ISC New York NY(USPS) processed through facility [SOLVED]

ISC New York NY(USPS) processed through facility [SOLVED]


While tracking your mail or package, you might come across this phrase  “ISC New York NY(USPS) processed through facility”. You might want to ask, what does “processed through facility ISC New York NY(USPS)” really mean? Well, this is an automated tracking message that does not really mean the phrase. Read more you will understand what I am talking about.

If you are a regular user of the United States Postal Services, you might understand this whole sh*t. For the sake of new users, we will try our best to explain this to your understanding.

What is ISC New York NY(USPS)

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ISC New York NY is an abbreviation for New York International Service Center.

This is a facility where all mails and packages leaving the shores of the United States are sorted and packaged for final dispatch to the airport for flights to other countries.

This is also a place, where all mails and packages that arrive in the United States are processed after being checked by Customs, then packaged to be sent to their different destinations.

People often wonder because when mail leaves there, tracking is not updated for days.

That is because it is in a container where the barcodes can’t be read and no update can happen until it arrives in another city and removed from the container for sorting.

What does “processed through facility ISC New York NY(USPS)” mean?

Oftentimes, when you are tracking your package on USPS website, you will see a statement “your item has been processed through our facility in ISC new york NY(USPS).”

Because of this, so many users began to panic after waiting for several days without getting the delivery of their mail or package. You can visit the ISC International Inbound Mail page to feel the rant.

This information is totally misleading. In the worst-case scenario, this statement can mean that the plane that carried your package or mail has landed at the Airport where the ISC service center is located.

This does not necessarily mean that your mail or package has gone through Customs.

What it also means is that USPS doesn’t want to be involved in your problem. All you see that your item has been processed through our facility in ISC new york ny(usps).

This is a way USPS used to let package owners that they have no access to reasons why Customs is holding their package. Frankly speaking, at this point, The ISC employees have not even gotten their hands on the package yet and they are being made to answer for it.

This is ridiculous!

So, what is really happening to my Package or Mail?

Often, your package is more than 3 days with this status, The Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) are the ones who have it and not the ISC New York NY(USPS). The CBP can hold anything from certain countries for any reason, usually, under the guise, it might be illicit or unapproved drugs or cigarettes.

Typically, the CBP will hold any package for any reason, and there’s not give you reasons for it. The worst scenario, it’s difficult to contact them; no place to complain or inquire, no listed contact numbers, no chain of command.

Even the ISC staff have been appealing that the language gets changed since they have not laid their hands on the product, yet they are made to answer for it.

ISC New York NY(USPS) stuck – What to Do!

In most cases, you have to wait for your package to arrive at your destination and stop worrying yourself about it until you get it. After all, a wait itself was nothing new. Read more on: how late does USPS deliver packages and mails?

There was a case, where someone waited for 15 years And what-WAS THE RESPONSE?? No regretful serenade? No “we’re so sorry!” stamp? No explanation for its unlawful detainment?

However, if you feel your package is stuck or missing, you can follow these instructions given on the CBP website to track your missing pckage or find out if the CBP has it.

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  • The link to customs doesn’t actually tell you anything. It just takes to the main page, which also tells you nothing.

  • If “Processed Through Facility ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS)” doesn’t necessarily mean that USPS HAS the package, why the heck does it say “USPS” after “processed through ISC facility”? If USPS doesn’t have it, why can’t tracking SAY that? Why must it always be VAGUE? You can call USPS to get more information, and after fighting with the automated system to get to speak with a live agent and being put on hold for 7.5 hours, what does the “trained USPS agent” do? She looks up your tracking number and tells you that she can only see what YOU can see when YOU track! What’s the point of this? Why does USPS even bother to claim to give “tracking assistance”? It’s the year 2020, e have incredible technology, and all I know is that my package from Canada MAY have gone through Customs, MAY be in the possession of USPS, MAY be enroute. Heck, I’ve had packages arrive with NO tracking updates despite having paid for that feature, only to get a message from USPS two days AFTER it was delivered saying, “your package was delivered”.

    • Well shit. Reading all these messages, I know I’m surely not going to get my package. It sounds like someone at this isc New York ny is above the law, kinda reminds me of trump, maybe there in cahoots together. Idc I just want my package.

          • Enjoy your high taxes and increased gas prices you libtard go line up for your toxic cv19 vaccine and stand with your racist BLM or Biden Loves Minors.

          • Biden & Harris will never be in office. Your post didn’t age well at all. We have enough to flip this election. We were watching all of this play out remotely. We’re preparing for the indictment stage now. Stay tuned, sir. Have a great day, enjoy 4 more years of our administration.

            My sources: Daily briefings with POTUS…

      • Trump would get you your package, although from the girlish way you whine, I would say you need as package. Vote Biden, he lost his package years ago too.

  • My family shipped me a package on March 16 and being at ISC NY since March29, now when tracking it is say processed in isc NY, inbound at US costum… I don’t know how long will it take to be delivered. The NY post office custom service when calling them they tell u stories ….. just stressing, never had problems like this before… sad really

  • I have the same issue. My parcel was mailed from France on April 1st arrived to ISC NY on April 16 and it’s not moving for 6 days.

    • Did you ever receive your package Shoshana? I also have a parcel coming from France stuck at ISC NY.

  • Me too, I have been waiting for my Boden UK delivery since April 9, it is still ‘in-transit’ with the status ‘Processed sort facility ISC New York NY’. I filed a claim with USPS last week and no response so I filed another one. It is now April 30. Ridiculous. Thank you USPS for losing my package.

  • Due to the Covid-19 situation that has stopped the world from operating in a somewhat normal fashion, International shipping is pretty much at a stand-still. I currently have 17 packages that have been sitting at ISC New York for two months now. This happened once before last summer and I had to wait almost three months before finally receiving the package so, I’m still hopeful.

  • I ordered a set of pistol grips from a source in Turkey, on April 8th. On April 9th I received a tracking number, when I checked again a few days later, April 11th, it said it was in Instanbul Turkey being processed for destination, this was the last contact I had from anyone until today May 12th, that it had been “processed thru ISC NY facility. After reading thru all this article and a few others, I can look forward to either not getting my package in a timely manner now that it’s on US soil, to maybe getting it in the next couple weeks.

  • Hello my package has this information Your item has been processed through our facility in ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS) at 3:09 am on June 9, 2020.. Additionally I have another notice that will arrive on the 13th to my address will the USPS tracking system say will arrive on the 13th?

  • I ordered a gift for Father’s Day on May 22nd. It finally shipped on June 4th and got to the Ny whatever on the 13th. I just want my package and reading all of this is just making me realize I won’t get it in time.

  • I ordered a gift for Father’s Day on May 22nd. It finally shipped on June 4th and got to the Ny whatever on the 13th. I just want my package and reading all of this is just making me realize I won’t get it in time. 🙁

  • I have a package from Belarus (macrame cord–how scary is that?) that’s been in the ISC NY since May 28, and it’s July 25!

    • I have a package stuck from Belarus too! It’s a plush dog bed, so far they’ve had it for a month. Reading all these comments I’m starting to expect I won’t see updated tracking…maybe ever. I’m so sad, the item was pretty expensive and the seller says she won’t do anything since it’s a Customs issue. Truly frustrating and disappointing.

  • I’ve sent a romantic letter from Portugal in 2 of july, today is 02/08/2020 and it is still is ISC, that’s fucking crazy, I don’t know if the letter will ever reach the destination…

  • I have a ukulele, ordered

    off eBay from China that has been in status: Processed Through Facility
    ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS) since July 29th….I cannot get an answer to any of my questions through USPS and customs will not answer their phone….wth!!??

  • My package was sent from Northern Ireland august 27th 2020 and arrived in newyork sept 4th and it’s still there I find it really hard to try and get some one to tell me what’s going on this is awful I paid 1st class post and signed for it’s totally unexceptable

  • After reading these messages I guess I cannot expect to receive my packages in months. I understand it’s a pandemic year, so there’s going to be shortage of staffing and issues that will slow things down.

    The curious thing is why do packages from China end up going all the way to ISC New York? Why wouldn’t they go to San Francisco or LA?

    It does sound like New York has bigger issues than the pandemic. You can see threads elsewhere of people complaining about ISC from years ago and it’s always ISC New York.

  • Nobody comes back on here to say that they eventually got their package. This has happened to me a few times. Sometimes it takes a day or two to process through customs, other times it has taken me weeks/even months to get a package. But they all have finally arrived, even when I was to the point of giving up and considering them lost for good at the time. The waiting game sucks, but it is what it is. They process 1000s of parcels/packages through the facility. It’s a matter of luck when they eventually get to clearing yours. I have one that’s currently been sitting there for two weeks. Am I getting edgy? Even though I’ve been through this crap before, you bet I’m a little peeved. I’ll be relieved when it gets delivered to me.

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