How to Know the Owner of a Phone Number in the USA; 10 Methods That Work In 2021

10 Ways to Know the Owner of a Phone Number in the USA


A couple of years ago, finding out a person’s phone number involved going through the listings in the country’s voluminous public directory or phone book, until the person whom you wanted to call is found. Things have changed now, the advent of SIM cards has eradicated the need for such heavy and voluminous phone books.

It is now possible to store the phone number of anyone and retrieve it anytime, any day, and anywhere. With the traditional phonebook, it was easier to identify the owner of a particular phone number compared to the modern SIM cards. Identifying the owner of a particular phone number now requires the use of third-party services which may or may not be free to use.

People have various reasons for wanting to identify the owner of a particular phone number. It could be that they received a text message or phone call from an unknown number, it could also be to know who is behind a spam call or text, some could look for it in other to reunite with a long lost buddy, etc. whatever the reason may be, a reverse phone lookup is a service that can make this happen.

A reverse phone lookup will help you to discover some basic, important, or even deep details about a caller by just requiring the caller’s name, address, or phone number. By reverse lookup, you can discover information such as caller’s name, address, phone numbers, age, business, education, and social media accounts.

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Tip 10 Sites to Check Owner of a Phone Number in the USA

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Carrying out a reverse phone lookup is more or less like conducting a search via Google search. All you need do, is go over to the lookup service’s website and then input the phone number into the search bar, click search and then wait for results to be generated. After a while, results will be displayed and you can then click on anyone to view the details provided. Below are some of the websites to use in carrying out a reverse lookup:

1. TruthFinder

TruthFinder does not just provide a free reverse phone lookup alone, it can also be used in conducting a background check on individuals. It uses a person’s name, phone number, and home address to provide detailed information about that person. TruthFinder uses its dark web intelligence service to provide information such as credit card numbers, billing details, and driving licenses about a person.

Search can be conducted by name, by phone number, by home address, white pages, and background check. Regardless of the chosen method, a small amount of details is usually requested in order to help the search run more efficiently.

2. Intelius

Intelius is a free site to carry out a reverse phone lookup. It is primarily a background check company based in Seattle. Intelius enjoys wide patronage among Americans and it is considered the best when it comes to reverse address and phone lookup. They conduct both public record checks and criminal background checks.

Intelius will provide you with the following information about a target:  postal code, neighbor homes around them, alternative phone numbers, a record of current and previous residents, email addresses, target’s location, and phone number carrier.

Intelius is also used to find information about relatives, their phone numbers, and address. Their reverse phone lookup service is also often used by people who are interested in finding out more about a property they intend to buy. They provide buyers with a complete and accurate overview of the sales history of a property.

3. CocoFinder

By just typing in the phone number or name of the person of interest, CocoFinder will provide the details needed to identify such a person. It returns a search result containing a list of possible people where you can then click on to access the full details of such persons. Information provided includes name, educational institutes, relatives, social media handles, and age. CocoFinder is also used for background checks.

4. Instant CheckMate

Instant CheckMate will help you identify any phone number you have. It is a very robust application that has access to public records. The company was established in 2010 and apart from reverse phone lookup, the company also provides criminal records, convictions records, drug records, and reports on checks related to a criminal.

It provides you with many background check options such as: checking if someone has a criminal or an arrest record, searching for the name of a person in the sex offender database, an option to conduct a search on each state, and also see if a particular person has his/her name on the crime database of that state.

5. ZabaSearch

ZabaSearch has a huge database that produces a detailed report on the name, age, phone type, address history, relatives, social accounts, and carrier associated with a particular phone number. Search can be conducted by using the target’s name, email address, and phone number. It can also provide information spam or fake calls, received emails as well as the revealing of spam and fake mails.

6. AnyWho

AnyWho will help you search for an old friend, verify an address, and also identify an unknown number found in your records. AnyWho’s database is updated weekly with phone numbers of people from across the nation added to the database as fast as possible.

It is a free online search directory that can also help you to find and identify people using their name, address, or by conducting a reverse lookup by phone number. To get the best result from AnyWho, it is recommended that you include the first and last name, and the ZIP Code when searching.

7. Spy Dialer

Spy Dialer was founded by Robert Scott, a licensed private investigator who is a renowned expert when it comes to the investigation of phone numbers. Spy Dialer is a free service that is used to search for and also identify a person’s name, email address, and home address. Its database contains a voluminous amount of numbers which can come in handy when trying to identify a cell phone number, landline number, as well as VoIP numbers.

8. USSearch

USSearch was founded in 1994 and has been serving Americans for more than 20 years now. It is a reliable source for conducting a reverse phone lookup as well as running background checks on people, reconnecting with long-lost friends and high school friends, relatives, etc. USSearch provides about six different search types to conduct a background check with.

It has a people search feature which allows you to quickly run a check on people by entering their basic information such as first and last name. They have a reverse phone lookup feature that searches cell phones, landlines, and VoIP numbers, and provide you with a report containing the caller’s name and address history.

Through social network search, USSearch will go through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc., and then provide you a report containing information about the person on any social media platform. It also has a one-state criminal check, which allows you to check for the public records of a specific individual in a selected state.

9. BeenVerified

BeenVerified is a New York-based reverse phone lookup service company established in 2007. Its reverse phone lookup feature has access to billions of public records, which can help you to track and identify an unknown caller quickly as well as provide you with a report containing the first and last name, social media profiles, email address, associated phone numbers, and current address of the caller.

They have a reverse address lookup which is useful in running checks on a property that one intends to purchase. It has a relative finder feature that allows you to easily find the roots of your family or long-lost family relative. Apart from the above, BeenVerified will also provide you with a detailed criminal report of a person including arrest, criminal charges, and convictions.

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10. People Smart

People Smart which started out locally in 1997 turned into a corporation in 2001 and has been providing good reverse phone lookup services which you can use to track and identify a caller ever since then. The company has the basic people search feature which you can use to conduct a background check with a person’s first and last name.

The company also has the reverse email lookup for running checks on emails and email senders, in order to prevent scams. The reverse address lookup or property search feature allows you to get a detailed report on a property and sale price.


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