How To Wipe A Rust Server

How To Wipe A Rust Server


It is highly recommended to wipe your rust server once every month. If you don’t wipe your rust server, you may not enjoy playing the game.

There is more to the popular rust game than playing it all day. The rust survival video game has all the thrills, excitement, and fun you’ll want in a multiplayer video game. It creates a virtual realness that attracts genuine game lovers. When you play the rust game, you are playing the survival game as well. There are many other survival kinds of games but it is not just a game like every other game but one that connects well with the vast gaming industry.

Although not without criticisms, the game has over 60,000 users around the world and the number of players is increasing every day. That is because the features and functionality of the game keep improving.

But have you played the Rust game recently?

If you have been “rusting” it out on your computer all day, then you should know a lot about the rust game. Since 2013, the Rust game has been through many revisions to better its user experience. From automatic updating and wiping of the server, the Rust game is becoming better for users.


Table of Contents

  • Crafting

Players can build and create items like buildings to be protected from attacks. Attacks in the game come mostly from other players, pre-created threats, wild animals, health challenges, and more. Players use skills to build and create a defensive environment so that they can survive the wilderness setting of the game.

  • Raiding

Players can be raided or attacked by other players. This decreases the chances of survival. However, during such raids, players can make use of weapons to ward off attacks.

  • Gender and skin colour

The Rust multiplayer video game gives players the choice to choose their skin colour and gender. This allows for more inclusiveness. It portrays the human condition of unity in diversity.

The Rust video game is perhaps the first video game to give a detailed perspective to the issue of gender in gaming. It did it with much grace with the introduction of gender and racial features.

However, the question of how to wipe a rust browser remains an important one because some users play the video game all day. If you are among those game lovers spending long hours on your computer, you need to consider wiping the rust server to ensure that you keep enjoying the game features without hitches.


Imagine that you are in a wilderness trying to find your way out. It will take many days for you to get out and you need to survive by stealing equipment and resources, maintaining your health and meeting other necessities while in the wilderness.

Many game lovers are learning to cope with difficulties by playing the rust game. However, while playing the game, maps and servers can be filled with buildings, vehicles and materials that other game players have created. It can still be filled with these items even when you are not playing the game. The implication of this is poor performance and no one wants that to happen when playing the rust game. That is why it is often advised to wipe the rust server.


A rust server refers to a kind of programming language that is reliable and fast for building backend servers. It also offers a potent support for mudded service. With a rust server, it is possible to adjust the server setting to private. Several benefits have also been attributed to rust servers.

When the server setting is made private you will have a certain level of control over the game. For instance, someone else’s activities while playing the game will not affect yours. Users can stop playing for some time and do other activities before continuing their game and there will be no issues or changes to their previous activities.


Game lovers are not condemned to play the rust game with overcrowded images and items that they did not create. To enjoy it you should wipe the rust server. Here are a few steps to follow if you want to wipe your rust server.

Step 1: Log into your game control panel.

The first step to accessing your game control panel is to log in. A game control panel refers to interface that is used by server administrators to manage game servers. There is a lot more to the game control panel and its most essential feature is that it functions as an interface.

Step 2: View your game service.

Once you have log into the control panel, your game services will become visible so that you can choose which of the game services you want to work on.

Step 3: Stop the RUST server

Stop the rust server by activating the “quit command”. It is preferable to use that command than to use “stop”. This will stop the rust server and allow you to carry out other functions.

Step 4: Open the File Manager.

While still in the game services areas, select and open the file manager. That is principally where you will make changes to the server.

Step 5: Navigate to the following folder: server/streamline

You will need to select the streamline/server folder to complete the process. There are three (3) main areas that require some deleting; the player data only, the world data only, both the player data and the world data.

To delete in any of the cases above, follow the instructions below:

Deleting player data only

Delete storage.db and the UserPersistence.db. They consist of inventories, blueprints, positions among others.

Deleting world data only

Go to the save directory to delete saved map folders. It is at the users’ sole discretion to wipe only the player data, world data or both. In each case, it can be said to have wiped a rust server.

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