4 Ways to Get Secret Victories Emblem in Destiny 2

4 Ways to Get Secret Victories Emblem in Destiny 2

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How to Get Secret Victories Emblem in Destiny 2 – Learn the step-by-step guide on how to get secret victories emblem 2021. The wish of every Destiny 2 player is to receive the Secret Victories Emblem.

Destiny 2 is a free-to-play online-only multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Bungie.

You get the secret victories emblem buy looting all 10 ascendant chests in each faze of the curse. That’s 10 chests a week for 3 weeks. the triumphs are; hidden riches, bolder fortunes, and war chests.

That emblem has a drop-down menu in it where you can select “drink at the well” emblem- random drop from blind well. and the “transcendent” emblem- complete all ascendant time trials.

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4 Ways to Get Secret Victories Emblem in Destiny 2

Table of Contents

1. Get is from Blind Well

You can get it from finishing a tier 2 blind. An alternate emblem (drink at the well) is obtained randomly from doing blind well (many players got theirs from a t2). You can also get the ornament for it as soon as the emblem dropped. Once you get the well alternate it’ll grant the main emblem as well.

2. Get it with 6 ascendant challenges

You can get it from completing the triumph for doing each of the six ascendant challenges. This is the 3rd alternate for completing all ascendant time trials. That means you can get it after successfully completing the sixth and final Ascendant Challenge. This give you a possible alternative route from endless farming without any time trials.

In worst-case scenarios, you’ll get it after doing all 6 ascendant challenges. The only guaranteed way I know for it to drop is to complete all 6 time trials from the Ascendant challenges as one of the emblem variants is tied to a triumph. It should unlock the base as a result.

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3. Get it from time trials emblem

To complete the time trials you just have to do the ascendant challenges really fast, typically sub 3 minutes. Once you do it fast enough the triumph will show at the bottom of the screen. Sometimes you have to collect the chest to “complete” the challenge, sometimes you have to exit the portal for it to count as “complete”. I would just kill the boss, grab the chest, and leave as fast as possible until you see the triumph pop up. Simply do it really fast until it pops.

Points to Note

the blind well variant of the secret victories emblem. The blind well variant does not give the emblem which is needed for the collections entry to complete. This is after the overhaul to the emblem and stat tracking which bungie rolled out with season of the worthy. I obtained the Secret Victories emblem which DID count for the collections entry when I completed all six ascendant challenges. There is a triumph associated with merely completing all challenges, but the emblem came immediately upon opening the chest on the final challenge (not when I redeemed the triumph in the menu). The triumph does not say which challenges you have done, only the number of unique challenges completed. I hope this explanation has been thorough enough. Also, looking back at my first edit, I believe I had a typo on the date in March 2020 in which I obtained it. Worthy may not have started by March 4th, but please know it was during season of the worthy when I hit the correct emblem.

If you look at the triumphs, the time trials triumph shows the secret victories emblem as it’s reward, so maybe this is the way to go.

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4. Useful Tips to Get Secret Victories Emblem in Destiny 2 in 2021

  • Grab the bounty at the same time if you’re waiting for a shot at Blueshift Dreams.

  • Make sure you open the chest at the end of the Challenge for the week. You can collect the bounty that says you’ve completed the challenge without technically completing it. Make sure to open that chest.

  • For the week 5 challenge ‘Keeper of Honed Edges’ keep your sword on you and take it to the end of the event. Open the chest whilst holding the sword.

  • On that note; the game does not tell you which challenges you’ve done and which you haven’t unless you do the time trials.

  • If you do the Wish Ender eggs at the same time you can use those to track your progress, but you could end up like me. 5/6 challenges and 40/40 eggs with 15/15 bones.

Hope this helps.

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