15 Best Survivor Seasons So Far

15 Best Survivor Seasons to Watch and Rewatch, RANKED

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15 Best Survivor Seasons So Far, RANKED. No doubt, ‘survivor’ which first aired in the year 2000, with about 39 seasons, stands as one of the first and best reality shows ever made, of course, this submission remains arguable.

The Survivor seasons which are rated the best, dwell on the survival spirit, as well as the triumph, such that is unmatched to any other show. More so, the selection here is based on either or all of the following: The twists, the number of times any individual was voted to leave amidst the unseen immunity idol, the personalities.

15 Best Survivor Seasons

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You might want to ask, what season of survivor should I start with? Whatever is the case, the best-rated survivor seasons will in one way or the other, have a grip on the lovers of the show. Hop along, let’s look into the 15 best survivor seasons so far….

1. Survivor: Borneo

This is The Complete First Season, which aired in 2000. Of course, if this season was an obvious miss, then it wouldn’t have been worthy of mention, about two years after it was first aired. It had/had a classic casting, with the inclusion of Richard Hatch who is an exhibitionist; Colleen Haskell, who is America’s beloved, and the lovely but old Rudy Boesch; an attractive Greg Buis.

No doubt, the subsequent survivor seasons had a lot that was drawn from the cast troupes of Borneo. Also, prospective players of survivor, considered the scheming of Richard Hatch as a worthy playing format to be copied. His time in prison was also a lesson as to how to pay taxes.


 2. Survivor: The Australian Outback

Tina, jerri, Colby, Amber and Varner, partly make up this season. Ordinarily, this would have turned out to be the typical season of the Heroes against the Villains.

More so, lovely and little Elizabeth Filarski, was subsequently known as The View’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck. With Borneo going off the way, the players in the second season are now in the know of a better concept of what it was they were going for as well as the way to play the game.

Of course, the numerous fans were taken aback by Colby being won by Tina, which is a confirmation to the idea that most juries, strategic and social games carry more meaning than having dominance over challenges. This season, recorded an average of 30 million viewers on each episode.


3. Survivor: Palau

This season garnered relevance, owing to the very disappointing Vanuatu and Guatemala. It comes with a  wonderful location, as well as folks to drum support for and against too.

It was the underdog story of the Ulong tribe that made Bobby Jon Drinkard and Stephenie LaGrossa legends. And then, Stephenie eventually turned out as one of the successful heroes of the entire Survivor. The ending battle of challenge between Ian Rosenberger and Tom Westman, eventually produced Tom as the unarguable winner.


4. Survivor: Philippines

No doubt, the three tribe seasons were lovely; bringing elevation to Survivor. Right in this season, the three tribes merely bring a complement. It really had a classic casting. And as a returnee, Jonathan Penner was a worthy inclusion to this season. Lisa Whelchel was an emotional but favorite one. Abi-Maria Gomes was one of the outstanding Survivor Villains or crazy pants.


5. Survivor: All-Stars

This is a lovable and one of the first season, which first aired in the year 2004. It is the eight season, in which the Survivor had the inclusion of three tribes, with each tribe having big personalities, large egos, winners and Villains as well as folks just as Amber who didn’t have a promising presence in the first seasons. Several moments of betrayals and surprises here!


6. Survivor: Millenials Vs. Gen X

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This is one of the best survivor seasons for beginners. Knowing that each season isn’t just about the theme, but about the cast, then you further appreciate this season. Such a classic cast, with lots of fun and lovable players. It is also an unpredictable season, coming from a full cyclone evac cast and transcending to a rock draw vote.


7. Survivor:  Cook Islands

With this season, I was once again assured that it’s basically about the players and not necessarily about the theme. Of course, the theme is apparently shrinking. Here, you’ve got four tribes; Whites, African Americans, Asians and Hispanics, as against the initial controversy of having races play against the other.

A season that would have ordinarily turned out to be a detestable season, eventually proved to be borne out of inspiration. This particular season presented us with folks like; the great Yul Kwon, Ozzy Lusth and Jonathan Penner. The ending tribal battle between Yul and Ozzy, still remains one of the most debatable and best in the history of Survivor.


8. Survivor: Cagayan

This season and its theme, remain one of the favorite. Right from J’Tia disposing the rice straight down to Woo making a throw of the game as he took Tony straight over Kass and to the end, this season forces the gas out of the gate without letting up. Beautiful casting, with the inclusion of : LJ, Tasha, Kass, Spencer, Tony, and the spying Shack.


9. Survivor: Micronesia

This season is obviously one of the best. The only push of the game wasn’t just in the young ladies tricking Erik into letting go of his very own necklace of immunity. Rather, the bogus immunity idol of Jack, Erik’s necklace as well as the effing stick, all made a return to Ghost Island and were iconic too. A classical mix of cast.


10. Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains

Of course you get to know will really turn out good, just when Bob is identified as a threat and is brought out right before the commencement of the merging. There was a supposed advantage to Russell Hantz to arrive at Season 20 right from Samoa. But then, that was an adequate clue that he was positioned in the Villains tribe.

One of the captivating moments was JT Thomas who was the Tocantins winner, giving Russell what could be taken to be a love note, also with a safety-giving idol. Russell then gave same to Parv, who then used it right in that classic tribal council, whilst bringing JT with his very own idol. Sandra won her second million, getting her last laugh, in the ending surprise of a season laced with unending surprises.


11. Survivor: David Vs. Goliath

This is one of the best survivor seasons to rewatch. Shallow theme with shallow challenges. Of course, it is the casting that shot this season straight to this position, the same reason as to why David vs. Goliath turned out to be one of the greatest ever.

The casting includes; Christian, who is one of the beloved contestants ever, Mike, Gabby, Elizabeth, Natalie Napalm and Jeremy who is purely wacky. There was an experimentation of fresh techniques in this season, and it eventually added to the freshening up of the franchise as seen in season 37.


12. Survivor Season 37: Cambodia

The production twists here all turned out very well, one of the foremost worthy notes of the season. It was really wonderful to have let the fans vote as per the choice of casts. Every one of the tribe switcheroos,  all perfectly played out. Most of the cast really played hard, and the votes remained unpredictable, week in week out. The challenges were fairly successful.


13. Survivor: Amazon

The amazon season is arguably the season with the most unpredictability all through the weeks. Though folks had hatred for Jenna for being the winner, he nevertheless scaled through challenges, playing a social game that was effective.


14. Survivor: Pearl Islands

This season is defined by; Fairplay becoming drunk at Tribal Council, Rupert doing away with shoes and Osten being a miss at just about everything. All lovely! Not an impressive cast.


15. Survivor: Marquesas

There are pre-merges boots which are worth remembering. With a moderately good cast, has its narrative arc reaching its apex, just before the end of the season.

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