8 Effective Strategies That Boost Instagram Story Views Organically

8 Effective Strategies That Boost Instagram Story Views Organically

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How to get more story views on Instagram 2021. See helpful tips to boost your Instagram story views organically.

Instagram stories are a popular feature on Instagram, and it enables you to share multiple photos and videos with effects and filters. Stories feature is similar to Snapchat videos, and they appear together in a slideshow format.

Instagram stories appear at the top of your follower’s feed. When you upload your post on Instagram stories, your profile photo will have a colorful ring around the story. So, your followers can quickly identify your stories on their Instagram feed.

Why Instagram Stories?

Table of Contents

  • Instagram stories are more amazing than Instagram photos.
  • Instagram stories are more successful because it creates the best exposure of a social experience.
  • It is a unique chance to share all the moments of your day.
  • It helps to show the different sides of your creativity and personality.
  • Stories are an excellent opportunity to engage your followers in a new way.
  • With Instagram stories, you can get in touch with large and loyal customers.
  • You can mutually increase your followers’ growth.

Instagram Stories For Business:

Instagram stories are not only for entertaining, it is one of the excellent features to grow your engagement, build brand awareness as well as drive sales.

Instagram stories have rapidly evolved over the last few years because it offers many features that can help to increase conversations, reach your target audience and get real time feedback.

Instagram stories are becoming a powerful strategy for marketers and provide many opportunities for businesses to enhance their brand.

What Are Instagram Story Views Important?

On Instagram, when an audience views your story for more than three seconds, it will consider it as one view count. It can give you an idea for those who have recently viewed your stories and are most likely interested in your content.

But how to gain Instagram story views? Here are 8 effective strategies that boost Instagram story views.

1. Publish Different Types Of Content

Instagram stories are more focused on creativity and less on design. If you are trying to get loyal followers and new story viewers into your real time followers. Then you should start publishing different types of story contents. Here are some valuable content ideas to grab audience attention:

  • Promote Instagram post – Stories are a great place to share your latest post to all of your followers. You can just share your Instagram post as a stories feed, which can help to catch huge attention.
  • Post Quotes – Quotes are short, sharp, inspiring, and, most importantly, shareable. But, ensure to share quotes that fit for your brand.
  • Show Your Skills – You can use Instagram stories as a great platform to show off your talents and creative skills.

2. Use Instagram Stickers To Engage Your Followers

Instagram stories are an amazing feature for interacting with your fans and followers. With Instagram stories, you can boost story views via polls, emoji sliders, and different stickers.

Polls Sticker :

Polls are a great way to communicate with your audience. It is incredibly easy to make fun with your audience. You can use polls via tapping on the sticker option and select the polls sticker from the menu.

Question Sticker:

You can use IG stories to involve the audience by giving them the chance to ask you questions. Here are some simple steps to use question sticker:
Step 1: Find the question sticker and add it to your story.
Step 2: Compose your question.
Step 3: You Can see the responses by swiping up on the story itself.
Step 4: Post responses by tapping the individual replies.

Countdown Sticker:

It is a useful feature on Instagram stories when you launch a product or new services. You can also use this sticker during contests and remind your audience how much time they have left to enter.

Emoji Slider:

It is a great option that helps to maximize your audience interaction. With an emoji slider, you can ask any question and then use the slider to receive a quick and visual response from your followers.

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3. Use Hashtags And Location Tags

Hashtags are one of the essential parts of Instagram stories, as they can increase your stories’ visibility and help you to reach more people. On Instagram stories, hashtags are only available as a sticker or as text format. You can place your hashtags beside the image itself.

To maintain the visibility of your IG story, you can use a couple of hashtags that visually attract your audience. At the same time, it is essential to choose which hashtags are perfect for your posts. You can use hashtags that are already popular in your industry, or your audience can use them already.

A location tag can help you to address a specific demographic from a particular location. You can use a location tag on your Instagram stories, which can help improve your profile engagement. You can get a lot of extra visibility when using location hashtags in your stories.

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4. Highlight Your Best & Memorable Stories

Stories highlights are one the most powerful features on Instagram. Here, you can save any of your stories that you want to keep permanently. Through story highlights, your audience can go watch your story at any time they want. Instagram stories disappear 24 hours after you posted. With Instagram highlights, you can save them for a long period you want.

To add your story to a highlight:

  • Go to your Instagram profile
  • Tap the profile icon in the bottom right.
  • Select the story you want to add to highlights and then tap next.
  • Choose a cover photo and enter a story name for your highlight and then tap Done.

5. Share Other Users Posts To Your Stories

Don’t only post all of your own content. Sharing other people’s posts is an excellent way to build new relationships, grow your traffic and increase engagement within a short time. To share other users’ posts, simply tap the rocket icon under their photo. You can move to a new window. Here you will see the option like add a post to your story.

At the same time, you can share stories only from public accounts. Also, the person will get a notification when you share their post to your storied feed. It is also the perfect method to share user generated content.

It is also an excellent opportunity to receive new followers to your profile, and you can increase your popularity.

6. Make Live On Instagram

Live stories are a smart way to connect with new followers and engage your audience in a different way. One of the effective reasons why live video is so powerful is they are entirely authentic and organic.

When you go live via stories, Instagram sends a notification to your followers that can join your live session. Each time you host a live session, you will be able to receive requests from friends and other people who want to join your stream.

On Instagram story live, you can do behind the scenes videos, Q&As, tutorials, or demos that give value to your target audience. Instagram live stands your content in front of a wider audience and moves to the first position on Instagram stories at the top of users’ feed.

7. Make Instagram Stories Ads

Instagram stories ads are a full screen and vertical format, which can help you share photos and videos that grow your content strategy and increase visibility. Instagram stories ads are more effective for driving cost effective traffic to your website and get organic views.

Stories ads can help you reach new audiences faster than regular posts. All you need to do is a budget, a clear vision & message, attractive ad design, and engaging CTAs.

IG stories ads are shoppers just like a regular story but always identified by a sponsored label. You can also add a call to action in the form of a swipe up feature at the bottom of the story. Most brands can take advantage of all Instagram stories to enhance their marketing strategy.

If you have a brand looking to get more engagement, you can use the Instagram stories feature. It can help to build brand awareness, increase popularity and drive traffic to your website.

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8. Test, Analyze, Develop and Repeat

Last but not least! Once you share valuable content on Instagram stories, you can start looking at your metrics. Instagram provides a free inbuilt analytics tool to track each of your stories’ activity such as interactions, impressions, reach, views, and story engagement. But, the first thing you should have is an Instagram business account to track all of your metrics.

You can compare each of your stories with other stories and find the results of how to make it better and which one performs well. You can follow that strategy for your future content.


Instagram is a powerful platform to get more engagement and develop your story strategy. Even Instagram stories provide you with valuable and effective features to deliver valuable and engaging information to your audience.

Whether you are a beginner or Instagrammer, you can use these 8 strategies for your Instagram stories. It can help to boost your story views organically and reach a wider audience within a short period.

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