Team Spirit and Décor: Setting the Scene for Your Watch Party

Team Spirit and Décor: Setting the Scene for Your Watch Party


Do you have a game coming up that you cannot miss? Are you hoping to catch it with your friends or family? Why not make it an unforgettable experience by throwing a watch party that won’t soon be forgotten? Here are a few ways to do just that:

Set the scene for the game

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First things first, you’re going to want to make sure you get things set up for the kind of watch party that doesn’t get interrupted. There’s nothing worse than watching a great game and losing connection during an important play.


Nowadays, you can find most games and leagues playing on some type of streaming service, as attempts on how to increase fan engagement with sports have become more competitive than ever. This means that you’ll be able to catch almost any game of your choice on a streaming service. Now, just try to find the one that you trust the most to avoid any issues during your watch party.


Invite guests to wear jerseys

For your die-hard sports fan friends, you probably don’t have to say a thing about showing up in their team’s jersey. They, more than likely, have it in their home, available to wear as soon as their favorite team starts playing. You could also consider buying some party favors in bulk so that nobody at your party has to attend with at least some type of team spirit item to wear on their body.


Whether that’s a scarf, hat, or some simple team accessories, it can add to the whole spirit of the experience, making for a fantastic time.

Get your party sponsored

If you are throwing a big party in the name of your company or hosting a big sports event, consider getting the party sponsored by a local brewery or company. This is a great way to not only be able to do everything, from getting some great drinks at the party to catering, but it can also help you become more of a household name in the region.


Some big companies love to sponsor these events, especially those in the adult beverage industry, so start looking for party sponsors before the next big sporting event that you don’t want to miss out on.

Make it a potluck

A fun way to have a home party that comes with great food and helps include those who really aren’t all that crazy about sports is to make it a potluck. Ask your friends and family to bring their favorite game-day dish so everyone gets to partake in a great time, whether or not they are actually rooting for a team or are just there for the food. A potluck helps to take some of the stress off of your back while also ensuring that there is enough food to go around.

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