20 Best South Park Episodes of All Time

20 Best South Park Episodes of All Time – Ranked 2020 | What are the best south park episodes?

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What are the best south park episodes? South Park is a hilarious, action-packed and controversial award-winning animated comedy series that is widely followed and loved by comedy fans since it hit the screens on August 13, 1997. The US-based sitcom which is owned by comedy central television network was created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Its major characters are five young boys: Eric Cartman, Stan Marsh, Kyle Brofloski, Kenny McCormick and Leopold Stotch, popularly known as Butters.

The storylines revolve around the adventures of the five boys in their South Park Colorado neighborhood and beyond. Over the years, South Park has produced several entertaining and educating series. Comes in series and seasons which run up to south park season 21, south park season 22 and south park season 24Below is a selection of the 20 best South Park seasons and episodes of all time.

20 Best South Park Episodes of All Time

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1. Scott Tenorman Must Die

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This is the 4th episode of season 5, and the 69th of all South Park episodes. This is considered the best south park episodes of all time. It was first released on comedy central on July 11, 2001. Revenge seeking Cartman tries unsuccessfully to get the better of Scot Tenorman for swindling and then humiliating him publicly. He feels so bad that he rears Mr. Denkins’s horse to launch a fatal attack on Tenorman.

However, Cartman’s attempt to hurt Tenorman fails because Stan and Kyle, whom he had intimated of his evil plan, warn the latter of the impending horse attack. Though he fails to accomplish his main objective, Cartman manages to inflict significant grief on Tenorman by masterminding the demise of both of his parents.


2. Make Love, Not Warcraft

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The above episode was first aired on October 4, 2006, and is the 8th episode of season 10. Another of the more popular South Park episodes. Here, the focus is on the online video game, world of warcraft. Despite their best efforts, the boys keep getting defeated by a highly competent player who does not abide by the rules of the game.

The boys then report this rule-breaking entity to Blizzard entertainment, the game providers, to no avail. Even Stan’s father is also defeated by the same player. Eventually, it takes a combined effort from Randy, the Blizzard staff as well as Cartman and the other boys to overwhelm and defeat this powerful gamer.


3. The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers

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This episode is the 13th of season 6, aired on November 13, 2002. It is an exciting, porn-centric lord of the rings parody centred on the kids’ obsession with the above-mentioned epic. Stan’s parents send Stan and the other boys to Butters’ home to deliver a rented ‘fellowship of the rings’ movie which his parents had requested for.

But things get interesting when Stan’s parents realize that the boys mistakenly took a pornographic film to the Butters rather than the movie they asked for.


4. Awesom-O

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This is one of the south park best episodes. Awesom-O is the 5th episode of season 8 and was aired on April 14, 2008. Yet another fun episode from the South Park stable, with a theme covering everything from Britney Spears to the US military. Cartman continues in his unpredictable nature, this time as a robot named ‘A.W.E.S.O.M-O 4000’. However, his plans to play pranks on Butters backfires and the latter eventually has the last laugh.


5. Trapped in the Closet

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This episode was first aired on November 16, 2005, and is the 12th episode of season  9. It humorously put Tom Cruise’s religious and sexual orientation in the spotlight. Stan finds himself highly exalted after excelling in a church of Scientology test. So exalted that the church decides he’ll be their spiritual head.  The exciting chain of events continues to unfold with the likes of John Travolta and R Kelly (who has an opera with the same title) as part of the plot.


6. Good Times With Weapons

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This is the 1st episode of season 8 aired on March 17, 2004. Here, the park county fair is on and Cartman, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny decide to masquerade as orphans in order to legally obtain some weapons from an unsuspecting dealer who would not sell to teenagers below 18.

With their weapons, they start playing around and Butters wants to join them but he’s promptly rejected. Soon, the angry Butters disguises as Professor Chaos to fight weapon-wielding Cartman and co. For his troubles, he gets a nasty cut in his eye from Kenny who, like the other boys, does not realize that Chaos is in fact, Butters.


7.  Black Friday

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Black Friday is the 7th episode of season 17 which aired on November 13, 2013. Themed on the game of thrones, the children prepare for the frenzy of Black Friday and the opportunity of buying some gaming consoles. They are however divided in terms of whether to purchase Xbox or play station games. Cartman’s wizard regalia and the boys dressing up according to their favorite game of thrones personalities are particularly eye-catching.


8. Casa Bonita

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This is the 11th episode of season 7 aired on November 12, 2003. Cartman is not happy at not being invited for Kyle’s birthday due to his anti-semitic stance. He decides to find a way to rob the invited Butters of his place in the guestlist for the occasion holding at Casa Bonita which happens to be his favorite joint. There’s a lot of entertainment as cunning Cartman unveils one plot after the other to ensure that he, rather than poor Butters, attends the event.


9. Fishsticks

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This episode was first aired on April 8, 2009, and is the 5th episode of season 13. Kanye West is in the eye of the storm in this one. Jimmy comes up with a ‘fish sticks’ joke which everyone but West finds funny. Cunning Cartman tries to create the impression that he partly inspired Jimmy’s joke even as curious Kanye fumes.


10. Christian Rock Hard

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This is the 9th episode from season 7 and the 105th episode of all the South Park series. It was first aired on October 29, 2005. The focus here is on Christianity and breaking copyright laws. The kids are interested in becoming rock stars and form a band known as Moop, but they are divided on which genre to adopt. Cartman favours Christian rock but Kyle does not and so Cartman quits Moop after having a bet with Kyle that he would be the first to record a platinum album, not knowing that Christian records do not go platinum.

Soon after, Cartman-less Moop gets into FBI trouble after unlawfully downloading music from the internet. Meanwhile, Cartman, Butters, and Token form a new band named Faith + 1 and have huge success. But things start falling apart after Cartman squanders the band’s resources, abuses Token racially and gets a beating for that.


11. The Death Of Eric Cartman

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This episode is the 6th of season 9 and was initially aired on April 13, 2005. Stan and the other 4th graders decide to ignore Cartman after becoming fed up with his attitude. It is a hilarious episode depicting the best of Cartman and the rest of the cast. From Cartman assuming he’s dead to his usual victimization of Butters then to meeting Doctor Lindsay, the psychic, before becoming the hero of a botched robbery attempt, this is as exciting a South Park episode as it gets.


12. Go God Go

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This is one of the best episodes of south park. Go God Go is the 12th episode of season 10 aired on November 1, 2006. It is a two-part series that draws some inspiration from Buck Rogers and Dr. Who.  The storyline here revolves around the battle between religion and atheism as well as Cartman’s obsession with the Nintendo Wii console.


13. Tsst

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This is the 7th episode of season 10 which aired on May 3, 2006. Another hilarious episode where Liane, Eric Cartman’s mother successfully pulls out all the stops to control her son’s disturbing behaviour and son briefly considers killing his mom but decides against it. Liane is hugely grateful to dog training expert, Cesar Millan for the observed changes in Eric’s behavior.


 14. You Have 0 Friends

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This episode was first aired on April 7, 2010, and is the 4th of season 14. It is centred on Facebook and friendship. Cartman, Kyle, and Kenny stun Stan by opening a Facebook account without either his knowledge or consent.

The fun continues from there as circumstances lead both Stan and Kyle to move from many friends to 0 friends at some stage, as they navigate through the emotions, intrigues, and intricacies of Facebook and real-life friendships.


 15. Grounded Vindaloop

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Sp many fans consider this one of the best south park episodes ever. This is the 7th episode of season 18. Here, the children fantasize between reality and virtual reality (VR). Cartman fools Butters to believe he’s in a VR state, an illusion which eventually leads to the latter falling victim to knife attack by a prostitute and then being grounded.

The plot sees Cartman, Kyle and co get confusingly involved with an Oculus staff named Steve who tries to educate them on the Oculus Rift VR headset.


16. Imaginationland  I

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This episode is the 10th of season 11 aired on October 17, 2007. A thrilling adventure episode led as usual by the inimitable Cartman. The first part of this award-winning trilogy is all about a s**k my balls bet between Kyle and Cartman, a search for leprechauns, a trip to imaginationland, Butters running into terrorist trouble and many other riveting scenes.


17. Guitar Queer-O

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This is the 13th episode of season 11 aired on November 7, 2007. Their love for guitar hero, a video game, soon turns Kyle and Stan rock stars, under the management of Charles Kincaid. After a while, Kincaid encourages Stan to split with Kyle for a kid named Thad Jarvis, who he feels is more talented than Kyle. This infuriates Kyle who decides to go solo.

Still struggling to manage success, Stan ends up fighting with Jarvis, leading to a break-up in their union. Eventually, Stan apologizes to Kyle and both become friends again, as the story continues.


18. Smug Alert

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This is among the best south park episodes. Smug alert is the 2nd episode of season 10 aired on March 29, 2006. It is an environmentalist episode that tries to teach about car emissions and its impact on the environment. Out of concern for the environment, Gerald, Kyle’s dad decides to purchase a supposedly environment-friendly hybrid car.

As hybrid craze gathers steam, Ranger McFreindly warns that though hybrids reduce smog emissions, they significantly increase smug levels, presenting a different form of danger. His warnings are not taken seriously and the aftermath is catastrophe for the two most smug abundant areas in the US:  San Francisco and South Park.


19. The Losing Edge

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This episode was first aired on April 6, 2005, and is the 5th of season 9. Meet the Cows, South Park’s winning baseball team that desires a losing edge. The kids are good at baseball but strangely, they do not love the game, at least not as much as a baseball-free summer. So they plan to lose games so as to drop out of boring tournaments. But other teams are even more disinterested than the Cows and also want out of the boredom.

Not even the drafting of Kyle’s cousin, Kyle Schwartz could halt the actualize the Cows’ desire to deliberately lose. As the Cows winning streak continues against their wish, it takes a game disrupting fight in one of their games to get the Cows disqualified from further baseball, much to the relief of Cartman and other Cows. The fight was between Stan’s dad, Randy and Bat  Dad from Denver.


20. All About Mormons

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This is the 12th episode of season 7 and the 108th episode overall. It was first aired on November 19, 2003. Another episode devoted to religion, this time Mormonism. South Park’s newest residents, the Harrisons are adherents of the Mormon faith. Gary Harrison’s impeccable character and intelligence attract the envy of Cartman and South Park kids who commission Stan to brutalize the humble boy for no reason at all. But Gary wins Stan over and Stan’s father Randy even converts to Mormonism due to admiration for the Harrisons.

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It’s over two decades since it was introduced, still, South Park continues to thrill audiences worldwide. The five-time Emmy award-winning show remains one of comedy central’s most successful series and continues to enjoy high ratings and rave reviews. With episodes already lined up till 2022, fans are in for even more excitement and fun from Cartman and co.

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