8 Digital Marketing Approaches You Can’t Miss in 2023

8 Digital Marketing Approaches You Can’t Miss in 2023

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing approaches are constantly evolving as new technologies evolve. A Chief Marketing Officer study shows CMOs are willing to spend over 70% of their 2023 marketing budget on digital marketing. Most of the budget will be spent on the latest digital marketing trends. Organizations have to adapt new marketing strategies and tools because customer buying behavior is constantly changing. 

Customers are no longer present in one platform. Today, they shop and interact with brands using multiple platforms or channels. Competitors are quickly optimizing their marketing approaches. Any organization that lags will be pushed out of business. Here are digital marketing approaches to watch in 2023. 

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1. Using different digital marketing strategies and approaches

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The best customer experience company does not rely on one method to achieve its digital marketing goals. Digital marketing strategies and approaches differ from organization to organization, depending on who they are targeting. When to use and how to use each strategy and approach depends on the growth level of the organization. It has to consider the purpose it wants the strategy to fulfill. 

An organization that is seeking to reach more audience may choose to use social media, influencer, affiliate, or search engine marketing strategy. Another organization seeking to establish brand loyalty may choose to use email, SEO, or video marketing strategy. An organization seeking to improve productivity will choose an agile digital marketing approach. Agile marketing approach requires fundamental pillars such as:

  • Teamwork and collaboration where every member is actively involved in the agile marketing methodology
  • Leveraging data to make decisions through consistent experimentation of the emerging marketing trends
  • Sticking to the agreed agile marketing manifesto by observing its values, principles, and zeal
  • Breaking tasks into short, rapid, and iterative releases

Organizations seeking to improve customer experience will seek a content strategy framework that increases engagement with top-notch content. The marketing team may decide to use tools for creating cool video tutorials or developing a strong video content marketing strategy. When developing this strategy, the marketing team needs to learn how to screen record on Mac to create a better customer experience. Using some parts of popular videos or material from in-house resources, a screen recorder helps in recording the things that you like most and want to use in the future.


2. Video digital marketing strategy will be a top choice

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The use of videos is going to be one of the top marketing trends in 2023. Organizations will incorporate videos for promoting products, brands, and customer service. One of the main reasons why video marketing works is because videos are more engaging and educational. 

A WYZowl survey reports that 94% of marketing teams believe the use of video content as a marketing tool will help clients recognize products better. Video content is replacing the use of images fast, and this trend is expected to pick pace in the years ahead. The content video meaning in a marketing context is changing due to the impact it’s bringing to organizations. 

3. More marketers will adopt an agile content marketing approach

Effective content marketing requires an agile content marketing approach where marketers create value-added content iteratively. It is an effective and flexible approach to creating and distributing marketing content. They need to leverage data and customer insights to determine emerging marketing trends. 

Agile marketing methodology is a content strategy framework that seeks to engage and grow audiences based on current market developments. This is why data, planning, and quick action are crucial in this approach. Marketers need to create content based on real-time insights from customer behavior. Creating an agile content marketing operation requires marketers to adapt several flawless procedures.

  • Create relevant customer stories that tell about product benefits through user experience.
  • Create short content many times and release it in short intervals
  • Use the right metrics to determine content effectiveness
  • Experiment with different approaches/content types to enhance visibility and engagement


4. Leveraging digital marketing agencies

To build a better customer experience, marketers need to stay alert and know the latest developments in marketing. Today, macro organizations are facing the same level of competition with startups and growing organizations. They have access to the same customer through digital channels. They require to adopt agile digital marketing approaches to stand out in the competition. Digital marketing agencies will play a vital role in the years ahead for both small and big enterprises. 


5. Improving customer experience

In the era of digital marketing, customer experience is a major determinant of marketing campaigns’ success. CX is a new trend that is gaining pace as organizations compete to win more customers to themselves. Customer experience development involves building flawless experiences for customers every time they interact with the organization through different channels. The development seeks to enhance the better customer experience in multiple ways:

  • Understand customer journeys and make them easy
  • Automate processes
  • Develop a user data strategy
  • Develop useful and engaging content
  • Adapt personalization
  • Create consistent customer experiences
  • Embrace omnichannel


6. Adoption of AI in digital marketing

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AI technology is broad and touches on wide areas of marketing. Marketers need to understand what are trends in marketing and how to leverage AI as a marketing success tool. AI can be useful in collecting real-time data that can be used to predict future customer behavior. It helps in designing an effective content architecture that meets the needs of the targeted segment. For effective use of AI in content marketing, it is necessary to understand what headless CMS is and its application in marketing. 

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In a headless CMS, all content is stored in the backend, and the front end can only access it through an API. As content volume increases, AI in marketing helps analyze it to help the team accurately predict the next action/behavior of a customer. The marketing team can then suggest the right action or product to the customer during that crucial moment. AI in marketing is changing content video meaning by providing marketers with fresh ideas for creating video content. 


7. Affiliate and influencer marketing

Influencer and affiliate marketing are closely related because they engage a third party to influence product/brand awareness. Both are monetized marketing strategies where the third party earns for work done. Because they understand why video marketing works, influencers and affiliate marketers may leverage video marketing or other methods. 


8. Social media marketing and content marketing                                                                  

Social media marketing relies on creating a strong content architecture that meets user needs. To understand what are trends in marketing, social media marketers do extensive research to help them choose the right platforms. They must also decide the type of content to create depending on the market target. 

Content marketing, on the other hand, leverages a wide range of content, such as blogs, e-books, and videos, to reach a larger audience. They need to be knowledgeable about what is headless CMS and how it can be used for enhanced productivity in marketing. 

Each type of content is created with its audience in mind and the channel it will be posted or published in. Content for use in social media channels is short and precise compared to blog content which is long and detailed. E-books best fit websites and blogs and are lengthy explaining product features and use in detail. 



Digital marketing strategies are continuously changing, leaving marketers with no option to embrace the changes. They adapt multiple marketing approaches, but each agile marketing methodology takes time to reveal the results. The marketing team needs to be flexible and keep making changes until they gain positive results for their efforts. The main approaches marketers are currently adopting are videos, digital agencies, and agile content marketing. 

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