10 Best Taxi Apps in the USA for iOS and Android

10 Best Taxi Apps in the USA for iOS and Android

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In this post, we review the 10 best taxi apps in the USA. These apps are available on both Google Android Playstore and Apple iOS App Store. You can download them for free, use them to book a ride anytime.

People are accustomed to easing, and why wouldn’t they? With the development in technologies, everything is a click away. You wish to have that rug from Amazon, you click-it-away and get it home delivered. You want to visit someone, and do not want to drive yourself; there are online taxi apps you can book and go anywhere.

With eCommerce enhancements, you can avail discounts and free promo codes for literally everything: taxi, beauty products, home appliances, etc. If we discuss specifically taxi’s in the USA; they are swarming streets and providing top-of-the-line services to everyone.

There are numerous reasons why online cab is essential and how they have affected our lives; that’s beside the point, though they have impacted our lives positively.

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10 Best taxi apps in USA

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Locals utilizing online taxi-hailing apps is one thing, but tourists avail these cabs for sightseeing, or for going to the famous bar whose direction they are unsure of.

There are multiple taxi apps offered by Google Playstore or Apple’s app store for you to download the application you think is ideal for you. We have hand-picked a few of the best taxi-hailing apps operating in the USA.


1.     Uber

Among the best cab-hailing applications; uber is preeminent. Providing top quality services and maintaining a standard in the cab-hailing industry, you will find Uber in almost every country.

They are operational in more than fifty-nine countries and more or less seven-hundred-and-eighty-five cosmopolitan zones globally. Apart from this; uber is the most prominent taxi-hailing organization which offer fresh jobs to multiple people on a daily bases.

Features such as sharing your location, sharing the profile of captain (driver), etc. ensures that passenger has a secure travelling experience.


2.     Easy Taxi

Everything from ordering food to purchasing groceries, things are moving towards online applications. You want a meal order it from foodpanda. You want to buy groceries buy them from online grocery shopping apps. You want a taxi hail it online, etc. Uber is one thing, Easy Taxi is another perfect taxi-hailing app that will ease your life. Identical to its name; the cab is easy to get: click on “get a taxi” and track your vehicle real-time.

Operational on every OS such as Android, iOS, or windows phone; you can easily hail a taxi. Founded in 2011 in Brazil and has since expanded worldwide, covering thirty countries and around four-hundred-and-twenty metropolises. Till December 2014, the establishment testified it touched the number of seventeen million users, and at least four million cab drivers are connected with the Easy Taxi linkage.


3.     Sidecar Ride

Sidecar breakthrough from all the firms offering taxi facility. With sidecar ride, you can reserve any car you deem appropriate as well as the driver.

Each driver employed in sidecar undergoes a robust and strict background investigation for any illicit proceedings and societal attitudes. Sidecar Ride e-application permits the user to verify the cab-fare before reserving the car.

Sidecar furthermore provides the user with the power to hand-pick the automobile of their choice. The objective of the Sidecar Ride is to provide the maximum number of people with the service of an online taxi.


4.     Lyft

Lyft is among the main rivals of Uber in the USA. With an area of application reporting to be more than sixty cities throughout the United States, Lyft is among the finest apps resembling Uber to make taxi-hailing simpler, convectional, enhanced and secure.

Lyft entails each of their driver to possess a legal driver’s license, DMV (District, Maryland, Virginia) verifications, background investigations, and felonious checks. As far as security is involved, Lyft has demonstrated to be a whole lot better than Uber. Bearing in mind, the user interface of both applications, both Lyft and Uber elements have a remarkable resemblance in the interface, which allows users to have real-time tracking of their cab as well as the driver’s specifics.

5.     Arro

There are numerous taxi-hailing applications, and Arro is one of the best in terms of both: price and arrival time. Though, Uber had the monopoly for the longest time; these new and innovated e-Taxi hailing applications are, if not beating, is meeting the levels and expectations of customers similar to Uber.

Available in five metropolises of the USA, counting Chicago, Houston, Boston, New York, and San Francisco. Arro taxi app allows a user to hail any taxi, which is a click away, pay for hailed taxis in the old-school: no cash or credit cards obligatory.

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6.     Gett

The cab-booking app, which is accessible on both iOS and Android. Hitherto, GetTaxi or commonly known as Gett is a taxi-hailing application which is gaining popularity in the USA.

Gett has the status of offering the most cost-effective taxi service. With a global in response to a request grid already covering more than hundred-and-twenty cities, Gett is boosting cab-hailing and convert hailing instantaneous to a whole new level. Gett’s mobile application also offers two weeks priory reservation for any event the user wishes to attend.

7.     Curb

Previously known as Taxi Magic, presently owned by Verifone Systems. Irrespective of what time and where you want to go, Curb will take you.

Giving a fierce competition to other taxi-hailing cabs in the world, their drivers are professionals compared to the rest. A smartphone is all you need, downloaded app of Crub, your account, and done – you can hail a cab anytime you want to. It is fast, safe, and convenient. Curb is modernizing the approach a rider hails and uses a taxi.

Available in both platforms Android and iOS passengers can get a cab with a proficient and certified driver.

8.     Hailo

What are the odds of stumbling upon an empty taxi right outside a restaurant you just exited? Right; next to impossible. But, there is a high probability of a taxi dropping a lady at the end of the street; you just don’t know about it. So, what does Hailo do? It makes sure you are never short of taxis, no matter what time of day it is.

Additionally, it provides drivers to have as many riders as they like in a day. Like other apps, you have a real-time navigator displaying how far your driver is. To ease the anxiety of passenger, a profile is shared so they can know who is picking them up. Sharing of location, as well as the profile of the driver, is also available for passengers among numerous other features Hailo offers.

9.     GoCatch

Utilizing innovations and technologies since 2011, which we see getting evolved daily, GoCatch is future of taxi-hailing apps.

Enhancing the driver-passenger experience by incorporating advancements in the mobile app; it is a favourite cab-hailing app nowadays. Launching GoCar which will be in direct competition with Uber, critics are quite positive GoCatch will not be long before being the top-of-the-line cab-hailing app. The rates of this taxi-hailing application are kept bare minimal, and you can pay either way: cash or credit cards.

10.  Ola Cabs

Though numerous taxi-hailing apps promise availability and accessibility of their cabs at night time; by far only a few have accomplished the task of delivering what they present, including Ola.

Irrespective of the reason, you can hail Ola cab around 4 am, with the safest ride across the city. Drivers associated with this app are quite satisfied with the earnings as Ola does not charge high commissions from drivers.

There are numerous features available in Ola, which can also be found in other cab-hailing applications, but the rates and safest provided by this taxi application is unparalleled.

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In a Nutshell

Since the beginning, cabs have played a prominent role in facilitating and escalating locomotion and conveyance. Taxies have permanently been a desirable mode of travel to most of the population global.

To enjoy all moments of a tour or to pilfer specific alone-time from the everyday commotion of chaos, cabs have continually impacted our lives. These above mentioned best taxi-hailing apps in the USA – download and use them now, and save time and energy from driving around the city.

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