Google launches AI to help you detect bad grammar on Gmail

Google launches AI to help you detect bad grammar on Gmail

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Google yesterday announced an amazing feature on Gmail; a new spelling and grammar correction capability. And how does it work? Quite simple. Gmail makes use of Google AI capabilities to deliver smarter spell check suggestion and also detect potential grammar issues.

So when you’re using the Gmail app and a grammar mistake is made, a squiggly blue line will appear below the particular phrase that is wrong. For misspelled words, a red line appears under the word. Any error that get autocorrected, displays a dashed line under the corrected word or phrase. The AI feature is currently only available in English.

According to Google, the new features of Gmail can prove very helpful to those in a deadline to write a lot of emails daily and people who speak English as a second language. Also, the AI assistant will be enabled by default, but users who don’t need it have the option of turning it off by following instructions in a Google support document.

Google will release the spelling and grammar assistant over weeks starting August 20 for G Suite users on rapid release domains. Likewise, those on scheduled release domains should start seeing it on September 12.

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