How To Find Old Teachers

How To Find Old Teachers


Yes, am pretty sure this question has come across all our minds, whether indirectly or directly, whatever happened to my old teacher. Whether it’s your sixth-grade teacher you are looking to find or maybe it was your teacher back in high school who was one of the major people who helped to shape you, as we all know high school is a very crucial time in anyone’s life where we meet people and friends that will have a lasting impact in our lives as a whole.

There are various reasons for wanting to see your old teacher some of which include; maybe just knowing how the person has been, or maybe just thanking the person for playing an important role in your life and not letting you go astray. Well you have come to the right place, today I’ll be showing you various ways to get in touch with your long-lost teacher, so stick around till the end and find the method or option you think would be most efficient for you and if that doesn’t work you can try another method, but surely one is going to work. Make sure to check other posts and articles for more information on various topics, with that let’s get to it.


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The first thing to do when looking for an old teacher is to check in on the school where he or she taught or is teaching. Check-in and identify yourself as a former student. After which you should proceed to make inquires about the teacher in question. Ask if the teacher is still teaching in the school, if not, the school office might have an idea or even know where the teacher must have gone to. If this doesn’t prove fruitful, you should try checking in on fellow teachers that might have been friends with the teacher in question, ask for things like phone numbers and address. If in a situation your teacher didn’t really have any co-teacher as friends (this is unlikely buy is highly possible), try checking on teachers who taught at about the same period as your teacher. You can also try asking your friends who were in the same class with you or other students which the teacher might have taught, one or two must have an idea of the whereabouts of the teacher or at least a telephone number or some kind of trail your can follow, like which neighborhood the teacher stays in or stayed in. From there you can keep asking questions.


This is actually an easy way to find an old teacher, you can contact associations such as the state education agency or retired teacher’s organization and see if they have any information about your old teachers such as telephone number, Email address or even the home address of such teacher. Although for privacy they may not disclose the information but they would be or might be willing to forward an email or letter to the teacher you’re looking for. From there you would be able to set up a meeting or something.


In this modern day and age everything is digitized, so finding some online won’t be too hard provided the person in question has some kind of online interaction. You can find your long-lost teacher through various means such as using search engines such as Google to search for the name of the teacher. There might be various people with the same make as your teacher (there will most likely be). Make sure to use quotation marks around the name and use all variations of the name. If you’re in a situation where your teacher’s name is really common try adding some additional information to specify the teacher and narrow down the search results for example, if the teacher’s name is John Michael. You can decide to search John Michael and add some kind of additional information like the name of the school which John Michael taught this will evidently narrow down the result of the search. Other online sources for finding someone of finding someone include searching online telephone and Email directories. There will most likely be many results, narrow the list down by adding additional information like geographical areas.


To find your old teacher you can search for the teacher on family history and genealogical sites. There are many of these websites such as that help out with this. Although their online collections are image-only groups, this means that they are not searchable by name and are not indexed. To get the records you want, you would need to browse the images in that collection. You can also register at a class reunion website.


To find an old teacher or a long-lost teacher, you should reach out to your school’s alumni association. Most alumni associations include former teachers as a part of their operations. You can also ask members of the association if they have any information on the teacher in question. This is mainly because the fact that the Alumni association are in charge of planning reunions they will most likely be able to find the teacher easily.


Everybody uses social media these days even if your teacher is old or elderly they will most likely be on one or more of the social media platforms. For example, to find a teacher on Facebook follow these steps. Firstly log into Facebook and proceed to enter your teacher’s name in the search field at the top of the screen. A drop-down menu which contain a few possibilities will be shown search to see if your teacher is there, if not narrow the search by clicking on see more results at the bottom of the list. Secondly, click on the location drop-down menu select your workplace to proceed to choose the school which your teacher works after this click enter. Thirdly, you can also decide to enter the city where he/she went to school assuming you know this information. From here scroll through the search result in order to find your teacher.


You can also check out this website,, visit the website and click on find your teacher, choose the location of the school from the drop-down menu and then choose the school from the second menu, choose the teacher’s name to view more information.


With that we have come to the end of this article, I hope I have been able to guide you through the various means of finding your old teachers, through the school, online, Alumni, social media, and various other means. Don’t forget to check other posts and articles, thank you.


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