The best sports apps for your smartphone

The best sports apps for your smartphone


We all have smartphones and tablets nowadays, and if you don’t then you’re probably off the grid hiding from the government. But for those of you not in hiding out, you’ll know how handy these devices are. They allow us to do everything we need in our everyday lives. Need to do some quick math? BAM! A calculator. Need to take down notes but don’t have a pen and paper? WHOOSH! An electronic notepad. You get the idea.

But if you’re a sports fan, what apps are there for you? Well, there are a whole bunch of different apps available for different sports. Almost every league, team and sports association have their own apps. And they’re usually pretty good, giving you the latest news, scores and behind the scenes content you may not get elsewhere. But wouldn’t it be better to have apps that cover everything in one place?

Well, you’re in luck, as today we’ve got a list of some of the best sport apps you can get on your smartphone. So let’s crack on shall we?

1. OddsTrader Capping Central

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Ok, so when it comes to sports, lots of people tend to bet on them. You may just have a cheeky wager with friends to see who gets the drinks in after the match, or you may go online to put a bet on to try and win some money. If you do the latter, then you can trust the OddsTrader app to help you get the most from your bets. This is because they search major sportsbooks to help find you the best odds around, saving you the time of doing it yourself.

There is nothing worse than sticking some money on a horse for example, to then find you could have bagged yourself some more money with a different bookmaker. That’s why this app is so handy. And on top of that, they have a host of other features too giving you access to a variety of betting statistics including player, team, and situational statistics, as well as real-time score updates.

And best of all, it’s available on both Android and iOS devices.

2. FlashScore

If you’re not into betting, but still want to have access to the latest score updates and statistics, then FlashScore is definitely for you. And again, this app is available on Android and iOS, as well as the Huawei App Gallery. It covers a wide variety of sports, with divisions/leagues from all over the globe. Want to check out some Aussie Rules? They have it covered. More into Winter Sports? They got you covered there too. They have the biggest events, and those you never knew existed.

And best of all is their real-time updates on scores are the quickest we’ve ever seen. You can be at a game and if you see something happen on the court/field/pitch, you can be sure by the time you get into your pocket and pull out your phone, the app will have already been updated. Don’t believe us? Try it out for yourself next time you attend an event, although that may be a while with Covid-19 restrictions still in place around the globe.

In addition to the above, they also have other statistics available like head-to-head history between teams, live table updates and live text coverage letting you know, play by play, what is going on. Although this does take considerably longer to update, and it only reports on key events, so you won’t get every detail. Still it’s a nice addition.

3. YouTube

Ok, so this one isn’t technically a sports app. But it is great for sports. Why? Because if you create an account, you can subscribe to the channels that interest you. Maybe that’ll be your favourite teams, the associations who run your favourite leagues, or even individual players.

Either way, they tend to show a lot of exclusive content, from behind the scenes footage from games, to exclusive interviews with club staff and players. And on top of that, you can also see highlights from the latest events in case you missed them due to work, school or just because you had a wild night and woke up late, missing the whole thing.

By subscribing to these channels, you get notifications when new content is available. Meaning you’ll never miss a thing. And because they’re in the public, you can comment on the content and chat with like-minded people. Maybe even find yourself a new friend.

Your thoughts

So they’re some of the best sports apps for your smartphone, but obviously there are a lot more available. We’ve excluded specific teams/leagues’ own apps, because we wanted more generic apps. But maybe there is one you think we missed? Or one you’d like to share with fellow readers that is worth mentioning. Either way, drop us a comment and let us know.

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