6 Ways to download Mediasite videos

6 Ways to download Mediasite videos


In this guide, I will show you how to download Mediasite videos. With this Mediasite download presentation, you will see the step-by-step guide on how to download videos from Mediasite easily.

Mediasite is a video streaming and management company. They offer scalable video streaming technology solutions for businesses, professionals, educational institutions, healthcare, and events.

Mediasite contains recorded lecture videos. You can download some of these lecture videos off Mediasite so that you can view them offline

There are so many instances, where you want to download

1. How to download Mediasite videos Using Broadcaster Software

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OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is free and open-source software for video recording and live streaming.

This method is even easier –> record your screen including sound using Open Broadcaster Software – works for Windows, Mac or Linux**

2. How to download Mediasite.com lectures that require a login

It’s late, so here’s a messy short version:

  1. Open the lecture in Chrome

  2. Hit F12 or go to MORE TOOLS > DEVELOPER TOOLS and break it out into it’s own window (three dots at the top right and select the leftmost icon on “Dockside”)

  3. Select NETWORK (in the tabs along the top)

  4. In the center window, along the left side (It’s called “NAME”), try to find something called GetPlayerOptions (it might help if you hit the “Name” heading to sort alphabetically by name)

  5. In the window to the right of that, hit the RESPONSE tab

  6. There’s a single line in there, but it is super long – COPY/PASTE this to Notepad++

  7. Do an EDIT > FIND for .mp4

  8. You will find a link that looks like this (random letters and numbers obfuscated):

9. remove this text from that URL “manifest(format=mpd-isoff)” so you end up with this:

10. Open that URL in a new browser tab, the video will start playing the raw MP4 video file.

11. Hit CTRL+S to save


You might also find a link like this, which does not need to be cleaned up:

You can just paste that URL into a browser window and it’ll play, do the same CTRL+S to save.


From my testing, this technique only seems to work on lectures that are behind a login. (like the original lecture I was trying to download.)

440" crossorigin="anonymous">

If you do this with the public lectures in the bullet points above, it yields a link to a .ism file, which doesn’t seem to load or do anything.

I only had the need to download that one lecture, but I’ll poke around to see if I can figure this out for the community’s sake.

3. Use Firefox RSS Feed Feature

This process is very simple. Open the Mediasite video on the Firefox browser, and click on RSS feed and then download the linked file. It should download as an mp4 file.

4. Use Video Downloader Professional (Chrome Extension)

You can use Video Downloader Professional chrome plugin to download lectures from Mediasite. It downloads Mediasite videos just like any other file. It’s free but it also has a premium version that allows downloading from other sites such as YouTube. But the free version is just fantastic.

5. Use Bitdownloader

Bitdownloader has a Mediasite video downloader feature. This allows you to download videos from Mediasite at the best quality. Bitdownloader Mediasite downloader lets you download Mediasite videos easily and quickly in MP4, 3GP, FLV, and other formats. You can also use it to download videos from other video streaming sites at the best quality with high download speed using our free video downloader tool

6. Download Mediasite Video Using NetID

1. Head to the Mediasite Manage Portal and login with your NetID.

2. Expand the “Downloaded Courses” folder and click on your course.

3. Select on the lecture you wish to download by clicking on the title text. This will make a window pop up.

4. Click on “Delivery.”

5. Once on the Delivery tab, you will click on “Video 1” and a new dropdown will appear. You will find a link under the Distribution URL. You need to highlight the URL up until the “?playback…” part.

6. Copy and paste this URL to a new tab/window. Pause the video that is now playing in the new window. Right click anywhere on the video and select to download the video. Each browser will have a different way of asking how to save the video.

7. The video will now download to your computer where you can keep it for your records.

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  • Just want to confirm that using option 2, the Chrome developer tools, still works as I just downloaded a series of videos with it.
    Thanks a lot for the tip!

  • I’m trying the Chrome developer tools option, but when looking under GetPlayerOptions, I’m having no luck. The closest I’m finding is GetPlayCoverInfo, which doesn’t have a URL for the mp4 link. Any suggestions for what else I can do? And the video is behind a login

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