How To Use Skull Candy Mic On Pc

How To Use Skull Candy Mic On Pc


Did you just receive your skull candy mic but you have no clue on how to go about with it?

Your PC’s mouthpiece just sounds terrible and you have a lot of online meetings to attend… What could be the way out? You were thoughtful on a mic that allows you to listen in and talk too with a good amplifier, not space-consuming but little, stylish and effective for work.

Yes. Skull candy mic!

The look alone is astounding with great sound and the receiver catches your voice clearly plus it is affordable with good warranty and it even has a volume button.

This article will guide you on how to use your skull candy and you will be thankful you came across it

How to use skull candy

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First, check the connection end on the skull candy mic and your PC do they fit?

Ensure your PC has an all-in-one headphone and microphone jack? Without these, you might not be able to use it. Let’s suppose your PC really has only the “small or the mini plug”. What are you going to do? You will have to order for an adopter using amazon.

That is it! Simply plug it into your PC but be careful not to break the tip since it is delicate. Ensure the plug is fixed securely. Your PC will display “headphone plugged” and “microphone” on the screen. If this information appears then you are doing it right.

Remember to set the earphones on a moderate level so you don’t blow your ears.

Testing Skull candy Mic on PC

Set the sound level

To know the sound level of your microphones, you are free to check window’s sound preference to see how low or high the level is and position it at the perfect level.

There is a slider of some sort to “pull” to the sides to help increase or reduce the sound.

As a guideline, ensure the sign doesn’t contort nor clip together, as this will create noise.

A perfect mouthpiece should be around 70 or 80% of the powerful range.

Mic properties – PC

Open the application that you will use for virtual meetings calls

When you open the application, ensure you have the skull candy mic set for listening as well as for input of information. This is vital so that they can pay attention to what you say, and you can pay attention to what they say. You need to do this before you start any sort of video meeting or call.

Applications like Zoom will allow you to test your mouthpiece level (searching for noise) and sound quality before the call. Kindly exploit this means to ensure all that sounds smooth, the last thing you will need is for people in the call to complain about your sound quality.

Mic sound settings

Set the Skull candy mouthpiece a bit far from your mouth. You could use a holder to hold it firmly on your shirt or your table if it’s not too low, that way the skull candy mic is fixed and the separation from your mouth is not too close to attract background noise. This will allow you to have a consistent sound level, so when you begin talking, everything sounds smooth, with no alter in the level or anything. You need to ensure everything stays perfect. Your audience members need consistency of sound quality.

So you can begin enjoying skull candy mic during online conferences, talk with international friends, YouTube live streaming, social media live streaming, video calls, meetings, and online classes.

Ensure to keep this configuration the same to avoid future issues.


Assuming you bought the Skull candy Microphone that is packed with the Jib Wired Earbuds and headset you really want to really the manual that came with it since they are very delicate.

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This implies that you should ensure you check every step mentioned in this article above to keep it in a protected spot. If you observe these rules, you will enjoy using the Skull candy Mic. When your video sounds great at the end of the day, and you feel everything going smoothly, you can’t wait for another experience!


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