Nvidia officially releases Shield TV and Shield TV Pro launch date

Nvidia officially releases Shield TV and Shield TV Pro launch date

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It’s no more news that the tech giant Nvidia has announced the Shield TV and Shield TV Pro launch date. As we speak, the Shield TV Pro units are already on sale at some Best Buy locations.

At the same time, the tube-like Shield TV has been spotted on some Canadian retailer’s website a few days ago. It looks like Nvidia has finally announced the official launch date for its ANdroidTV devices.


According to the release on the Nvidia’s official Shield Twitter account, the official launch date is October 28. The release date is in accordance with the previously spotted pre-order on Amazon for the Shield TV Pro. On Amazon, the device will be officially released on October 28.

You might want to ask, what is Nvidia Shield TV price? Well, when we compare it to the previous leaks, the Nvidia Shield TV Pro will be around $199.  The design of the device, from what we’ve seen so far, pretty looks like its predecessor.

What’s new in both the Shield TV Pro and smaller Shield TV is the latest Tegra X1+ processor which promises a 25% performance boost. There’s also a new remote in tow.

Since Android 9 rolled out to the current Shield TV pretty recently, we’re not sure if the new Nvidia Shield TV devices will feature the latest Android 10 update at launch. However, they would most likely get the update soon, if not out of the box.

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