12 Best Work from Home Jobs for Moms to Earn Extra Money

12 Best Work from Home Jobs for Moms to Earn Extra Money


Being a mom is a pleasure but comes with lots of responsibilities. This holds true for both married moms and single mothers.

Often, married women give up their jobs and what could prove to be a fabulous career to care for their children. On the other hands, single moms are at a disadvantage: they have to care for kids while earning money to meet household needs.

Reasons for Moms to Work from Home

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Kim Kiyosaki, co-founder and CEO of the Rich Dad Company says: “A man is not a financial plan.” This axiom holds true for married women with kids and single moms planning on entering matrimony if possible.

She also implies that women, regardless of their educational qualifications, experience, skills, race and other considerations, should be financially independent.

And this is possible if moms take some efforts to earn extra money from home. In this article, I will discuss 12 best work from home jobs for moms to earn extra money from home.

Top 12 Work from Home Jobs for Moms

This list of 12 best work from home jobs for moms to earn extra money would suit women that fall under various categories. Some of these would require specific educational qualifications and skills. Others are simple and can be taken by any woman that has excellent knowledge of using computers and the Internet, regardless of their academic achievements or qualifications.

1. Data Entry Operator

Data entry is the topmost job for moms to work from home and earn extra money. It involves going through raw text, audio or video data that an employer provides and filling in the necessary details on templates, also provided by the business. Usually, a data entry operator job allows moms to work with flexible hours, isn’t stressful and fairly easy. It doesn’t require any special educational qualifications. If you don’t have experience, you can start with entry level data entry jobs.

2. Online Transcriptionist

Working as an online transcriptionist is another superb job for moms to work from home to earn extra money. There’re various kinds of online transcriptions- medical, legal, business, financial, technical and so on. Among these, medical transcription jobs are easy to find and complete. The employer provides audio and video data that you need to listen and write a summary that can prove useful to them and their patients or clients. This job might involve deadlines but comes with low stress. Medical and certain other transcription jobs don’t require you to hold high educational degrees.

3. Online Translator

If you’ve expert level fluency in English and a foreign or regional language, work as an online translator. There’re several organizations across the US and abroad that require online translators. Your work involves translating various official documents, ads, literature and other stuff from English to a foreign language or the other way around. Again, an online translator’s job doesn’t require much educational qualifications. However, a degree in a language would help to find such jobs easily.

4. Online Tutor

There’re at least 25 reputed websites where a mom can register to work as an online tutor. In fact, quite a few moms have become millionaires or are earning hefty incomes from home as online tutors. That’s because there’s a huge demand worldwide for online tutors than can teach basic subjects from the American curriculum such as English, Math and Science among others. However, you’ll require a teaching degree or at least a Bachelor’s degree from any university with superb teaching skills for this wonderful online job.

5. Blogger

Blogging isn’t merely a hobby. Instead, it can become a very profitable source of income and something a mom would enjoy doing during her spare time. And there’re no specific educational degrees necessary to become a blogger. Nor is it difficult to learn blogging and digital marketing online. There’s a wide range of subjects a mom could write about. These subjects or niche could be from your hobbies and passions or anything that people would love reading online.

6. Online Content Writer

Nowadays, there’re several websites and blogs that talk about women’s rights, parenting and other issues that most moms would be aware of. Writing content requires patience to do research and excellent skills to present something that an audience finds engaging, interesting and relevant to their needs. Work from home moms can become a freelance content writer or work for an employer on fulltime basis. This is also a very profitable profession that could help you create own brand as content writer.

7. Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopper isn’t really a fulltime job. Yet, it allows moms to work online to make some extra income as a side-gig. Usually, market research companies hire women as mystery shoppers. All you need to do is visit a brick-and-mortar or an online store, observe certain things that an employer wants you to look for and write a review. The market research company pays for any shopping or dining that you’ll do and in most cases, pay for your efforts too. You don’t require much academic qualifications to work part-time as mystery shopper.

8. Virtual Assistant

Women with superb organizational skills can work as a Virtual Assistant online to earn a lot of money. Basically, a VA is somewhat like a remote working secretary. They’re hired by high net worth individuals and businesspersons. You’ll be performing secretarial tasks such as sending and responding to emails, fixing appointments, handling social media and other such simple tasks for an employer. This is a fantastic online job for moms because it allows you to work with flexible hours though sometimes, you might have to work on fixed timings.

9. Online Trainer

As a mom, you can work as an online trainer in various fields to earn a lot of money. You can train people about anything from cooking food from your favorite cuisine to fitness therapies including Yoga and Aerobics. Social distancing that continues well into 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic makes it imperative for people to stay fit without attending gyms and other programs available offline. Hence, there’s a high demand for online culinary trainers and fitness trainers.  You can also train other women to play a sport, if you’ve the necessary skills.

10. Social Media Assistant

This job is particularly for moms that love social media. Your tasks include handling Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts of the employer that could be anyone from an individual to small business or even a large corporation. Generally, the employee provides the posts for Facebook and other social media platforms. You need to upload these and respond to comments where necessary to increase engagements with clients and other stakeholders in the business.

11. Online Advice Columnist

In the UK, an online advice columnist is known as an “Agony Aunt”. That’s because you’ll be answering to people facing distress and other situations. Your job is to advise them on how to overcome such situations and get favorable outcomes. Working as an online advice columnist usually requires you to hold a degree in psychology. However, that’s not really necessary if you’ve superb emotional intelligence and love to help people facing stressful situations for any reasons. Newspapers, TV channels and radio stations also hire online advice columnists.

12. Online Micro Tasker

Micro tasking means performing small jobs online to earn money. It can be taken fulltime or part-time work. As the term suggests, micro tasks are small online jobs that can be done within a few minutes, using your skills. Micro tasking purely depends upon your skills in a particular field and not educational qualifications. Amazon Mechanical Turk is one of the most popular micro tasking jobsite worldwide. Or you can find such other jobs on Clickworker.com and other similar websites.

In Conclusion

The above list includes work from home jobs that every mom could take, depending upon her skills and educational qualifications. As mom, you could choose whether to work full-time or part-time. Finding such online jobs from home is fairly easy through job boards and specific websites.


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