20 most profitable products to import from China to USA

20 most profitable products to import from China to USA


In this post, you will find the 20 most profitable products to import from China to USA. These are cheap products to import from china to USA to make good profits.

Continuous innovation in technology has introduced a variety of opportunities to the manufacturers and suppliers. It was only a few years back when international traders using conventional methods faced delays and compromised quality. A gradual transition in the process has not only lowered trading costs but also influenced producers to introduce unique and inexpensive products.

China is the largest imports partner of many developed countries. The nation is rich in producing a wide range of products for diverse consumer needs. Online B2B marketplace has one leading name for imports, and that’s China. Did you know? The United States imported products from China worth $557.9 billion in 2018. People nowadays are always on a quest to find usable and productive products imported from China. Let’s make your worries go away because we have explored necessities to be imported from China to the USA.

Preparing Your Bucket with Profitable Chinese Imports 

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Before you place an order, make sure to reach only trusted and verified distributors in China. Finding the best quality and cheap products from China is the biggest challenge – all you have to do is research a lot.

We are always on a rush to grab products that look captivating and cheap but ends up getting a bad quality. Make a checklist and find where your needs lie. We have listed down a few parameters to keep in mind before placing an online order to Chinese manufacturers and suppliers:

  • Products are handy and not complex to be wasted in the end
  • Convenience is the highest priority to ensure
  • Must comprise of innovative technology
  • Prefer cheap products with high-end quality
  • Only approach recommended manufacturers in China

Don’t rush with your imports – be careful what you are putting down in the bucket. Let’s begin by exploring the most profitable products to be imported from China.

20 most profitable products to import from China to USA

Picking Best Products from Chinese Online B2B Marketplace 

1. Garlic Grater & Cutter 

It’s time to add an innovative product in the kitchen. China’s most useful and cheap product can best-fit your kitchen utensils today. The estimated retail price of the product is $8.

2. Glass Protector 

You can never find mobile accessories as cheap as in China. Adding glass protector to the bucket can be the right choice, and it will not cost you an arm and a leg too. The estimated price of mobile glass protector is in the range of $0.31 – $1.

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3. Wireless Phone Chargers 

Paying a hefty amount for bad quality chargers is always a wrong decision. An authentic wireless phone charger ensures mobility and convenience. Nowadays, wireless phone chargers are in high demand that is compatible with new mobile phones. The wireless phone chargers will only cost you $12.99.

4. Video Door Bells 

Video doorbell is a must import product from China. The added value of high-level security and efficient connectivity with the internet has made the product popular worldwide. The current price of the product is $59.98.

5. LED Mirrors 

LED lights are becoming popular worldwide. Your next import can be these long-lasting LED mirrors. From large studios to home salons, LED mirrors are in-demand for many years. Let’s import the LED mirror from China in just $17.93.

6. Statement Necklaces 

While every girl wants to look chic and gorgeous compared to ordinaries, China’s producers stock a great variety of statement necklaces of all types, colors, and designs. Get bulk of necklaces from China today only in $15.99.

7. Backpacks 

Backpacks always fascinate us no matter what age we hit. You can find exclusive designs and types of bags in China suitable for every individual. Search for reliable Chinese suppliers and get your products imported at an estimated price of $24.99.

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8. Air Fryer 

Now you don’t have to worry about cooking healthy food with low calories. An air fryer is an innovative kitchen tool that ensures cooking the best diet for health-conscious people. Get high-end air fryer from Chinese manufacturers in $99.99.

9. Cosmetic Brush Sets 

Are you a makeupaholic and searching for reliable cosmetic brush sets to become a pro makeup artist? China B2B online marketplace has a variety of high-end brush sets stocked of all types. You can simply import your favorite set in $17.99.

10. Selfie Ring Light 

Today’s youth is always on a hunt to purchase products that add glow to their selfies. Selfie ring light is a must order product. Import these lights in $13.99 from genuine Chinese importers on online B2B platform.

11. Derma Roller System 

USA massage centers always look for amazing massagers that are effective for improving skin texture. If you are also looking at a perfect massager, Derma roller system is a must buy. Connect with a verified Chinese manufacturer to import the product in $10.97 only.

12. Printed T-shirts 

Not just accessories but apparel in best quality can be imported from China. You can find outclass and fashionable t-shirts in any design, size, and color in $20 retail price.

13. Nail Art Stamper 

Add a premium stamper in your nail art essentials. Chinese suppliers can offer you a wide range of creative yet awesome stampers for girls in $7 retail price.

14. Portable USB Desk Lamp 

Are you looking for cheap desk lamps to help studying in brighter light? Portable USB desk lamps are available at online B2B marketplace. You can import the product in any color only in $5 retail price.

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15. Mobile Phone Holder

One of the hottest selling product in the Chinese trade market is a mobile phone holder. Import latest phone holder from China today in $15 retail price to add balance to your driving and communication.

16. Toys for Kids 

Toys of every type can be imported from Chinese suppliers. Find the best and innovative toys that can fascinate your children. You can simply connect to reliable importers in China and order Lego toys at a lower price.

17. Reverse Inverted Umbrella

While traveling, you may require an umbrella for keeping yourself protected from sunlight or rain. Reversible inverted umbrellas are popular in the global market. You can import any design or color from Chinese importers in the range of $3 to $4.5 depending on the features.

18. Picture Frames 

Handling memories has now become effortless. Chinese suppliers in the online B2B marketplace have a variety of picture frames of all sizes. The average price of a photo frame is $10.

19. Sports Water Bottle 

Fitness products are always in-demand. China manufactures the best quality sports water bottle. Import from the range of bottles in only $1 or $2.

20. Stainless Steel Straw

Import the best quality environment-friendly products from China. Stainless steel straw is what you should opt now. Chinese suppliers are offering the best prices for the product.

Summing Up

There are many more products to import from China. The list will go long, and you will get crazy to import valuable products that aren’t in reach within local markets. Consider the list above and make as many orders as you can.

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