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TCL Foldable Smartphone comes with amazing 10-inch Screen, folds in different directions

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TLC corporation has released yet another stunning tri-fold phone.

Forget the Galaxy fold, this TCL Foldable Smartphone is the largest and most daring we’ve ever seen yet.

To dare you the most, the TLC foldable phone has a 10-inch screen that folds in different directions. The hinges themselves move anywhere you want. This tri-fold phone prototype, when fully stretched, turns into a 10-inch tablet. Wow! Amazing.

It has two hinges that create a zigzag shape when you open and close the device. If you are tech-obsessed like me, you might have to get your greedy hands on it to give it a fold, one panel at a time.

But not just yet!

The TLC’s daring trifold prototype is just a start. TCL Foldable Smartphone design doesn’t have a name yet, a price or a target window for production. But we will all wait…

It worth the wait.

I can’t imagine to work the hinges with my hands and imagine what it’d be like to use a triply folding device. This will certainly come to reality. And this phone will have what it takes to give you a smart-live experience.

TCL Foldable Smartphone specs we know so far

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  • Roughly 10-inch screen when fully opened
  • Four rear cameras
  • Front-facing camera
  • USB-C charger port
  • Iridescent finish
  • No headphone jack

TCL foldable phone has beaten Samsung Galaxy Fold as it boasts a 10-inch display inside. And this smartphone prototype designed to change the way foldable smartphones are ever seen.

What we already know before now about foldable phones will soon become history. Smartphone giants like Samsung and Huawei both have foldable smartphones. Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone only bends inward like a book. The Chinese tech giant Huawei is set to release the Mate X. Mat X has two hinges that bend outward towards the back.

And we didn’t see this coming…

While everyone waited for big names like Apple to announce a foldable device, or for Microsoft to finally release its Surface Duo device, another tech giant is known for making inroads in the consumer electronics scene silently unveiled its ideas for a foldable device.

TCL is one of the world’s fastest-growing TV brands. But they got even smarter. The trifold prototype device makes use of TCL’s patented DragonHinge and another hinge called the Butterfly hinge to make the design work.

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