#MelaniaLovesTrudeau Trending MeMe! – Melania Trump kissing Justin Trudeau – got people talking!

#MelaniaLovesTrudeau Trending MeMe! – Melania Trump kissing Justin Trudeau – got people talking!

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#MelaniaLovesTrudeau is Trending right now on popular social media. You might want to ask, what really happend?

On the sideline of the G7 summit, the First lady of the United State, Melania Trump kissed the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. But this is quite normal, so why are people talking so much about it? Why is #MelaniaLovesTrudeau hash tag trending this much?

Melania Trump and Justin Trudeau stood next to one another and shared a greeting kiss during a group photo at the G7 summit and it wasn’t long before it was turned into a meme. 

The US first lady and the Canadian prime minister took the opportunity to say hello to one another at the event in the south of France, where world leaders were meeting to discuss global issues.

The pair greeted each other with a kiss on the cheek, and spent a few minutes talking.

Justin Trudeau is beloved by many, and people online couldn’t help but turn their interaction into a hilarious meme, which turned out to be rather awkward.

Here’s a close-up of the image:

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The picture has amused many



And they enjoyed having something lighthearted to look at during the G7


Eventually it was turned into a meme 


… and some funs

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