Spotify jobs application 2022

Spotify jobs application 2022


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Spotify is a music streaming service-providing company. It is one of the largest music streaming service providers in the world. Spotify has 450million active users across the world, and over 180 million subscribers to their premium service as of 2022. It is one of the fastest-growing music streaming platforms in the world despite the fact that it was established only later after many other music streaming service-providing companies out there. Spotify was founded on the 23rd of April, 2006 by two Swedish entrepreneurs namely Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon. It has its headquarters in Stockholm in Sweden and in New York City, New York, United States of America.

However, Spotify doesn’t only provide the service of music streaming, they also provide some other media services. The company services are accessible to all on the internet through their website and app. They have 15 physical offices in total in Sweden and the United States of America with 9,060 workers from around the world working for them either online or in their offices. The company was officially launched as a full-fledged music streaming company on the 7th of October, 2007.

As a freemium service provider, some basic features on their website are free but with advertisement and limited control. Their premium service which include offline streaming and commercial-free navigations are being paid for via subscription. Spotify currently worth €94 million in monetary value.

Spotify Jobs Application Process

The first step you will need to take to apply for a job at Spotify is visiting their official website at Register with them and sign in. Fortunate enough, the site is easy to navigate and offers full information on the hiring process. On this website, Spotify uploads new available positions on a weekly basis. Let’s see the steps to apply for jobs at Spotify.

1) Submit an Application

The first thing you need to prepare is your resume and cover letter. You must make sure that your cover letter is well polished in suitability to the position you are applying for.  Ensure to state and clarify the experience you’ve had on the job to make your application stand out. If you also have a website, make sure you include it in your application. The position you are holding in an organization or any establishment should not be left out as it will give the talent acquisition team a clear picture of who you are and your area of expertise.

2) First Round of Interview

You will be asked to attend 3 different interview sessions. The first interview s session will be through a live video session or phone call where you will be meeting a few of the interviewers’ team. You will be questioned on your background, qualification, and character.

3) Second Round of Interview

After your success in the first round of interview, you will be directed to the second interview with at least one member of the team you will be working with. You will be questioned more on your ambitions, previous experience, goal, and what you have to offer the company.

4) Final Round of Interview

In the final stage, you will meet a few more people from the company. This is the final opportunity to illustrate and showcase how your values and experience align with the company’s goals. It is also a chance for you to know more about who you would be working with.

5) Feedback

Spotify usually gets back to the shortlisted applicants via their email address which you would have been asked to provide while providing them with your basic information. Feedback usually takes up to 3 to 7 working days but it can take longer if they’ve received a lot of interested candidates.

10 Spotify jobs hiring position and their salary.

1) Senior Backend Engineer.

Their Salary annually is $95,000. Minimum Experience Required: Five years with JavaScript.

2) Staff Engineer.

Their Salary annually is $85,500. Minimum Experience Required: Atleast two years as a software engineer creating applications

3) Android Engineer

Their Salary annually is $95,000. Minimum Experience Required: Three years as an Android engineer.

4) Senior Product Designer.

Their salary annually is $120,000. Minimum Experience Required for this position: Five years of relevant experience

5) Audio Backend designer.

Their Salary is $94,000.

6) Engineering Manager for artists

Their Salary is $118,000 in a year.

7) Sales Manager ANZ

Their Salary is  $65,500 annually. Minimum Experience Required: Three years in online marketing

8) Senior Product Designer, Editorial Design

Their Salary is $120,000.

9) Product Manager, Monetization

Their Salary is $126,500.

10) Machine Learning Team member.

Their Salary is $80,000.

Benefits of working with Spotify.

There are several benefits you enjoy as a worker at Spotify.

1) Maternity and child care leave.

As a woman that just give birth, if you happen to work at Spotify, you will be given 6 months of Fully paid leave.

2)  Health Insurance

They also provide low-cost health and dental insurance to workers. They also give medical leave to workers till they fully recover.

3) Free Food

The company provides free breakfast to their workers on Monday to Friday.

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4) Game break

The company has a game room where workers can relax after working the first shift of their work. There are video games, football, pool table and any other games equipments in the game rooms.

5) Training.

There’s perpetual training of workers in the company. The company trains their workers on a weekly basis usually an interval of 6months. The training usually lasts for a week to 2 weeks and it is meant to skill their workers up.

Roles and responsibilities.

The roles the workers at Spotify play depend on the position they are holding. Here are the Top 10 positions and their roles and responsibilities.

 1) Senior Backend Engineer

As a backend engineer,  you work with a  large team to design and maintain storage and database systems. You design, deploy, and must be able to improve scalable backend services.

2) Staff Engineer

Staff Engineer leads technical projects, development and deployment of features for Spotify’s music lovers. They work under or side by side with product managers and insight specialists to create a fantastic experience on Spotify.

3) Android Engineer

As an Android Engineer, you are responsible for providing Android users with a good experience while using Spotify. The engineers make sure users have easy and quick access to their music preferences every time with any technical glitch.

4) Senior Product Designer

This senior designer takes the lead in establishing how podcast creators can increase their audiences and engagement through Spotify. To qualify for this role, applicants must have experience in user research and testing.

5) Audio Backend Designer.

This designer is responsible for improving the backend system design to satisfy consumer needs. They work side in side with data engineers on different data frameworks, including Google Cloud among others.

6) Engineering Manager for Artists.

The main purpose of this role is to help artists grow their audiences, use Spotify tools, and make money. They manage a team of engineers, so having both a strong technical background and a skill for leading people is essential. They are alsoresponsible for promoting agile software development practices.

7) Sales Manager

They are responsible for identifying business development positions. Sales manager sees to the sales operations and leads the sales team to improve sportofy sales. You must have some sales experience to apply for this position.

8) Senior Product Designer

Senior Product Designer collaborates with multi-disciplinary teams to design and improve user experiences on Spotify. They work hand in hand with product managers, data scientists, and the product design team to integrate user research insights into the audio streaming platform services and tools.

9) Monetization Product Manager

As a product manager on the Monetization,  They work with the machine learning team to improve the way adverts show to users on Spotify, without having a negative impact on user experience.

10) Machine Learning Team Member.

They work under the product manager of machine learning. They make sure that the website is well monetized and does not affect users’ experience on Spotify. They also process the subscription to premium services on Spotify.


The qualifications and requirements needed to work at Spotify depend on the position you are applying for. It should be noted that all positions at Spotify require at least a high school certification or equivalent. While some may require more than this, some only require this.

To work as a senior worker in Spotify i.e to hold positions like the Senior Backend Engineer, Senior Product Designer, engineer manager for artists etc, you will need a bachelor’s degree in business, tech, or computer-related courses as well as  5 to 10 years relevant experience.

Technical positions like Machine Learning team member, Audio Backend Designer, staff engineer etc require years of familiarity with JavaScript, coding, among many other skills.

More on the qualifications and requirements will be uploaded to the official job website of the company alongside the available positions.

How to search for Spotify jobs online.

Searching for Spotify jobs online is not something to be worried about. All you are going to need to do is visit their official job website at Spotify. When you sign up with them, you will be able to see if there’s a vacancy in the section that says “All Job”  in the menu list at the top left corner of the website.

Another way to search for Spotify jobs is by Google searching. There are several sites that are based on job availability in companies like Spotify. You can Google search the words “Available jobs at Spotify”, “Vacancies at Spotify” etc

Steps By Step Application Guide.

In this section, we will be looking at the step-by-step application for jobs at Spotify. To apply,

1) visit the company’s official job website by clicking “Spotify

2) Sign up by providing your full name, contact information and email address

3) After signing up, you will be required to login with your email address and provided password during registration.

4) You will be directed to the home page of the website.

5) Click on the two lines indicating the menu at the top left-hand side of the website

6) A list will pop down. At the end of the list is a tab that says “All Jobs”. Click on it.

7) Then you will see all the available jobs at Spotify. Click on the one you want to apply for.

8) You will then be redirected to where you will be required to provide your basic information as well as Uploading of your CV and other documents you wish to present.

9) After this, submit. You just finished the application process. You will be contacted if you are to proceed to the interview level.

As of the time we write this article, there are currently 303 available positions at Spotify mostly in the United States.

Official Job Website.

The company’s official website URL is


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