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4 Best Anime You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

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There are all kinds of TV shows nowadays. Animation is not forgotten on platforms like HBO Go, Netflix, or Amazon Prime. Anime or Japanese animation, in particular, garners a huge audience all over the world. That’s why producers do their best to make the next best anime series. So far they’ve created a bunch and some of them are a must-watch for any anime fan. In that regard, here are some anime you don’t want to miss out on:

1. Kakegurui

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Thanks to Homura Kawamoto we have an interesting manga series that got adapted into an exquisite anime. In Kakegurui you’ll take a glimpse at the Hyakkou Private Academy which is quite an unusual place since it evaluates its students based on their skills in various casino games. The idea behind it is to turn their students into professionals and future leaders that could beat their opponents with their skills learned at the academy. Yumeko Jabai is the central character who joins the academy because she gets a kick out of casino games. She’s a skilled player and will show you just how crafty she is.

Casino enthusiasts might enjoy this anime, but so can other members of the adult audience. Nowadays, most casino games are available online. This means that with just a few clicks casino enthusiasts can reach various online gaming sites. They offer many variants of popular games like roulette, poker, blackjack, and others. The important thing here is to enjoy these games responsibly.

2. One Punch Man

Pretty much everyone likes superheroes nowadays. Also, there are plenty of superhero movies and TV shows that people enjoy. Another one to add to your list is One Punch Man. In this anime, you’ll see a host of heroes that belong to a different rank. The City Z often has threats from all kinds of creatures and it’s the heroes’ job to stop them.

Among them is Saitama, a bald superhero that has an average workout routine. Also, he’s pretty lazy and doesn’t want to fight when challenged. But when he does, he brings it. Among the many colorful characters, you’ll meet Mumen Rider, Tornado of Terror, Genos, and many more. After watching this anime, you’ll see why it’s got a spot on more than one list of top anime series you should watch.

3. Naruto

The thing about anime is that each one has a lot of interesting characters. The main ones always stand out either by showing themselves to be capable or by growing into capable and skilled leaders. In Naruto, you’ll meet Naruto Uzumaki, a loudmouth kid that wants to be the next Hokage. People don’t like Naruto for a special reason, which you’ll find about in the anime.

Nevertheless, nothing dampens his spirit and he takes the path of becoming a proper ninja. He’s teamed up with Sasuke and Sakura and mentored by Kakashi-sensei. In addition to these characters, you’ll also meet illustrious characters like Rock Lee, Hyuuga Neji, Hinata, Tsunade, and many more. Naruto is another anime you shouldn’t miss out on if you’re an anime fan.

4. Yu-Gi-Oh

If you’re into trading card games, then Yu-Gi-Oh is the anime for you. This anime follows the story of Yugi Mutou who has a pretty interesting haircut and a skill in Duel Monsters, the trading card game played throughout the series. He also completes the Millennium Puzzle and unlocks the spirit of an ancient pharaoh. Whenever Yugi plays a game the spirit takes over him.

Besides Yugi, you’ll get to meet his friends Joey, Tristan, and Tea as well as some other unforgettable characters. You’ll also find out that there are more than one Millennium items and various people possess them. All in all, it’s a pretty interesting show to watch and the animation is just great.

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