Where to Find Flutter Developers for Hire

Where to Find Flutter Developers for Hire


Flutter is undoubtedly one of the most promising open-source frameworks. While it is still in its nascent years, the number of developers has been steadily increasing. According to Google, about 500k developers are using it monthly. It is not bad for a framework that has been up and running for about four years. Available Flutter developers for hire are not that many, however, as the growing reputation of the framework results in a higher demand for professionals.

Is it easy to find the right people for my project?

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Google’s Flutter is a cross-platform mobile framework that gives developers the freedom to express their creativity and build beautiful, native, and functional apps from scratch. Because of Flutter’s cross-platform, single language features, interest in the software is soaring. A large community of tech gurus is passionate about this fantastic framework. Despite its vast community of developers, taking your app from an idea to a working product isn’t easy.

This eventually leads us to the next request – where should a company find Flutter app developers? How can an organization know where to find affordable employees who will complete all tasks on time and meet all the project’s requirements?

Where to find Flutter developers?


The headhunter’s primary goal is to get the commission. So, if you want to hire Flutter developers, they will reply with “Say no more.”

When companies invest in employees, they are investing in the company’s present as well as its future. It is always better to hire someone who is dedicated solely to your company than to spend resources elsewhere. The long-term value can grow immensely, and the salaries might be worth pennies compared to what you will gain eventually.

But here comes the tricky part; software developer is one of the most in-demand professions, and it is not always easy to find a good fit for your company. Often, developers do not last very long with their companies — and as they can make more money by switching jobs than working overtime on a project for you, many will happily walk out if they find something better.

Finding the right app developers from Communities

Flutter has a large and active community that is happy to help out developers, discuss new features, and help fix bugs. The Flutter community consists of GitHub, Google Groups, Stack Overflow, Twitter, Reddit, Discord, and Slack channels. When developing mobile apps or games with the framework, there are several ways to hire Flutter app developers, and one of them is to utilize the community to find the right person.

Flutter developers for hire from freelance platforms

Freelance platforms turn out to be a great way to find the perfect Flutter developer for your job. Through freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, you can find freelance developers who fit different budgets and preferences. Most importantly, you can apply several filters to hire Flutter developer for your specific project. These filters include price, location, and ratings.

However, freelancers do not come attached to their projects; if they don’t find the task profitable anymore or the budget doesn’t fit in, they are free to stop working on it. Finding replacements and re-starting projects can be difficult and time-consuming.


If you are looking for your next app development partner, choosing an agency is not easy. To find the right partner, you will need to work with various agencies and understand the ins and outs of best practices. While many online platforms offer agency reviews, it is still slippery — even with filtering options — to find a software company that aligns with your core values and business needs.

Hiring a dedicated team from an outsourcing/outstaffing company is an excellent way to ensure your product meets both your budget and timeline. An outstaffing agency has the capacity to allocate you additional resources while you need them and then offer you someone to provide technical support in the long term.



When you are looking for Flutter developers for hire, it’s often thought that a company needs either in-house employees or freelance workers. However, what if your company falls somewhere in between? An outstaffing agency can be the right choice for you — it provides employees of various skillsets with the stability of an employer. It allows your business to access skillsets that would not normally be possible.

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