How To Insulate Sliding Glass Door During Winter

How To Insulate Sliding Glass Door During Winter


Sliding glass doors are amazing home equipment that gives our houses beautiful looks. It gives us pleasant views of the outside world from inside our homes. But as the winter approaches and the season becomes cold, our sliding glass doors will need to be duly insulated to help prevent heat loss during this cold season and keep the temperature of our homes hot.

Here are tips on how to keep our sliding glass doors duly insulated.

This is one of the cheap ways of insulating a sliding glass door to retain heat and warmth.

Materials demanded:

* A Bubble serape.

* A water sprayer filled with water.


Bubble serape is a material that is stickable on glass surfaces when you apply water to it. When you spray the water on the glass surface and cover every part of the door with this material, it holds back air and closes bugs and cracks.  And to an extent, this keeps the temperature of the room thick and dense. All you just have to do is take the water sprayer, spray water on the glass door. Cut the bubble serape to the size you want, and stick it on the surface where you have sprinkled the water, and you’re done with it. This is a less costly way to keep your home warm during the winter, and still have your glass door intact. The bubble serape can be removed to permit ventilation into the room.

 Apply a Backer Rod and an Insulation Film

A backer rod is a foam type of insulation rod that you can press in drafts and stuffings at the edge of the glass door.

When you place paper insulation over the stuffings in the door, and you use the backer rod to hold it into the drafts in the sliding glass door and air will not escape through it.

  Clean and Remove Specks of Dirt from the Tracks of Sliding Glass Doors

During the days, glass doors tend to gather dirt patches and debris from the terrain in their tracks as it’s continually being used and this may beget difficulty in closing the sliding glass door completely and drafts of cold air can come in through those open spaces and keep the temperature of the house deep freeze, but the routine exercise of cleaning the tracks of sliding glass doors will make it neat, and those open drafts will be taken care of, and it will help to at least keep off the cold air and this should be done regularly before the cold season.

   Install Thermal and Insulation Curtains

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You can get materials that can help repel cold air and retain the heat temperature of a room, such as Thermal curtains and insulated curtains. Thermal curtains reduce the infiltration of air and produce a transfer of heat that helps keep the room warm and more heated. You can enter any home store to pick up thick and heavy curtains, they can serve as a hedge to cold air from outdoors. They keep room temperature thick and warm. These insulated drapes work like your winter coat in keeping warmth in the room. They’ve layers that work in retaining heat and keeping the room dense. These insulated drapes and curtains help to upgrade your home’s energy effectiveness. In addition to this, Insulated drapes give veritably good insulation against sound and give us comfortable and warm terrain.


Weather-stripping helps in closing gaps and cracks against the flux of bite and cold air. Weather-stripping is insulating accouterments, they are veritably cheap products, you can get them in home enhancement stores to keep your room cozy at lower costs, numerous types of weather-stripping accouterments help you save money while insulating your glass doors. Rundown the list and make choices suitable for you.

We have a V strip or pressure seal: You cut it to your desired size and apply it at the sides of the sliding door and at the top, to close cracks and gaps. When you cut it, you peel it off it carries glue, and you can stick it to any side with gaps.

Others are: felt, door reaches, etc.

 Caulk The Edges Of The Glass Door

Caulking the edges and sides of sliding glass doors can be another useful way of insulating glass doors. We have caulking ropes and caulking gel that help to block cold and chill air when you stick around the edges of your glass door.

Caulking of edges and surfaces can deplete with time, so it’ll be useful to change and replace caulks around the glass doors, to ameliorate the efficiency of the caulks around the door.

   Plastic Window Kits Can Be Applied To Glass Door

Plastic accouterments are good insulators of heat, they retain heat and make your home energy effective. You can install it and seal it with a teetotaler to keep cold air out.

Sliding Glass doors are alluring and bring out the beauty of a home or an apartment. Glass doors give a better view of the outside world and nature from your house. But during certain seasons, these glass doors become defective during the winter. And since glass is a poor insulator, cold air will have access into the room, and if there are cracks and bugs your room will come so cold during these seasons. So in order not to remove these glass doors and replace them with thermal doors.

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You can follow these steps and find the one suitable for you. And you can give your home good insulation and now enjoy the comfort of your home in winter.

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