How to Promote Your Fashion Business Using Instagram Videos, Stories and Ads

How to Promote Your Fashion Business Using Instagram Videos, Stories and Ads

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All fashion brands make it a point to include a great video to their Instagram account because this is the best way to attract the attention of the users, engage with them and influence their buying decision in a great way.

Therefore, if you want to make sure that you gain a lot of social traffic to your site then ensure that you include a video in your post as well as a URL in it. This will drive all your followers for Instagram towards your fashion site.

  • The power of Instagram video is unique as it can give life to digital storytelling adding a new meaning to it and taking the promotion to a new level altogether.
  • It is corroborated through different researches that videos posted on Instagram typically result in three times more engagement as well as inbound links in comparison to any picture posts.

All these features make Instagram an essential and definitely worthy platform to invest in and create one of the best 15-second narratives.

Make sure that you create your video in the most innovative way so that it really spices up your Instagram feed as well as the users. The URL added to it will direct the Instagram users to your fashion website easily.

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How to Promote your fashion Business Using Instagram advertising

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Using videos with a URL is the best form of Instagram advertising. This is the most effective and productive method for paying for the sponsored content to post on the Instagram platform. This will help you to:

  • Reach out to a larger, more engaged and targeted audience
  • Grow your brand exposure
  • Increase your web traffic and
  • Generate new leads.

You will also be able to push the current leads through the different stages of the sales funnel and convert them to your prospective customers.

Whether it is for your business marketing purpose or for our individual needs, Instagram advertising can be created by utilizing a set of images, or a video along with a text accompanied with it to reach to your audience.

According to research, it is found that Instagram ads, as well as videos, help the users in many ways including:

  • Visiting a website
  • Getting the desired direction
  • Calling or emailing and
  • Gaining all the required information about a fashion brand and its product.

It is also found that most of the users make the final buying decision based on an Instagram ad wherein 60% people find a new product on this platform and 75% of these users take an action after seeing an Instagram post and being inspired by it.

Statistics of Instagram popularity

Though most of the Instagram users belong to the young generation, older women and men are also found to be active on this platform is quite a significant number.

According to research, it is revealed that:

  • There are about 15% of women users of Instagram fall within the age group of 18 to 24
  • 17% of people within that age group worldwide are however men
  • There are more than 25 million business profiles on this platform followed by more than 80% of all Instagram users.

Therefore, fashion brands find this platform to be useful to target both the young as well as the older generation with the images and videos of their products. Any fashion brand that has global aspirations will not find a site that is better than Instagram to reach to their target audience more effectively.

In fact, they will be able to maintain a strong presence online and will not lose their potential customers to their competition. This is due to the fact that Instagram allows fashion entities to get great exposure to their customers worldwide opening and enormous market and opportunities to make a sale.

In fact, Instagram provides unparalleled prospects for both the customers as well as the business.

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How to Promote your fashion Business by Artistically engaging your audience on Instagram.

With the videos as well as the Instagram ads used in your marketing campaigns, you can make it even more powerful when you include Instagram Stories. This is one of the favorite Instagram features for most of the marketers, especially the fashion brands. This is because these stories enable them to add more creativity.

According to Instagram, over 300 million users watch Stories every day which is much more than the 187 million viewers that Snapchat usually have.

This feature is relatively new but comes with different compelling and innovative aspects and tools such as:

  • Stickers
  • GIFs
  • Location tags
  • Filters and

Out of all these, the best feature of Instagram Stories is the “swipe up” feature that you can add on a Story post. This will double the chances of gaining more traffic to your site because this will be an additional link apart from that in your bio. Just make sure that you make the Stories more fun, engaging and informative.

How to Promote your fashion Business using social proof on Instagram

You may have heard of social proof which is ideally a concept followed by the fashion brands to generate higher engagement. They can do that by using different tools such as:

  • Reviews
  • Shares and

These are the most popular metrics that determine the credibility of a brand. This may seem pretty simple to you but everything surrounds social media. This means that you will need to know and make the best use of the technicalities and execution of it to take care of the pain points.

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This will ensure that your posts get maximum exposure and traction through more engagement. This will create a snowball effect and will help you to make the people like and comment on your posts which will, in turn, help you to convert them to your prospective clients.

To sum up, Instagram promotions will create better brand awareness helping you to boost your posts that will have a high visibility.

It is the Instagram features and algorithms that will help you to promote your business on different social media platforms. Most importantly, it is the virality factor that will get you off to a right start thereby raising the ranking algorithms and putting you in the right feed.

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