How to Ship a Graphics Card

10 Ways to Ship a Graphics Card to Anywhere

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Looking to ship to and from your home to your clients’ overseas? How much does it cost to ship a graphics card? Whatever your purpose is, we will show you How to Ship a Graphics Card right about now.

We all know that the different components on our computer system can fetch us different amounts for example a keyboard price can range from $100 to $1,000, depending on its features and number of keys. While a graphics card can be sold for $70 or even as expensive as $1,000. In today’s article going to show you some of the ways, that is the companies through which you can ship your graphics card and some steps and protocol in which to get it done. So it back and relax and I hope this article helps you to accomplish your goal.

10 Ways to Ship a Graphics Card to Anywhere

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1. Using Eurosender

This is a great company that helps to ship not just graphics cards but also other computer accessories as we as other accessories as well, such as motherboard, monitors, and keyboards as well. In order to ship your items in Eurosender, you would have to follow these steps

  • When you serve on their website, click on the get started icon.
  • Go to the private person section.
  • Fill in your email password and also your country. After which you tick the I agree to the terms and services box.
  • After that, a link will be sent to your mail to activate your account.
  • After which you would be brought back to their page.
  • In the dashboard select new order and fill in the necessary information.

Also, know that most of the sites on this list follow almost the same protocol, so I won’t be leaving every single detail. You can get some help from their website for a full tutorial.

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2. Shipping Easy

Just as the name sounds, so is how this company works, Shipping easy knows how to package a graphics card. They make shipping your product really easy and is perfect for small and medium-sized business. So why don’t you contact them and get them to ship your products? For you, as they ship up to 50 or even fewer orders a month.

  • First of all, you will have to go to their website and fill in the necessary information.
  • After that, you can go to the instant rate option, which is the easiest way to ship, thus the site automatically assigns a USPs service based on the size of your product and its weight.
  • You can also visit their support center to know how to make your first shipping.

3. Shipstation

This is another great company that also offers shipping. It is also said to be the easiest way for brands and retailers to list and also sell their products on the world’s largest online market place. Yes, this site doesn’t just offer the free shipping of your graphics card, it also helps to sell them if you want to. Steps, in order to ship your products, including;

  • Head to their website and click in start free trial.
  • Fill in your information including your name both your first and last and other necessary information too.
  • Then follow the onscreen instructions from there.

4. Admiral Marine Shipping 

This is also one of the best companies in the States when it comes to shipping your product overseas, you can also size the opportunity to ship your graphics card overseas too. You can also contact them via their phone number, just call the following numbers, 015453472. After that sit back and relax and watch them as they ship your product for you. So, if you are looking for a US based top shipping company then this might be the one for you.

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 5. Sellbrite

This is an amazing company used by small to medium-sized companies. This product also offers integration with the ship stations and also Amazon. So, why don’t you try it, it might not be as powerful as other shipping sites, but it is also with the trail. Some of its downsides are that it might be slow to integrate with some market places. Just like ship station all you need to do is

  • Firstly, go to their website and fill necessary information including first name, last name Email, and others, you also have to create a password.
  • After which you sign up and follow instructions for shipping.

6. Shopify Shipping 

Yes, this is the same Shopify used for shopping, since you love their shopping site, why don’t you try their shipping offers. It can handle the shipping for small businesses fairly well and can also hook you up with discounts too. This is also another web-based company you can also use to ship your graphics card. It is only web-based, so there isn’t any other extra installation to be done. It also has other add-on apps that can help you. To register simply visit their website.

  • Once you’re on their website click on the start free trial.
  • Fill in the necessary information once you are there, such as your username, password, and also your Email address and store name after.
  • After filling the information click on “Created store“, after which you should follow the onscreen instructions to know what to do next.

7. Ordoro

Thus is also an amazing choice to shop your product (graphics card), as it is used for small businesses. To know their bilking plans you can visit their website. Ordoro, just like Shopify shipping is also web-based, which means there is no need for any kind of installation. It also has an amazing minimalist interface which is really easy to navigate, all you have to do is

  • Visit their website, once you are there find and click on schedule a demo
  • After that a drop-down menu will appear, where you are going to fill in your information as usual which include your name, phone, company, and Email too
  • After which you will have to follow the onscreen instructions to complete your shipping.

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8. Shippo

This might just be the one you are looking for, this is another very nice web-based shipping platform which enables business personnel and smaller time business owners to ship their products. They also offer discounts with USPs and DHL, it might just be a very safe and good means to ship your graphics card too. All you have to do is visit their website and follow these steps.

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  • Once you are on the website click on sign up for free
  • After that, you will be taken to another page where you will have to fill in your information, such as first name, last name and even Email and of course password
  • After which you can navigate their website and find the option that will enable you to ship your product.

9. FedEx

Known as Federal Express, this site is also known for its fast deliveries, they have a variety of service options which include cross-country, same DAT shipping, and even overnight shipping. It also offers Saturday deliveries too. You need to try their services as it very efficient and like I said before it is also very fast too. It also has a Nigerian branch located around Lagos which is also very nice and gives speedy shipping. So if you want t fast shipping of your product, that is your graphics card this might be the one for you.

  • Just head on to their website, where it might be needed for you to register.
  • After which you can navigate your self through.
  • You can also go to one of their branches.

10. DHL

Finally, after the long run, we have come to the end of our article with this company being our last but most definitely not the least. This is also an online shipping company for your product with more than 2.6 million and deliveries made to more than 220 companies and territories worldwide. This company also helps your product to arrive at your target destination within just a matter of days. It might, as usual, be the product for you too.

With that, I hope I have given you a list of 10 different companies which help you to ship your graphics card and all other computer and non-computer accessories worldwide. Thanks and I hope it helps you.      


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