How to make PS4 controller vibrate nonstop

8 Steps to make PS4 controller vibrate nonstop


In this article, I will show you how to make PS4 controller vibrate nonstop. If you want to know how to make ps4 controller vibrate continuously on pc, then read below.

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If you use DS4Windows with your PS4 controller, the only way for the controller vibration to actually work is to connect your controller via bluetooth. However, whenever you try to use your controller over bluetooth while gaming, it’s kind of laggy, so you never do it. But I like the vibration!

8 Steps to make PS4 controller vibrate nonstop

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So here’s how to make ps4 controller vibrate continuously on pc:

  1. Open DS4Windows

  2. Check the Hide DS4 Controller under settings

  3. Connect controller via Bluetooth

  4. Open Rocket League

  5. Enter free play (make sure vibration works here)

  6. Turn off the controller (middle button + options for me)

  7. Plug controller in via micro USB

  8. Turn on controller

And there you have it! The Vibration should work now.

Alternatively, you will use the third party ps4 controller vibration app to get his done. Note that if you close Rocket League and want direct connect vibration, you’ll have to do this again, which is kind of annoying. Hope this helps anyone!

This sounds like a pc to PS4 controller problem in which case you will need to download a third party program to activate the rumble motors DS4 windows is the one I use it makes your PC think you have connected an x-box controller

You might need to get a third party software for the controller. Windows does not have the best native support for PS4 controllers. I use an XB1 controller and it works fine. I can rebind, vibration works etc.

I did a search and I am using ds4windows. It works perfectly just like i was playing on console with vibration.

Enter the “Pinnacle Game Profiler” website. Under the “Downloads” menu, locate “Game Profiles.”

Click on the download button for the “WinProfile Mod.” Open the profile and select “Edit Configurations.” Click on “New Configuration.”

Press the button that will start the PC controller vibrating. Navigate to “Behavior Modifications,” then “Apply Force Feedback.” Select the type of vibration that this button will activate. Return to the “Behavior Modifications” menu and select “Enable as sticky.”

Repeat this procedure for other buttons with other types of vibration. When you have finished, click on “Save” and close the window.

Navigate back to the “WinProfile Mod” page. Find the configuration you have now created and choose “Play” to begin using the vibration.

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