USPS left with individual; meaning, implications, what to do [SOLVED]

USPS left with individual; meaning, implications, what to do [SOLVED]


Sometimes you may receive a message from USPS which says ‘left with individual’. Though the meaning may easily be extrapolate from the phrase, rather there are some other important things involved in this, concerning your mail delivery. In our bid to explicate more on this so as to keep you informed, we will be explicating on what’s USPS left with individual, the implications, solutions and other related stuffs. This article will cover on the meaning of this message, the implications, and what to do in this situation. Follow with us in this write-up as we delineate on this issue.

What’s USPS

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Firstly, it’s best to have knowledge of what USPS is, before knowing what the message ‘left with individual’ really means. Though USPS definitively connotes on mail and postal service, but the services of this national mail delivery company has been vast over the years. This has resulted to a lot of people optioning for the service in order to use it for doing other form of package delivery. Either the uses of USPS, this is the most reliable and prominent postal service in the United States.

Basically, USPS is the abbreviation for the ‘United States Postal Service’. It is also known as the Post Office, U.S. Mail, or Postal Service. The agency is an independent body of the executive branch of the United States federal government. The work and responsible of the postal agency is on providing postal service in the United States, including its

Insular areas and associated states. USPS is one of the few government agencies that is explicitly authorized by the Constitution of the United States. The United States Postal Service is headquatered in Washington DC, the capital city. The primarily role of the postal service is to deliver mails and as well do light package delivery to all states.

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Meaning of USPS ‘Left With Individual’

If you have been regular on USPS, you should come across with a lot of message. One of such is ‘left with individual’, which is what we will explicate here. Nonetheless, don’t be spooked as it just a message to give you feedback on your package delivery. This will give you information on the status of your delivery with the postal service.


Having a message of ‘USPS left with individual’ certainly connotes a lot. It means that the USPS employee scanned your package and selected the “left with individual at address” delivery option. By this it mean that the package was delivered and that’s all that is known for certain. If you are yet to get the stuff, then it’s possible that somebody happened to be at your address and they left the package with them. If you are faced with this kind of situation where your delivery was given to another person in your address, don’t panic, the best way to figure things out is to call the past office and be sure to get it sorted out. The office will be able to check the GPS data of the scan and through this they will see if the package even got to your address. If it was, then another person collected and signed on you behalf.


Furthermore, USPS ‘left with individual’ status means that the package was delivered to someone, or it being left at the door or in the mailbox. This does not mean that all is lost, if you live with family, roommates, or in an apartment building, probably someone could have accepted the package, signed and collected on your behalf. Or it could mean that the delivery have been mis-delivered to the wrong address.

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Implications of USPS Left With Individual

  • Here is a rundown of the effects of having a message they your USPS delivery is ‘left with individual’:
  • The package or mail may have been delivered to an individual in that address.
  • The address you gave might have been differing from your current location.
  • It may also simply means that the mail carrier left the package with whomever was present at your address.
  • Showing ‘delivered’ means that it’s considered delivered, since someone picked it up.


What To Do: Solutions to USPS Left With Individual

When your package isn’t delivered to you personally, it definitely means that something is not right, and this can get some unexpected consequences. In order to avoid the unwanted, here is what to do if you get a message ‘USPS left with individual’.

The first thing to do should be to go to the location of the delivery. If probably the package isn’t delivered there, the next step should be to call the postal service office. With this, you will be able to inquire about the delivery of the package. If the package was delivered to the address, then it might have been given to someone close in the location. Don’t give up yet, just ask around and be sure to get a good result. Did you have any family members or a neighbor around while you were not at home? Then you might get something from them. Moreso, you should review the address you submitted and check if there is any alteration from the former. The USPS online tracking tools should as well help you in tracking your package delivery on before it is been delivered.

Another preferred way to solve the issue is to contact your local post office directly by googling your zipcode + post office. When you are connected with them, speak with the supervisor and ensure to let them know your address and the whole situation. You should also  let them do a check on the GPS coordinates of where it was scanned

Delivered and have them speak with the carrier. If probably the carrier didn’t misdeliver it, then you can be sure to get a good delivery to your house.

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Wrap Up

While awaiting your package delivery, you may come across a message which states that it has been delivered to an individual. In this case, there is no need to be nervous, since there is a solution for this kind of situation. This article gave some information on this issue, so that hopefully, you can find a way to get your delivery back. There are some reasons that might always prompt this kind of message. It could be caused by incorrectly or obsolete address, delivery redirection or any other reasons which were all encapsulated in this write-up.

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