How To Start A Podcast Business and Make Money from it

7 Steps to Start a Podcast Business and Make Money from it


How To Start a Podcast Business and Make Money from it – In this article, I will show you how to start a podcast business on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, And Other Notable Platforms. Here you will also find tips to grow your listeners base and make money

Podcast business centers on uploading audio records to platforms and social media platforms for users to access and listen to. Podcast business has become a very lucrative means of income for business individuals and platforms have made it very easy to run. Over the years, the podcast business has been performing greatly due to the help of platforms like Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, and some other platforms.

How To Start A Podcast Business and Make Money from it

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In this article, I’m showing you how to start a podcast business and promote it on platforms like Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, and social media platforms. Let’s proceed to the practical guide on how to create your podcast. It is nice if you can get hold of a sheet of paper for your planning.

Step 1. Choosing a Topic

Choosing a topic centers on the description of your podcast, that is, your podcast would center on a particular niche. One important thing about choosing a topic is that you shouldn’t choose a topic that would limit your episodes but instead, try to pick a topic that gives chances to more than 100 episodes. However, you can change or expand your topic as time passes by.

Step 2.  Picking a Co-host

Though picking a co-host is an optional task. You can add anybody who you deem fit and worthy for the task. There are several benefits of choosing a committed co-host. For instance, you would rub minds with your co-host on a particular episode. This yields meaningful and observable results but if you stand alone, there is no problem as long as hard work and commitments are practiced.

Step 3. Design and Choose a Good Name

This section is very important because you might not be able to change your name when your podcast becomes popular. It is advisable to choose a good descriptive name that will suggest what your podcast centers on. Besides, your podcast name should be broad because you might decide to expand your reach later.

That is why I advised you to make your plans on a piece of paper. Observe, design, and come up with a good name that will describe and attract listeners. Once you have a good name then you can proceed to the section of buying a domain name free of charges from Bluehost. Let’s move to the next step.

Step 4.  Showcase You Format


Length measure is very important in Podcast because it centers on audio timing. Though there are numbers of podcast records that last hours while there are also podcast records that last minutes. Short duration is better because observers have noted that listeners get bored while listening to long podcasts.


Style tells more about what listeners would find on your podcast. There are many podcasts with unique styles but many podcasts center on interviews. The idea behind centering a podcast on interviews is that it boosts the chances of your podcast becoming popular. As a beginner, doing interviews with celebrities and publishing them on your podcast would boost your chances of becoming popular.

Format of Your Episode:

There are different podcast formats but how do you know which one is best for your niche. Choosing a particular podcast format tells your listeners the kind of episodes they would be seeing on your podcast. These formats are important because they connect you with listeners. Choose the one that bests summarizes your podcast. Below are some popular formats.

  • Outro music
  • Ad spot
  • Intro Music
  • Teaser
  • Interview

Step 5.   Setting Up and Arrangements

In the above paragraphs, I have discussed how you can create a good name, how to pick a topic, and how you can buy a domain name. Now, let’s explore the easy ways to set up and arrange your Podcast before you launch it.

 Create A Cover Image: Creating a cover image is very important and helpful; it is the first thing listeners would see when they visit your podcast. Another interesting fact is that your cover image should be descriptive, that is, it would tell more about your Podcast. If you’re on a low budget, “99 designs” would serve you effectively.

Obtain A Professional Intro: Many websites provide intros and outstanding voiceovers. Though one of them is “Music Radio Creative”, getting a third person to introduce your Podcast take value to a notch and this is a good chance to be outstanding even at the first appearance of your Podcast.

 Select Intro Music: In this section, the intro music is best used at the beginning of every audio on your Podcast. Intro music tells your listeners the mood of your story. You can choose PremiumBeat and obtain their license. They have many services and styles just for you.

 Obtain a Microphone: One of the best podcasting microphones that are suitable for every podcaster is “Yeti USB”. Though there are many podcasting microphones which great functions but I recommend “Blue Microphones Yeti USB” because experts speak good about it. This guarantees good audio.

Podcast Guests Notification:  This section is very important for people who base their podcast on interviews. Now is the time to start sending messages and notifications to persons you wish to interview. In order to avoid the stress of going around wasting money on transports, Acuity Scheduler would be of great importance. With the help of Acuity Scheduler, guests would be able to book a perfect and convenient time for both sides. Also, social media networking platforms are helpful; you can connect with your guests via social media platforms and fix a time for the interview. Remote interviews are smoothly done on platforms like Skype, Zoom, and t, he likes.

Step 6. Start Your Audio Records and Editing

You may be on a low budget as a beginner and that is why I’m recommending Audacity. Audacity is free software that offers a free audio edition. You can record your audio files on Audacity while you also edit your voice when you are through with recording. Audacity has great features like removing unwanted sounds in the background, cutting out pauses, level adjustments, and m, any more. As a beginner, Audacity is my best option for you. Now, let’s proceed to launch 7.   Obtain A Host And Launch Your Podcast

Buzzsprout podcast hosting is no doubt the best the place for you to launch your website because many experienced podcasters rely on Buzzsprout. Here, you need to sign p and fill in some necessary information about your podcast’s description, name, and t,he likes. Once you are through with the registration, you will get a $20 Amazon gift card for a registered paid plan.

You can now start uploading your podcast episodes based on your plan. If you host your podcast on Buzzsprout, just click on the icon saying “upload a new episode” anytime you want to create an episode. Once you clicked on it, it will direct you to a place where you would need to enter the title, description, summary, and d, description of the episode. Besides, you can save a  template of the description so that you can use it again for the continuation of the episode.

Step 7: Promoting Your Podcast


You can promote your podcast business on iTunes by following the few steps that I will be discussing below. You would see a directory tab at the bottom of your podcast, click on it and select “Apple Podcasts” and carefully follow the few instructions that follow. You can share your podcast on iTunes via this method if you are on Buzzsprout. Once you complete and submit the instructions, you’re good to go. Anytime you upload the latest episodes, your host will update your RSS feed and Apple the Podcast directory will automatically publish your new episodes.

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You Tube

Among several ways of promoting one’s podcast, YouTube is every lucrative way. Imagine a place where success is easy? On YouTube, you can reach millions of users within few minutes and consider the amount of money you would make if that happens. Though YouTube is mainly for videos you can also promote your audios on YouTube by following common ways.

Turn Your Audios To Videos

This step is as easy and simple as taking a picture on a smartphone. What I mean by turning your audios to videos requires an attractive background image. Design a good_ looking graphics from a graphics software of your choice. Apart from the title, you also need to add name, logo, URL to your podcast but don’t forget that YouTube appreciates images with 2560 x 2240px.

Once you’re through with that, you’re now set to convert your audios to videos. Headliner provides virtually all services you need. Headliner allows you to convert up to 60 minutes audio file to video with one or more images in the background. Don’t forget that you need to download an mp4 file to upload your video to YouTube.

Screen Record your Guest and Yourself

Many experienced podcasters like to use this method when they do remote interviews with their guest. Tools like Zoom and SquadCast would be of great importance. While doing a remote interview with your guest, you can simultaneously do screen records and later edit and upload them to YouTube.


Promoting your podcast on Spotify is no doubt a great opportunity for you to probably reach more than 200 million active users across 75 countries. It is not difficult as many people view it. Let’s proceed to the necessary steps to be taken.

The first step here is to log in to Spotify for podcasters.

Once you logged in, just dive into your dashboard and select “Get started”.

Fill in your podcast RSS feed URL into the space that pops up.

Carefully observe whether your podcast address that appears is correct. If not, correct it and click “Next”.

Switch to the email address that you connected to your Spotify account. There should be a code waiting for your there. Try to copy and paste the code in the available space in your Spotify account then click next.

Now, a prompt will appear asking you to describe your podcast in one category and 3 sub_ categories. Enter the descriptions and click “next”.

Here is the final step, try to peruse the information that you provided and if the information seems correct to you, click on “submit”. Keep calm and wait for Spotify to confirm your account with few hours. Shortly after Spotify confirms your account, you can start promoting your podcast in your way.

On Social Media Platforms

Sharing your episodes on social media platforms is as easy as sharing posts from websites to social media platforms. This can be done when you have an account on a particular social media platform you like to share your episodes too.

To Instagram

You can share your podcast episodes directly from Spotify to Instagram by clicking on share icons then select Instagram stories. You would be directed to your Instagram account on your device so that you can add desired attachments then post.

To Facebook

Go to your podcast dashboard and click on “distribution”_ social share then connect it or Facebook where you would click on a tiny pencil to select how you want your podcast episode to look on Facebook.

Tips To Grow Your Listeners Base and Make Money

Use YouTube SEO

Just like Google SEO, videos on YouTube can be optimized. Try to make use of relevant keywords in your title. When you use keywords and hashtags, YouTube would rank your video and recommend it to users who searched for related titles.

Share your post on social media

Like I have explained in the above paragraphs, sharing your episodes on social media platforms would call the attention of many listeners to your podcast; this can boost the strength of your listeners and earn you more money.

Turn your Listeners to followers

This tip is very important and helpful because it boosts the probability of you getting more engagements, views, subscribers and in turn this earns you more money. You can do this by telling your listeners to follow you at the beginning and end of every episode.

Create and connect a website

One of the best ways to grow your podcast and earn more money is to create a new website and connect it with your podcast. As a beginner, podcast hosting companies would be presented on your podcast for you to choose but if you want to appear unique, choose WordPress and host it on Bluehost. You can start promoting your podcast on this new website and you can also earn money from traffic.

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