How To Get A 170 On The LSAT

How To Get A 170 On The LSAT


If you are about to embark on your journey to becoming a lawyer, you might be wondering how best to study in preparation for the LSAT. And you must have been told that the test is not an easy one, but different people have different points of view. You can’t really know what the test is like unless you have written it before. So join me let’s find out more about the LSAT and how to score 170 on the test.

There are a lot of LSAT prep test programs that you can make use of, all you have to do is get one that relates to your learning methods. Most prep programs are excessively detailed and this can be an issue, as it can make things more complicated for you.

What is LSAT

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Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is an organized test for future law school aspirants, the test is overseen by LSAC (Law School Admission Council). This test has been in existence since 1948, it was founded. Every year the test gets 100,000 to 150,000 applicants and the test is an essential aspect of the admission process in law schools in the United States.

How Hard Is The LSAT

LSAT is a test set to test the underdeveloped skills of students, though the skill is obtainable but develops with time. And this makes it a test that you need to take time to prepare for. The test is divided into sections and each section has a time limit of 35 minutes, due to this time pressure you will need to crack standardized questions at a fast rate than most tests. It has a total of 100 questions, that’s 25 questions for each section giving us a tally of 4 graded sections. Apart from the 35 minutes, you are given a 15 minutes pause after the third section. But there is an additional 5 section used to examine new questions that might not be made use of in the test in the future. The first two sections are to test your logical reason, while the third one is for analytical reasoning, and the fourth section is to test your reading comprehension. The test is graded at a total of 180 but if you can get 170 you as still good to good but 170 is not easy to get.

Steps To Score 170 On LSAT

Before I begin, you need to understand that to pass this exam you need to be ready to put in the required effort, as it won’t be an easy way to succeed. Here is my secret on how I passed the LSAT;

·       Take A Time Off to A Study

Not everyone can wait until September to take the test, to use the summer to study. If you want this badly, then you should be willing to make sacrifices to study. Taking up other responsibilities while trying to study for the LSAT is not an easy job, as the distractions will not help you. If you can not find time to study, do well to create it for yourself.

·       Study A help prep Program

There are a lot of test programs that you can make use of, all you have to do is get the one that relates to your learning method. Most prep programs are excessively detailed and this can be an issue, as it can make things more complicated for you. Every test prep program has its strength and deficiency so you need to discover what’s best for you. When you discover the program that best suits you then you are one step closer to the actualization of your dream.

·       Choose How To Learn Best

After choosing the best program for yourself, it does not end there. You have to also select how best you want to prepare for the examination. Most people prefer to study by sitting down to themselves to study and practice questions, and they still, get good results. For me, I took prep classes, so that I could get others insight into the problems to be solved and in case of difficulty. Most people who self-study can have a couple of face-to-face times with an instructor and can cover for the classroom time.

·       Establish A Study Schedule

As of now, you must have noticed, we have not started the actual study and that’s because making a planned decision right before you begin studying for your LSAT can either aid your studying or tear it apart. Irrespective of your learning methods, create a timetable of what you want to do and when you want to do that in a given week. This is to give you a target to meet up every day, you can factor in another thing but just bear in mind that follows it no matter what.

·       Practice Test

Now you begin the study process as understanding the nature of the test, question types, and problem-solving techniques are enormously crucial but practice test is an important element of  LSAT prep. When you are answering a couple of questions at a time and when you are on a time constraint is different. The best way to understand this difference is through practice tests and I will advise that you take as many as you can, to get  acquainted with the test. I took about 20-30 before the end of my test prep, so can also give it a go.

·       Learn From Your Mistakes

When you are done taking your practices test, grade them and study the ones you got wrong again to avoid making the same mistakes. If you can not learn from the mistakes you have made then there’s no point in doing the practice test. Avoid focusing on why the correct answer was correct, rather focus on why you got the wrong ones wrong. By so doing, you will be able to recognize why you got it wrong as well as the correct answer to it, and your chance of getting the question wrong in the future becomes low.

Note: I have successfully coached you on what to do to get 170 on your LSAT but I will also want to let you in on a secret. A high score is not a confirmation of admission nor is a low score at the end of the road. Irrespective of the fact that you are studying at some point you need to give your brain some rest, take breaks, hang out with friends and try not to concern yourself about the examination all day long. In case you are not aware burnout is a real thing and can wreck your LSAT experience if you don’t avoid it.

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