11 Steps to Start a Band as a Teenager; Ideas and things you need to succeed

11 Steps to Start a Band as a Teenager; Ideas and things you need to succeed

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How to start a band as a teenager, the steps to take and things you need to succeed. The path of creating a rock band appeals to many teenagers in their high school. Starting a band is fun for teenagers and a passion for people who are fond of music. However, success is not easy in the work of music. It takes years of practice and perfection to achieve some significant success in music.

It is easy to start a band, but it is essential to plan everything step by step. Planning everything in proper steps helps improves the chances of success. This post shares some easy steps to start a band as a teenager.

1. Learn to sing or play and instrument

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Anyone who wants to start a band should know singing or playing an instrument. All the members of your band should be able to sing or play an instrument. People who cannot sing or don’t know to play an instrument should learn singing or playing any instrument used in a band.

2. Set a name for your band

It is essential to establish a name for your band. It is the name that helps people to identify, like, and support your band. Once you decide to start a band, you can discuss it with other members to set a name for your band.

3. Have people with a professional mindset

Don’t let anyone with a too emotional mindset be in your band. For example, if you let your girlfriend, boyfriend, or any other sensitive person in your band, they can leave anytime by disagreeing on little things. Therefore, it is essential to have people with a professional and robust mindset in your band who don’t get down or depressed on small things.

4. Have a person for every instrument

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Running a music band is teamwork. To start a band, you should have a person for every device you want to play in your band. However, you should look for members with some experience. For example, if you want a person to play the drum set, choose a person with at least six months of experience. Don’t just choose the first person available with no experience.

5. List of players you need 

To create a band, you need a player for every instrument and at least one singer. For playing the instruments, you need a drummer, a bassist, a lead guitarist, a vocalist, and a singer. If you want to compose new songs, you will need a songwriter or creator. On the other hand, you can also sing the existing songs in your band. In that case, you don’t need a writer to write the songs for your band.

6. Find a practice space

The member of your band needs the practice to achieve perfection in playing their part. You need to look for an area or room where your band can practice singing and playing instruments collectively. As you are going to start a band, you don’t need to look for a rented space. Instead, look for a friend’s house, terrace, or an auditorium that is usually free in the evening. You can practice daily or on the weekends, depending on the availability of time for individual members.

7. Make a music video

The next step is to advertise and let people know about your band for which you need to create a music video. So, after a few months of practice, you can record a video of your band and ask all the members to perform their best. If you can spend a few hundred dollars, you can consult a professional video creator to help you make your first video.

8. Advertise online (Social Media)

After you make your first video, you need to advertise it and make it reach as many people as possible. Nowadays, it is very easy to advertise online due to the presence of various social media platforms. However, it takes planning to advertise your brand to the right audience and in the right location. First, it is best to advertise on a social media platform, where most of your target audience is present that is teenagers and youngsters.

You can also advertise offline using paper or vinyl banner in your local area, and outside the colleges where banner signs are allowed. However, online advertising is cost-effective and hassle-free as you can control many things as who views your ad and your budget.

9. Plan your first show

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After a few months of advertisement, you come to know the response of people on your first video and your band. You can approach sponsors, but if your budget is low, it is best to play your first show in a school, college, or university. Educational institutions host functions several times in a year where you can host your first show.

Moreover, there are many other places where you can apply to organize your first show. Once the venue is confirmed for your first show, you should update the same using an online banner on all your social media accounts.

10. Ask for feedback

Feedback is essential for the success of a band as you need to consider what people like to hear and what they like. The best way is to read the comments on your video on social media accounts. If people offer you good feedback and encourage you to perform in this way, you can practice creating more songs and shows. However, there will be some people who offer you negative reviews for your show. You should not get depressed or negative due to these comments, but understand why they post such reviews. Negative feedback, reviews, and comments help you to improve and perform better for success in any field.

11. Practice and improve

The practice is the key to master any art, and music is no exception. You should ask all the members of your band to practice their roles and instruments as much as they can. The more you practice, the faster you improve and proceed towards success. Also, upgrade your instruments to improve the music quality of your band. Many brands offer musical instruments for sale on online and offline stores.

Final words

These are some easy steps to start your band as a teenager. The key to success is to practice and look for ways to improve the performance of your band. Also, it is essential to market your band to reach more people for which you can invest in online advertising as you earn money from your band. It makes no sense to work hard in today’s world if nobody knows you. Even a single show of your band can become viral and boost the success of your band. So, as your members practice and work for success, you need to market your brand to reach more and more people.

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