KEF releases Q250c Compact LCR Speaker adding to their Award-Winning Q Series Home Theater Range

KEF releases Q250c Compact LCR Speaker adding to their Award-Winning Q Series Home Theater Range

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KEF has officially announced the release of the Q250c Compact LCR speaker, a smaller adaptation of the original Q650c of the Q Series. This new speaker is not the typical three-floor stander, two stand mounters and center speaker.

There’s more to it.

The Q250c Compact LCR is an elegantly designed stereo pair and a part of a 5.1 surround sound package. The speaker promises increased versatility and enhanced user experience.

Moreso, it allows easy integration into any home theater system and is available in 3 different finishes (black, white and Walnut)

The compact design also provides increased space within the home, and the sealed enclosure makes it perfect to be placed in cabinets when the rear port is removed, or close to water or within the furniture.

The versatility of the speaker makes it able to be used vertically as both a left and right channel speaker offering discreet appearance.


The KEF Qseries is an all-inclusive range of two-channel and home theater speakers that provides high-quality sound for various needs. The accomplished high performance of the home theater systems has won the KEF countless global accolades.

Compared to the original Q650c, the new Q250c is not just a smaller version. It comes with outstanding features which include a new include a Uni-Q enhancement: a new damped tweeter loading tube, a new low-distortion inductor on the crossover, and more improvements to the bass drivers that apparently result in a neat, punchier bass performance, even at high volumes.

Presently, The Q Series consists of two “bookshelf” speakers (Q150 and Q350), three floorstanders (Q550, Q750, and Q950) and two center speakers (Q250c and Q650c) and lastly, the Q50a Dolby Atmos speaker.

The KEF Q250c will be available from October at £450 in the UK and $600 in the US.

We are sure you’ll love this gadget.

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