime opening of Naruto Shippuden.

Ikimono-gakari sang this piece from her album ‘My Song Yougakari’. Her artful use of voice is the reason this anime is number seven on this list. The song basically focuses on exposing the talent of the singer. Blue Bird has more than 50 million views on the internet, and that is an undeniable testament to Ikimono-gakari’s magic.

6. Two Heartbeats and Red Sin

Listening to this song run before the main story of Vampire Knight already gives you the idea that the anime is going to be darkly. An anime opening should give a listener/viewer clues about the anime. Two Heartbeats And Red Sin with its karaoke does that job perfectly. This track can be found on the album ‘idk actually’ by On/off.

5. Unravel

This is another dark, melancholic and soulful opening of an anime. It is the opening of the anime Tokyo Ghoul, and like most spooky openings, they set the mood of the audience for the darkly figures they would see when the game begins. Fans who can develop powerful emotions by listening to lyrics would certainly find this piece amazing.

4. Colors

This is the opening of Code Geass, one of the most iconic anime series ever sketched. ‘Colors’ certainly set the stage for the revolt that led to Lelouch’s rise to power. Today, it remains on the lips of many adults who saw the beginning of Lelouch’s story during their childhood. It is one of the few tracks both adults and kids can love because it gives adults their childhood again. Aside the track’s title, other parts of the opening that were full of colors were the graphics and special effects.

3. Ignite

Do I really need to put up an argument in a bid to explain why this one is so high on this list? Well, the fact that it peaked at number one on Billboard Japanese top 100 is all you need to hear. It is obvious that the song was loved both by anime lovers and J-pop lovers. Eir Aoi is certainly a gifted figure in the music circuit, but this was one of his best.

Another Billboard that this song dominated was Japan’s hot anime openings, where it peaked at number one. This fusion of Anison and J-pop was part of Eir’s album D’AZUR, and was the opening for the popular anime titled Sword of Art.

2. Can You Sleep At Night?

Our penultimate item is a rock track that featured in the opening of Ajin. It certainly has inspirational lyrics and sets you up for an inspirational encounter with Ajin. This is certainly one song that poets can steal a lot of things from. The lyrics describe the predicament of its protagonist in language that all suffering individuals can relate with.

1. Midnight Appointment

This is the apex of this list. It was the product of Hello Sleepwalkers’ album ‘Masked Money Awakening’. It is the opening of the popular anime Noragami. There is no doubt that Noragami has garnered a good fan base over time. Solid openings like this certainly had a hand in its popularity.

The music’s base genre is rock, but it has tinges of heavy metal. Of the five-man ‘Hello Sleepwalkers’ band, Shuntaro did the vocals, Tasoko and Makoto held the guitars, and these three certainly killed it.

The lyrics describe the ever running quarrel between man and time. The plight of the protagonist in his rage against time is one everyone can relate with. This plight also rhymes with the base concept of Noragami. There is no other place for this masterpiece than the number one spot.

This has been a star-studded run from ‘Mitsu No Yoake’ to ‘Midnight Appointment’. These are the greatest anime openings since Japanese fingers began sketching anime. It is obvious you may be furious some of your favorites did not make this hall of fame. Either way, you would certainly agree that this list has blessed you with good memories and a desire to download classic musicals or relive the experience of seeing an anime like ‘Naruto’ or ‘91 days’.

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