The Best Free Phone Tracker App for Windows

The Best Free Phone Tracker App for Windows


Phone tracking is becoming an important thing, so you know when and where your loved ones are. The only problem is the free phone tracking app is rare. A phone tracking application not only takes care of GPS location but also maintains a log of calls and other activities. Usually, a phone tracking app is installed on the target mobile phone and activities are monitored from a computer application. There are many ways to track a mobile phone, for example, you can track using GPS location or you can use a mobile number.

How to Choose Phone Tracker App?

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If you are about to choose a phone tracking app for your loved ones then take a moment to read this blog and discover gps cell phone locator.

There are few things to consider before you choose a phone tracking app. I have enlisted a few points for you:

  • Make sure the app is fully compatible with the target mobile phone and it has windows supported monitoring software.
  • Your budget is important. You can’t choose a mobile tracking application for windows that costs you hundreds of dollars. Cheaper or even free options are always there.
  • The app should have easy to use UI/UX because not everybody is a tech-savvy person.
  • Make sure the tracking app gives you the real-time results and doesn’t take too long to update the date on monitoring application.
  • Customer support is important. You can rely on an app that has weak or no customer support.

3 Best Phone Tracker Apps for Windows

1. mSpy

mSpy is a tested android phone tracking app. This app works great for parents to keep a check on children. You can use this app to monitor online or offline activities of your children. The best thing about this app is its stealth behavior. Your friends, children or even spouse doesn’t have to know that mSpy is monitoring their activities.

How does it work?

You can secretly install it on the target mobile phone and it will not take you more than 10 mins to do so. The app works in background like keyloggers do. It updates activity to date in real-time so you don’t get late updates of the target activities. Following are some top features of mSpy mobile tracking app:

●  GPS Tracking: The main purpose of spy apps is to track the real-time location of the target. Especially parents worry about the safety of their children when they are out, and this application resolves this issue effectively.

● Incoming and Out Going Messages: You can also monitor incoming and outgoing messages from this app. This message also keeps a track record of messages that your target deletes from their mobile phone.

● Monitor Social Media Apps: Gone are the days when we used the old school messaging app to communicate with our friends. New generations greatly rely on apps like WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram to communicate and luckily mSpy takes care of these apps too.

You will receive a chat transcript from these mobiles on your monitoring app.

●  Call Logs: You cannot only view messages but can also spy on incoming and outgoing calls.
● Free phone tracker app is only possible through mSpy.


2.  FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy can also be used to monitor app activities and track GPS location on an android phone.

This app can be a little expensive for some people and that’s why it come in three modes:
●    Lite
●    Premium
●    Extreme

Key Features of FlexiSpy Are enlisted:

●    You can view the live camera view and listen to the microphone of the target device.
●    Spy on social media messenger apps
●    Live GPS location tracking
●    Tracks incoming and outgoing messages and calls
●    See all installed apps on the phone
●    Access camera Gallery
●    Keep a track record of all calls by secretly recording them


3. Kids Guard Pro

As the name suggests; this app is a perfect suit for parents who are looking for ways to spy on their kids. Unlike other tracking android apps, Kids Guard Pro is specially designed to take care of the children while they are online.

Following are the top key features of this application:

●    GPS tracking or you can even track phone by number
●    Filter content so they can avoid seeing content that can affect them mentally
●    Read their chat transcripts to spot predators
●    Monitor incoming and outgoing calls
●    Take real-time screenshots
●    WIFI logger
●    Secretly export mobile data to an external storage

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Best Phone Tracker Apps For iPhone

There are many paid and free phone tracker apps available on IOS. We have chosen the top 3 apps for you:

1. mSpy

No matter what, mSpy always wins the race. It offers you unlimited iPhone tracking.

You can use this app to track call activities, messaging apps (including Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram), real-time GPS location tracking and social media monitoring. This app is designed to keep a check on children, friends and family.

2. Cocospy

You can use this app to track real-time locations using GPS and phone number.
It also works as a key logger on target iPhones. You can deploy this app on the target phone without jailbreaking. Cocospy has different packages and feature plans. Each plan comes with features, and higher you go in their plans more features you will get.

3. TheOneSpy

TheOneSpy can do everything that Cocospy does. It has made iPhone spying a lot easier.

You cannot only listen to live phone calls from the target mobile phones but can also track their GPS location. This app also offers social media spying and it doesn’t stop here. You can even control the target device using TheOneSpy.

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