Customer Reviews: 6 Strategies for Getting Good Reviews

Customer Reviews: 5 Strategies for Getting Good Reviews


Online customer reviews give valuable social evidence that helps prospective customers’ buying decisions, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Many customers rely on online reviews, or customer complaints, more than personal counsel from family and friends. Because of this fact, you can use this to help attract new customers and maintain good relations with the current ones. You might even find your company listed on a website post with top customer-rated products in your niche!

In relation to this, how can you raise more customer reviews for your company? In this article, we have the strategies to get you going. So, grab a seat and read on!

  1. Ask Every Customer for their Review

Over the years, studies have proven that the more customers you ask for their reviews, the more reviews your business will get. Don’t make the mistake of leaving opportunities on the table by only asking half of your customers to leave their reviews. Try your luck, toss out your net wide, and ensure that you’ve invited every customer to join the discussion.

Automate the review outreach process by sending all the customers who buy goods or services from your company an invitation. Also, make sure that you’re following all the best practice guidelines. This would include avoiding asking only satisfied customers for information or submitting customer reviews, as it is against Google policy. Sometimes, you will just have to accept that some reviews will be customer complaints.

In light of this, you can’t predict the future, and there’s a possibility that you might not receive as many reviews as you’d hope for. However, by increasing your customer outreach, you’ll increase your estimates in the long run.

  1. Rate Your VIP Customers’ Reviews

It has been noted that customers have adopted a pattern of leaving more reviews on goods that cost over $100 than goods that cost under $40. Your high rollers are more encouraged to give their reviews because they ultimately invest in your company. Bearing this in mind, begin your customer outreach efforts by focusing first on the customers who placed big orders with your company in the past. You’ll have an excellent chance to hear back from them.

You can also analyze your recent order data to find the customers who’d spend a good amount on products or services from your company. On top of that, prioritize customers who’ve also placed multiple orders. This way, you’ll get your reviews more quickly.

  1. Individualize Your Customer Service Reviews – Hertz Car Rentals Example

It’s easy to send out an inquiry repeatedly asking for customer feedback. However, your sponsors will be more willing to leave a review when they’re requested by someone honest and not a mechanized system. Individualizing your review requests will touch your consumers, reduce uncertainty, and boost your business’ review rates.

In addition, you can even go a step further and use a mechanized review generation software and individualize your messages with the customer’s name and quote the employee they collaborated with at the store without having to customize every request manually.

With technology, you can easily retrieve relevant data concerning the customer and add it to a review request email. This simple method is used to individualize your messages without taking too much time. Always remember to have your review request email written and designed with great copywriting principles, because it will help your customers in viewing your company as customer-centric, which in turn will help boost your customer acquisition rates. This process could avoid future negative reviews, like these submitted by Catherine K to Hertz  Hertz Car Rentals Customer Complaints.

You can tell that Hertz did not take the time to manage their reviews effectively. The goal is to prevent a massive influx of negative reviews by providing an alternate method to leave reviews. Hertz can create a lightning rod for negative reviews with a more thorough outreach to customers providing additional support and bringing their concerns directly into the customer service department, not externally to review sites.


  1. Include a Review Link for Customer Reviews on Your Email Signature

If you’re sending order confirmations to your customers, make sure to add a review link in your email signature. You will increase the availability and distinctness of your review sites and offer customers another way to leave a review of your company. Unlike the other tactics mentioned above, don’t expect this strategy to bring forth fool proof results. Many people may fail to see your email signature, and there’s no context about your review link, meaning some people will ignore it. You might get a review here or there, but this review generation tactic isn’t the most economical.

  1. Ask for Your Customer Service Feedback Orally

It’s time to get your hands dirty and get your reviews the old way, regardless of whether the procedure occurs via the phone or personally. Teach your employees how to ask customers for reviews immediately after a purchase is made. This is because it will be a sure way to get customers to give their reviews quickly. When your employees have been properly coached, every verbal review request will be individualized and customers will be willing to give their feedback concerning your brand.


Online customer service reviews, as seen on, have a significant impact on customers when they’re searching to hire quality providers. In this article, we’ve emphasized that if you’re positive that your customers are satisfied, don’t hesitate to request them to write a review because they’d be more than willing to do so.

Are you familiar with other tactics for getting good customer reviews? Leave your comments and suggestions down below.


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