[FIXED] Online Video Editor Cannot Process 4K Large Video

[FIXED] Online Video Editor Cannot Process 4K Large Video


Do you want a simple but powerful video editor that allows you to edit 4K and large videos on desktop? A desktop software comes with a simple and straight forward interface that allows those with little or video editing ideas to quickly use almost conveniently. Today, I would like to introduce this powerful video editor can polish any video clips easier to fit YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms – VideoProc. This product also reduces large-sized DJI/GoPro/4K/HD video footage without quality loss. Using full GPU acceleration tech, all video processing work will be finished at 5X faster than others. Saving online videos, recording desktop/webcam, and converting DVDs are some of the great features of VideoProc, thanks to its superbly designed UI.

VideoProc is designed especially for 4K HEVC/H264 and higher-quality videos on both Windows and Mac. It has a full set of features: crop, split, cut, merge, rotate 4K videos, add watermarks, effects, subtitles, deshake, denoise, create MKV/GIF, fix lens distortion etc. This video editing machine has a special focus on 4K videos at different fps and settings, be them recorded by GoPro, DJI drones, iPhone, DSLR cameras, or other devices. It provides top performance in editing 4k videos via the Level-3 Hardware Acceleration tech. This is unique on the market. It allows you to apply full GPU acceleration from Intel, Nvidia and AMD via out editing tasks. Namely, it has a 47x real-time faster speed. That’s 5x faster than most other tools. VideoProc Works perfectly on Windows and macOS.

It is a fact that most people prefer editing their videos these days using online editing tools rather than desktop video editing software. The biggest reason many choose online platform editors over offline is that they don’t need to install on devices. Yes, we know how installation of large software can slow down devices, so online editor brings another dimension to it. However, this product is perfect for short videos, cutting and merging of clips on demand. This offers that simple solution for little video clips for Youtube, Instagram, other social media, and different marketing needs. Learn the complete guide on how to merge videos using VideoProc.

Meanwhile, online editing software is not perfect or recommended for large video editing because of slow processing time. In most cases, a slow internet connection can have your work time increased and consume lots of resources.

Advantage of Online Video Editor

Here are a few advantage of online video merger especially in the case of VideoProc;

  • No download or installation
  • VideoProc offers superfast speed editing 4K UHD videos
  • Online video editors allows both import and output 4K resolution
  • Great ability Ability to reduce 4K exports
  • Online video editors offer that perfect balance between easiness and functionalities.

Disadvantage of Online Video Editors

-Most online video mergers are mere linear editing tool

-Doesn’t allow for large video editing

-Desktop video editor offers more than online editors

So, Why Choose VideoProc?

VideoProc is the best video cutting and cropping tool among others. Here are a few features that make it almost a no-brainer to choose VideoProc ahead of the rest;

  • Easy navigation, simple steps, fast to import and export (without freezing or crash)
  • Easy but powerful functions to meet user’s video editing demands.
  • Professional technologies: Full GPU acceleration and quality-oriented engine.
  • VideoProc offers a free trial to first-timers with access to some great features though it is limited too. However, users on free trial also get product key for access combined with their licensed email.

We know you like online video editing tools; yes because it allows quick and short videos to be cut and merged in no time. But VideoProc should be that ultimate choice as it allows even beginners to simply get started with its friendly user interface.

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