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How To Cancel A Refund On Shein

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Cancelling a refund on Shein is way harder to do than cancelling an order and asking for a refund. To think of cancelling a refund on Shein, you must have requested a refund earlier but you have changed your mind. Whatever the reason is, be rest assured that you are in the right as we will be looking at how to cancel and request for refund as well as how to then cancel the request for a refund.

How to cancel an order and request for refund

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Fortunately, part of what aid in cancelling order on Shein is the fact that most orders aren’t immediately processed. After placing an order, you still have 24 hours of time to cancel the order if you change your mind. This is so because orders aren’t attended to or promoted to shipping process until 24 hours after it has been placed. To cancel your order within this 24hours, all you are going to need is to log in to your account and take a few steps. Let’s take a look at the steps

* When you are in, On the homepage, click on the three lines at the top right corner indicating menu.

* Click on “My Orders” tab and a new page opens.

* Click on the order you want to cancel and then click on cancel order

* Select the reason for cancellation of order from the list of the drop-down menu after clicking “Cancel Order”.

* Click on “Submit” and your order will be successfully cancelled.

The refund of cancelled orders is being processed for 7 working days, and will be credited to your Shein account back after 7 days. A refund confirmation email will be sent to you once the refund has been issued to your account.

How to cancel a refund on Shein.

You might have requested for refund, and even maybe your refund is already been processed i.e it’s going through the 7 working days format, then you thought you shouldn’t have requested for a refund or you thought cancelling your previous request isn’t the best thing again and then you thought of cancelling the order cancellation. To fit in the answer of whether this is possible or not in a few words, we can say, ‘YOU CAN’T CANCEL A REFUND REQUEST’.

If you wish or really want to leave the order like it was before and cancel the order cancellation request, the only thing you can do in place of this is placing a doppelganging order. You should place a similar order while the previous one is yet to be cancelled. Be rest assured that you will surely be refunded after 7 working days for the pending order cancellation request and be free to replace the order if you have cash to spare for that.


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