How To Find Amazon Add-On Items

How To Find Amazon Add-On Items


Amazon Add-on Items are items that are available for purchase when you purchase a minimum of $25 of items shipped by Amazon to the same address, excluding gift cards. They are mostly under $10 low-cost office supplies, snacks, or hygiene items. They are mainly products that are too small or too cheap to be shipped on their own.

To buy an Amazon add-on item:

Look for the add-on item logo on a product while shopping. Include it in an order that is at a minimum of $25 shipped by Amazon.


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  • Find Amazon Add-On Items Using Search On Amazon:

All you have to do is search Amazon for the phrase “add-on items” on the Amazon App or website. Unfortunately, you can’t add any other terms or words to the query. For example, “cookies add-on items” will not properly filter your results to add-on items. All add-on products have the add-on logo on them, making it easy to differentiate between them and other products.

If you happen to know the name of the product or any form of identification, you could use that to search for the add-on item you want to purchase.

If you know the item’s category and/or price, it will also help you easily search and identify the product of your choice. You can type the name, price, and category of the product and search or you could edit the filters on the search and set it to the category and price of the product and then search. Editing the filters will help you get a more accurate result and makes your search faster and easier.

Still note that you can purchase an add-on item together with an order of less than $25.

  • Ask Friends And Family:

If you know anyone who previously purchased any add-on item that interests you, you could ask them the name of the product and use the same name to search for the product and then add it to your order. They could also provide you with the link to the product or they could give you another way to find or identify the product.

  • Using Google Search:

If you have a problem finding the item of your choice on Amazon, you could attempt using Google Search to find the product. Google Search, as a search engine has access to many sites and pages and brings all related information about your search together on one page. So, to find the add-on item using Google Search, you need to have some information about the item because this will help you get a quick result. Enter as much descriptive information about the item and then hit search.

  • Using Your Social Media Service:

You could search for Amazon add-on items on your favorite social media but many think this is a hopeless attempt. It really isn’t because you can find some interesting facts on your social media but you will have a better chance if you are a follower of the Amazon account on your social media and to make sure this happens, Search for Amazon on your favorite social media and follow the Amazon profile. This will help you find Amazon content whenever you search Amazon Add-on items on your social media.

  • Following Advertisements:

This may not be an easy or reliable method but some adverts show some Add-on items that could interest you. You may not buy them at once but you could always add them to your cart and then buy them later. This is helpful when you see an interesting add-on item on an ad but you don’t have an Amazon order of up to $25, adding the add-on item to your cart makes it easy to order next time you shop on Amazon and avoiding the stress of searching for the add-on item at the point when you are shopping.


Finding add-on items could be a little bit frustrating but with all the tips above, you should find amazing Amazon add-on items in a few minutes. Remember, you can find add-on items on Amazon by:

  • Searching on Amazon using the Amazon search bar.
  • By asking friends, family, neighbors, and social media chats.
  • Searching on Google.
  • Searching your social media.
  • Following ads.

Also, remember that you can’t buy add-on items when your order is below $25 but you can always add your add-on items to your cart to make finding and purchasing easier, faster, and less stressful.

Now you know so much about add-on items, go over to Amazon and make some purchases of add-on items to help you on a daily basis.

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