American Family Trip: 5 Less-Known Sights to Go by Car Rental

American Family Trip: 5 Less-Known Sights to Go by Car Rental

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Being one of the biggest and most multifaceted world’s destinations, the USA boasts an incredible number of tourist destinations for the whole family: from the natural wonders of Grand Canyon and Sequoia National Park to the snow-white beaches of Florida, California, and Hawaii and the skyscrapers of New York.

But let’s move away a bit from the top-visited places and feel the real spirit of America, going on a short road trip to interesting places. There will be no major US cities whose photos can be found in any article – we will try to find the most amazing and unexplored places for tourists.

Of course, you need a car to explore them with your family, and Lubbock, Texas rental party bus or rental minivan will be an excellent vehicle to satisfy everyone’s needs. In order to rent a minivan, we recommend going to, where the best 7-seater vehicles are collected. The cost of such a car is $40-60 per day.

Plus, no matter where you start your trip, as you can always count on a profitable offer, because cars are available in thousands of locations throughout the United States.

If you have already booked a minivan rental, then check where to go…

1. Wyoming: go on an American safari

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African safari lovers know about the big five animals that should be in the hunter’s collection. These are a leopard, a lion, a rhino, an African buffalo and an elephant. Despite the fact that the American safari can’t offer such a prey, the fauna of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks is no less impressive.

Here you can find wolves, grizzly bears, bison, thick-horned animals, moose, and also admire the wonderful landscapes of the Teton mountain range, which from a certain angle resembles a Gothic style cathedral. Also, excursions to the geysers of Yellowstone are prepared for travelers.

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2. Texas: Enjoy shopping at Austin’s most stylish street

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South Congress Street in Austin, the capital of Texas, combines classic cowboy style with modern fashion trends. Go to ‘Stag’ to buy clothes for real men from such independent labels as The Hill Side or Rogue Territory, then cross the road, go to the Allen’s shoe store and choose one of 4 thousand pairs of cowboy boots.

Both new and vintage models are offered there. Just don’t go out in this clothing to the city center – it’s better to go to one of the beautiful parks that Austin is famous for. There you can relax in the shade of trees or go outdoor activities, for example, climbing or kayaking.


3. Tennessee: Go to Honky-Tonk in Nashville

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The musical heritage of Nashville is known throughout America, especially since a well-known musical national television show was held there. However, where to start your musical taste improvement in the city? At the Grand Ole Opry – the building where country music was broadcasted throughout the country or the Bluebird Café, which is a club with live acoustic music?

If in doubt, head to Honky-Tonk Row – a part of Lower Broadway, where in every music bar you will find live performances and plenty of musical entertainment. There’s any style to your taste, whether it be country, bluegrass, folk or top-40 cover versions of popular hits. Of course, let seasoned bourbon teach you to relax with good music.

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4. South Dakota: Spend time at Badlands

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Probably, Badlands National Park won’t be the first choice for camping if necessary. But there are two campsites – Cedar Pass and Sage Creek open all year round and offering direct access to the wildlife of the prairies where wars between the colonialists and the indigenous people of North America took place.

Among the vast expanses of the wasteland you can find stray sheep and huge bison. Just don’t rush to go sleep, otherwise you risk missing an eye-catching view of the night starry sky. We assure that you haven’t seen such a fantastic panorama before.


5. Oregon: conquer Mount Hood and try fresh crab

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Oregon is a great place for any type of tourism. Wine lovers usually travel to the Willamette Valley, where they can enjoy the Pinot Noir, and Portland attracts with its sports teams, breweries and art galleries.

We offer to go on an exciting journey, rising to the sky and going down to the sea in just one day. Begin the adventure by heading east of Portland, climbing up Mount Hood, which is a volcano. It’s considered to be inactive, but scientists do not exclude the possibility of an eruption.

Just a three-hour drive north of the mountain there’s the Pacific Ocean, which you should definitely see. Among the must-visit places on the way are Haystack Rock on Cannon Beach, where you can’t only admire the charming horizon, but also taste beautifully roasted coffee in the Sleepy Monk coffee shop.

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