10 tips to increase Etsy traffic and improve sales

10 tips to increase Etsy traffic and improve sales in 2021


If you are familiar with E-bay and Amazon online shopping platforms, you will have no issues understanding Etsy. Though this is a platform that I rank among the best online retail market, you are about to learn the best tips to increase traffic and make sales on Etsy. Before looking at tips to increase Etsy traffic and improve sales, let me answer a few questions.

What is Etsy?

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For the benefit of those who do not know what Etsy stands for, I will give a brief explanation of it.

Etsy is an online marketplace that has been in existence since 2005. It is home majorly to custom-made, handcrafted products some of which you hardly find in any other popular platforms. You can browse in several categories ranging from clothing, jewelry, wedding, home and living, toys, cards, etc. This online market allows buyers and sellers to meet and do business.


Etsy currently has over two million sellers with more than three million buyers that exchange tons of goods and services. As of the time of this writing, you have well over 60,000,000 products to choose from on Etsy. Now With the headquarters in New York and other five major cities across the world, you can be sure you will be dealing with a legit online marketplace.


How Legit is Etsy?


Every business comes with its risk. This concerns both offline and only businesses. As with any online business the record of accomplishment, experience in the business, and customer reviews are a few parameters to confirm whether an e-commerce channel is genuine or know. They are all out to protect both the seller and the buyers. Etsy has a personal review system to edge out, especially fraudulent sellers.


 Etsy code of business dictates that a seller’s account can be closed once it has too many negative reviews on its account. This is a way of ensuring the buyer gets value for his money and time. Due to the private review plan, they also ensure buyers do not take undue advantage of review to discredit good entrepreneurs or sellers on a few issues.


To guarantee a level playing ground for both the seller and the buyer, Etsy allows a 100-day window for a buyer to leave his review. Within that period, such a buyer can edit his review as many times as he could. Besides that, an intending buyer could also see the review on any product for the parts 12 months. This gives the buyer an ample opportunity to determine whether he will buy or not.



What are the tips to increase Etsy traffic and improve sales?


Are you are a talented person having a craft to sell? Then you are in a marketplace that connects you to millions of willing buyers. Whether you just like to turn your hobby into money or you are dedicated to it as a source of income, Etsy has a place for you. Talk about an e-commerce platform that offers buyers and sellers an unlimited opportunity. Sell or buy, then Etsy is one of the channels. All you need to do is go to Etsy. com to open a free seller’s account. Increasing traffic is germane to making money on Etsy. I will list a few of the strategies as you read on.


1. Connect your Shop with Social Media.


You must be from another planet if you are not on social media. This becomes important if you are a businessperson. More than ever people have connected and strike deals more through social media than any other channels. Undoubtedly, the supercharged way to make sales on Etsy is to pitch your tent with social media. Each person decides the type of social media that best suits his products and services. Whichever one you choose, you are a winner. All you need do is connect your Etsy to the social handle of your choice where your potential clients hang out.


Offer a Mail Subscription (email marketing). As the social media, email marketing is also another way to nail a great deal on Etsy. The more subscribers you have, the better for your business. Through this channel, you send a custom made email to your subscribers. If you have enough followers on social media, you can encourage them so they would not have to miss any of your updates. Email marketing places your subscribers ahead of others by knowing your latest offer.

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2. Offer Coupon codes to your subscribers


Coupon codes are some of the fastest ways to increase traffic and make money on Etsy. As you know, buyers are always on the lookout for incentives that will give the best deal and coupon is one of those channels. From your dashboard, you can easily input your coupon button

 Like bait, you give explicit information about the terms of your coupon codes. Explain who is entitled to the coupon, and the minimum purchase. You could also apply the coupon your buyers shared with you directly or input the links as well.


3. Offer free delivery


This style of marketing is not new, yet still relevant in increasing traffic and sales. While this is okay, you must do your homework well because it will reduce your profit, but the result from the turnover because of more purchases can bring out a great gain.


 When adding this to your cart, ensure you give details of who gets what and at what rate. Marketers usually take advantage of this to gain more customers. This how it works. You enjoy the free delivery if you purchase certain numbers or specific goods or products. To add to that, those who purchase at a relatively low sales period will catch on to this opportunity to make their purchase. The other part is to offer express delivery. Once people know, they can get this free or near paying next to nothing, they will hang with you longer.


4. Ensure Fast Delivery


Well, I do not need to tell you that those who build brands are people that are timely in their service delivery. If you want to increase your traffic and make money fast on Etsy, get your house in order and keep to your words. Remember a negative review on your Etsy is bad for your business. While no system is perfect, do not let it be said that you are not a man of your words. In essence, make your words, your bond. Once people can trust you, they will do business with you.


5. Include rich products description Keywords


You will understand this better if you run a blog or website. Often you see a customer who is not sure where exactly to go for his purchases. All he does is insert relevant keywords in his browser and the search engine will supply him with several options. You will be sharing a piece of the cake if your product description is keyword rich. This is also a proven method of hitting it big on Etsy. Use Pinterest is to mine keywords, easy and simple shop Policy, a well-explained description.


6. Linking Related Products


Like a blog post on a blog, you will make people visiting your site stay longer when they view other products.

In a blog, you add links in the post that leads your readers to another page similar to what they are reading. Similarly, you add links to similar products related to the one your visitors intended to buy. With that, you are giving them the options and opportunity to see the array of products and services you are offering. Sometimes this allows the visitors to determine if they will need any of the other products and services later. They can even inform their friends you have such an item on display online on your site. This is a cool way of both retaining your customers and bringing new ones on board.


7. Ask Customer Reviews


One thing I have seen play out in marketing is the review. People tend to believe a product that is attested to by others. They believe it must have been a good product if people have given it a positive review. So get your customers and friend to give you a sincere review on your site. Apart from enticing new customers, review allows you to discover what else you need to do to improve on your goods and services. Besides that, it will help you build a good customer relationship. 


8. Return and Exchange Option.


Those who are smart with their Etsy get their sales fallen through more often. Apart from your well laid out policy, make it flexible for your customers. Research has proved it wrong that allowing people to return goods hurt your review. Amazingly, the reverse is the case. In fact, the more the return window the less likely a customer will return the goods.

Another way of getting the best from this plan is to allow customers to make a return for an exchange. Whichever way, both of you win. This method saves a few bucks while gaining the trust of your customers.


9. Offer Multiple Payment channels.


One sure way of making it big on Etsy is giving those visiting your market flexible and multiple payment options. You leave out quite a lot of people if you offer limited payment options. Due to financial security, some regions may not allow certain payment channels. But if you have several other means of payment, you will absorb more patronage. This tip will surely increase your Etsy traffic and improve sales


10. Advertise


One of the tips to increase Etsy traffic and improve sales is the offsite advertisement. It is simple and straightforward for sellers. Etsy helps you place your advert on popular sites like Google e-bay and others. You do not pay for these Ads until someone clicks on them. To me, this is a risk-free form of adverts. It will surely add money to you since you are not paying for these services upfront. With those giant sites, it is a good run for your business.


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Now that you have come to the end of my list of 10 tips to increase Etsy traffic and improve sales, it is your turn to act on each of them to make money on Etsy.

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