15 Best Etsy Alternatives for Buyers 2021 - Sites like Etsy

15 Best Etsy Alternatives for Buyers 2022 – Sites like Etsy


15 Best Etsy Alternatives for buyers 2022 – See the 15 best sites like Etsy here. No doubt, Etsy will be the number one online marketplace to contend with for a long time to come. Etsy is unrivaled in many ways, yet many upcoming online marketplaces are trying hard to find their footing. These online market platforms usually look for the loophole of these big names to leverage in snatching a few of their customers. Since big-name leverages on their goodwill to remain on top.  The upcoming businesses are also trying to outwit them with an irresistible offer.

Sometimes the biggest and reliable company becomes so big that they become unreliable. That is why people start to look for an alternative. Since service delivery is the major reason people patronize a company, but when the purpose is defeated, you look elsewhere. To this end, trying any of these top 15 alternatives to Etsy will not hurt a fly after all. Who can tell, you may be fascinated by an offer by any of these retail shops I will be mentioning.

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15 Best Etsy Alternatives for buyers 2022 – Sites like Etsy

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1. Amazon handmade

I don’t need to ask you if you are familiar with the Amazon marketplace. But if you don’t, Amazon is a global brand when it comes to online business. Therefore, you are open to a myriad of buyers and sellers if you are trading on Amazon. Thus, I wouldn’t be mistaken if they are in the first position among my lists of alternatives to Etsy. I think Amazon is trying to capture all niches in the online marketplace.

One thing about Amazon handmade is it is not for all comers. You are not likely to fit in if you don’t have the liver for details. First, your products must fall in line with the approved category for such goods you which to sell. Second, they will not accept second-hand products, hence your products must be original. As stringent as their condition may be, it free to open the account and you start to make your transaction instantly. Knowing the traffic enjoyed by Amazon is enough reason to try them out.

2. Bonanza

You will have an easy ride If you are familiar with the e-bay system of operation. Why I listed this as one of the best alternatives to Etsy is the name, “Bonanza.” You have your products synchronize if you trade on other platforms at no extra charge. This is in addition to the capacity to create your category or listing. Added to this ‘Bonanza” is the opportunity to be listed in the Google shopping marketplace. Another advantage is less stress in joining. Anyone can join and do business so long you have something legitimate to sell.

3. Indie Made

This is what I called a personal e-commerce platform. On Indie Made, you create everything that aids your business. You can open anything from the store to the gallery, and everything in between. Since you are at liberty to run it the way you want, yet that depends on the number of goods you wish to display. This, however, depends on how much you are willing to pay. The more products you display, the more you will be charged.

4. Storenvy

If you are on a low budget, you have the right alternative to Etsy. A fresh account is free to open. You don’t even need to wait for approval before you can start to sell. As against others, you can have your custom store opened free and be in charge. However, you must have a high-quality product to sell. Your store is up and running once you set it up. Another advantage is you don’t need to be technically biased to operate the dashboard.

5. Uncommon goods

When it comes to protecting one’s name, I thumb up for uncommon goods. One of the things they do differently from others, including Etsy is to screen all potential sellers on their platform. Once you show your interest in selling on the platform, you will need to feel a form detailing everything about your product. That includes the type of product you wish to sell, the detailed description, and the price.

I think they did a good job by not leaving any prospective seller in doubt about their detailed requirements on their frequently asked questions page. Once they are satisfied with your response, they will get back to you within fourteen days. You can start trading as soon as your application is approved.

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6. Art fire

Art fire is another alternative to the Etsy marketplace. The major work from your end is to upload what you want to sell and art fire will take it from there. Whichever of their three plans you choose they try to take the stress off you once you upload your product. They will push it through the major search engine. Nonetheless, your product must be a handmade craft or vintage category that is as old as twenty years. They also make it easier for the sellers to learn and share with people from a similar craft.

7. Big cartel

Don’t let the name scare you. In comparison, they are by far cheaper than most of the alternatives to Etsy in their category. This platform is made for the artist you are charged only on the product sold. The platform is for craft artists. Once you register, you open your online front store, display your products and start to sell. It is easy to navigate the dashboard, which makes running your store easy.

8. Cafe press

Without much ado, I will like you to head straight to their website to open your craft shop. This is one of the top contenders with Etsy in terms of simplicity, price, popularity, and profit margin for the artist.

 9. Cargoh

This marketplace is for buyers and sellers of Indian products from around the world. Once you comply with their requirements during registration, you are good to go using the platform with their offer competing favorably with Etsy. Read their requirements on their site.

10.  eCreater

It will be a disservice to my readers if I fail to include this among the top alternatives to Etsy. It will cost you near nothing to feature on this marketplace. You can sell almost anything free apart from those from the regular main market. Perhaps you wonder how to navigate through your entire installation. Their one-click system gets you professional free e-commerce in a matter of minutes. Besides, all of these for free.

11. Luula

This is a US-Based online store with a global outreach. Unlike most online marketplace in their category, Luula offers payment options for buyers and sellers in more than 24 other international currencies. You could add coupon codes that will also attract more buyers.

12. Handmade artist

If you are passionate about handmade craft, then this platform is for you. Equally, you can use a single stone to kill two by using your handmade artist platform as a business website to showcase your products. Apart from the small monthly fees all other things you get free including automatically listed on Google search.

13. Icraftgifts

One advantage that made this a better option for Etsy is you are only charged on goods sold. You get the option to create your code, directly relating to your customers, and get notifications on the transaction on your site.

14. Shophandmade

This is for all comer handmade artists and sellers. Everything on the site is free. Once you open your store, it is up and running. In fact, everything is on autopilot. There is no limit to how many products you can sell. What makes it a better alternative to Etsy is you are in charge of your game. You made your sales and then keep the whole profit.

15. Ruby lane

You will get the full details of their requirements on sales if you visit their site. This online site deals majorly on vintage products. However, you must have a minimum of 10 products to display. One other fine attributes of this site are its passion for a good customer relationship. You will not get approval or they close your store up if you are not through with any issues with your clients.

While I know it is sometimes difficult to change a winning team, you wouldn’t know what you are missing if you don’t try a new formula. One thing I see in all my listed top alternatives to Etsy is they offer a variety that meets the specific needs of individuals. With big names, you have a generic offer that may not meet your specific needs. Therefore, go through each of them and see how they fit into your online needs.

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Final Words!

My list of the 15 best Etsy alternatives 2022 is surely an eye-opener. Not an exclusive list though, you will be the best judge to determine if you need to patronize them. A closer look could also give you an alternative to Etsy based on various variables. From my end, I wish you the best decision as you explore a few of the sites I have mentioned. I am sure you will come around to thank me later.

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