Google News Algorithm is missing coverage on Amazon rain forest fires, shows Amazon Fire line of tablets and streaming devices instead

Google News Algorithm is missing coverage on Amazon rain forest fires, shows Amazon Fire line of tablets and streaming devices instead

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Recently, you might have heard about the devastating fires causing massive environmental disaster in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest. It’s a very critical situation even till now.

But what’s more critical is the fact that web searches for Amazon fire in google news, is missing coverage on the devastating Amazon rainforest fires. Instead of displaying stories and photos of the terrible situation in Brazil, Google is rather highlighting results for Amazon fire line of tablets and streaming devices like the Amazon fire TV stick (a streaming media player), the Amazon Fire tablet as well as links to the “Best Amazon fire deals.” Another Amazon product, called the Echo dot, was even currently offered as a part of a surprise summer sale. The Fire Stick is displayed to be on sale from $39.99 to $29.99 for Prime users.

In fact, in one particular search, news stories about the current Amazon fires didn’t show until the second page of Google News results.

Two of the top three Google results for ‘amazon fire’ show devices from the tech giant (Screen grab)

So, you can imagine the conflict here; you hear about the massive fire that engulfed Amazon rainforest, searched it in Google news and you’re seeing pictures, stories and surprise summer sale of a tablet called the Amazon Kindle Fire released on September 28, 2011, in New York City by the e-commerce and technology giant, Amazon. You’ll no doubt be surprised.

Well, you aren’t the only one. This outcome has caught a lot of attention from the public worldwide, considering the fact that Brazil’s Amazon rainforest has endured a significant number of fires this year, and there’s a rising support happening on social media with hashtags like #PrayforAmazonia.

Based on pictures and reports from social media, smoke from the fires rising from burning trees covered huge swaths of the Amazon basin. Minutes later, the smoke spread further to the city of Sao Paulo, more than 1,700 miles (2,735.88 km) away, and the midday sun was completely blotted out with smoke and ash at exactly 2. 00pm on Monday (Aug. 19).

The Brazil’s state satellite agency has also revealed that there has been an 85% increase in fires across Brazil this year, most of them in the Amazon region. Prior to this recent increase in fire outbreaks is the fact that the rainforest has suffered ongoing deforestation over the last 50 years, and this has resulted in one fifth of the ecosystem either cut or burned to make way for ranching or logging. So possibly, the ongoing fires in the Amazon basin was set by people in an attempt to clear land for cattle ranching.

According to French and German leaders, who have expressed their concern about the situation, the record number of fires in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest is an international crisis, which must urgently be put into discussion in the next G7 summit. But Brazil’s President, Jair Bolsonaro, has a different opinion about the crucial situation of the Amazon fires, based on his comments that it was the “Queimada” season, therefore it was proper for farmers to burn land to make it ready for the planting season. At the same time, Impe has pointed out that the number of Amazon fire outbreaks are not in line with those normally reported during the dry season.

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