10 Best Animation Studios in Los Angeles

10 Best Animation Studios in Los Angeles 2020

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In this post, I will show you the 10 best animation studios in Los Angeles, USA. Animation studios create films for movie production companies, computer games companies, and individuals.

Their work is to create aesthetically appealing designs using specialized software such as Adobe After Effects, Flash, and Maya. 

Animators are very creative people. Their primary duty is to use independent judgment to create sophisticated graphics and animation. They can create both the two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) images illustrating a process or rendering objects in motion, using computer animation or modeling programs.

There are many animation studios in the California, but in this article, we will focus on those in Los Angeles.

Check them out below;

Animation, according to Encyclopedia Britannica, is the art of making inanimate objects to appear moving. It brings to life specific fantasies we once held as children or those nighttime folktales narrated to us.

Also, it could be seen as a moving illusion created using images.

They are various types of animation which are traditional 2D, mechanical animation, digital 2D, audio-animatronics, typography animation, digital 3D, and animation, cut- out, stop-motion pictures, puppetry, clay animation and so much more. All of which can be viewed via video music, TV commercial, videos and computers.  These can be documented using flipbook, digital camera, projector, motion picture film.

The most common use of animation can be in cartoon used for marketing, advertising and of course entertainment.

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10 Best Animation Studios in Los Angeles 2020

Table of Contents

1. Walt Disney Animation studios

Location: 2100 Riverside Dr Burbank, Ca 91506

Walt Disney animation studio is just the best!

This is the producer of all time cartoons -Mickey Mouse. This studio offers different types of animation services: short films, cartoons, films, TV special, among others.

Walt Disney Studios are professional in what they do in the midst this quality they have well-trained workers who are friendly. Also, this studio has an eatery where you can to eat and relax. The restroom at this place is always neat and clean.

Drop by for your shopping, contract and business; their services are worth trying out.

Come in and experience the behind the scene magic of Walt Disney animation studios. Sneaking is not allowed at Walt Disney because of the tight security at the studios.

This studio is beautified with a wonderfully placed archive for the display of their older works; hence making it handy for you to check out.


2. Vanguard Animation

Location: 8703 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035

This is one of the best animation studios in Los Angeles, USA. Vanguard Animation has quite some experience in the animation business, having been in the business for 15 years. They specialize in motion pictures.

Do you need a suitable advertising company to collaborate with?

Vanguard animation studio is at your service!

They have a well-equipped studio with friendly staff, serene environment and comfortable seat-outs.

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3. Eric Miller animation studios

Location: 10349 Petit Ave Granda Hills CA 91344

Eric Miller, the founder of this studio, has many years of experience having worked in DreamWork animation as a supervisor. Their services include; high-quality 3-D animation services for commercials, web series, games, and cinematic, among others.


4. FrameWork media

Location: 200 N Spring St., Room 575, Los Angeles, CA 90012

FrameWork is one of the best animation studios in Los Angeles, USA. This is just the best animation service you could opt for, employs custom-built animated videos, and properly helps you market your business to your target audience.

They are fantastic business partners to help you in high-quality visual presentation: 2 D animation and motion picture.

Ring FrameWork media now to serve you better. Their primary service is product animation, which involves showing how your product works or how it can be used by customers.


5. A-Z film studios

Location: 1800 N Highland Ave Los Angeles, CA 90028

Specialist in film and video production; are you an artist who wants that unique touch for your company?  A-Z film studios are here for you.

Check them out for that magical content creation.

They have a well functional distribution platform with a seasoned, experienced staff with a diverse skill set.

Do you also need a place to shoot your videos?  Contact them now and get that professional cooperation that will surprise you.

A-Z studios have a wide range of advanced and grand facilities for your use. More so, it is well staffed with people of like minds and ambition. At the frontage of this studio, there is a comfortable seat-out.


6. Powerhouse animation studios:

Location 120 S Victory Blvd Suite #201B, Burbank, CA91502

This studio has stood the test of time; known for producing a wide range of animation works, such as animated games, video games, cinemas, character design, Facebook games, film, TV among others.

Powerhouse has various branches, one of which is located in the United States.


7. Mad mind studios

Location: 2364 Westwood Blvd, Los Angele CA 90064

Mad Mind studios specialize on logo design, web and graphics design. They are one of the best animation studios in Los Angeles, USA.  They offer you your dream work while making it ready for you in time. With well-trained designers that have numerous years experience. Their staff is friendly and willing to help you out whenever you call on them.

Do you want to create an SEO responsive site, beep Mad Mind studios now? They are also competent and experienced in online and digital marketing?

Or you can pop by for that excellent and thrilling feeling you never imagined.

They are ready to create your stationeries, artworks, website and logos at a reasonable price.


8. DreamWorks animation:

Location: 1000 flower St Glendale, CA91201

This is really a fantastic place to check out if you need that beautiful touch; also, this studio makes inspirational animations that will make you come back for more.

The ambience at DreamWorks is cosy with well-decorated walls and numerous fun places for you to explore. They specialize in films and television series like the names implies; narrate stories of your dream. Their movies are featured on Netflix.

You do not have to worry about getting hungry there; DreamWorks have an excellent eatery where you can have your fill, just like at Disney. Their punctual and skilled staff is ready to give you the remarkable film you desired.
DreamWorks Animation is such a nice and comfortable place to be.

Its location around water element makes it a serene place to be.

Are you looking for a place to work; opt for DreamWorks for they treat their employee with so much respect and give you time for self-development; usually teach yoga class during lunch.


9. IvanMAdeThis:

Location: 1201 N Mansfield Ave Los Angeles, CA90038

IvanMadeThis are known for making high-quality videos, for both small and big businesses at an affordable price. Credit cards are accepted for payment.


10. Manerk studios:

Location: Los Angeles CA 90001

Manerk studios are there to give your project an artistic touch that will bring more businesses to your company.  They are professional in creating visual projects. When it comes to digital media, video, best brand creation, web design, print, banners, and logo and photo projects; Manerk studios is just the best!

Stop by for your video marketing, this animation studio flourish well in entertainment and marketing.

Santa Ana College have a certificate program in animation. You can get trained.

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