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Destiny 2 best weapons 2020 – Looking for the 15 best legendary weapons destiny 2? For all the Destiny 2 gamers and fans, on your journey as the game advances, you will surely need some weapons of legendary status to boost your ranking and power levels. Here we bring you our top picks of legendary weapons on Destiny 2. We take into consideration, power levels, damage impact levels, and diversity. Take note that RPM means rounds per minute.

Here Are The 15 best legendary weapons destiny 2;

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1. Maytr’s Retribution

This weapon comes with a plethora of abilities. You first have to complete an Obelisk monument mission on Mars and acquire this tech with 50 savaged Bray Tech pieces that are found in chests.  Its specialty is that it possesses the perk of wave frame and can be simply described as an energy grand leveler. The weapon falls in the legendary category for obvious quality and causes a wave of energy on contact with the surface.

2. Love and Death

This is a grenade launcher. With extensively high recoil and high damage levels, this legendary weapon is one to be noticed. The launcher like many other weapons increases damage rates, whilst being capable of raising it to almost three times the power.  It also comes with very large ammo reserves and due to its power levels which are awesome, it is ranked legendary and is quite hard to acquire but no worries, it will be yours soon as you complete the essence of infinity.

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3. Adhortative

This weapon is a legendary pulse rifle, equipped with very fast reloading, high RPM rate and has a venomous full automated trigger system. The range and stability give you a very great aim and good killshot percentage. The weapon also has a trait to give you higher reload speed as your health bar reduces. Additionally, when you break shields, the weapon automatically reloads. Recurring kills also improve damage rate and precision. You get it by use of Vex Mind components.

4. Jack Queen King 3

It has a lightweight frame so it goes very good handling. Here also, when the wielder is down on the health bar critically, a part of its magazine is reloaded. It is more famous for its high damage impact and 100-gauge recoil.  It gives you precise shooting ability and it is a legendary hand cannon. Based on the number of rapid kills, the magazine also gets a magazine to reload time reduction. And the damaging impact also increases as you increase consecutive kills with the weapon.

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5. Sole Survivor

This sniper rifle is the stuff of legends. It offers a faster time rate to snipe effectively. This is a Gambit weapon and it is good for especially those who prefer riding alone. You can stay away from the thick of the action and be useful for allies. There is no specific mission to get this weapon but you have to play Gambit or the Reckoning. With high-grade precision and sturdily, this is surely one of the best weapons available.

6. Subjunctive

With superb handling you find it hard to believe that you are wielding a submachine gun, you are enabled to move faster. With up to 900 RPM, this is a legendary kill weapon created with the intent of destruction. It increases range and precision; kills also reduce reload time. Another of its perks being that the weapon gains bonus damage levels whenever surrounded. The gun comes with cream of the crop style finale as the final rounds gives superior damage.

7. Hammer Head

This is a legendary power machine gun. High RPM. A well-rounded grip enables precision shooting. With its heavy ammo, the impact of this gun can level out the opposition. The dynamism in its sway reduces as you hold longer on the trigger, thereby giving you up to 100% shooting accuracy. You obtain this weapon in a black acrimony forge. The gun has so many traits that listing them here will be lengthy but the gun’s overzealousness to kill gave it props to make the list.

8. Spare Rations

This is another legendary hand cannon, with a high explosive impact on contact. High impact, 100-gauge recoil, and very high aim assistance giving you the ultimate triple threat of damage, stability, and precision. It’s like having a lightweight tank in hand. The gun is acquired through the Reckoning. It gives an AOE level damage. And best of all, it rewards you with two round reload after four precision kills.

9. Last Hope

This is a legendary sidearm. It comes with up to 400RPM and a very high impact as well. It fires a 3-round burst at one shot, has good stability, and can be called to action very quickly. It also has good zoom elements like that of a sniper. This gun gives extra traits when the wielder is crouched or the weapon is fired from the hip.

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10. Perfect Paradox

This is my favorite just because of how cool the name sounds. Its description goes ” The one the loved the best must be a perfect Paradox”. It is a shotgun with very high intense rapid-fire. The gun is balanced in all its attributes giving an average of +60 rating on all of the features. It also has the ability to give a 3x increased damage level when used, also increase the precision of your health is low. The shotgun is Saint-14’s signature weapon.

11. Quick Fang

This is a legendary sword only available for hunters. Very fast in its swing and execution, as the name implies, a quick switch to the sword whilst in offense attracts additional damage. The sword is rewarded to you after you rank up to the Gunsmith. It is a fun addition to have as this is a power-packed weapon that can deliver a high level of damage. It is also a nice antique for sword lovers like me.

12. Alone as a God

This legendary sniper rifle is a cold-blooded solar kinetic killer. An amazing amount of RPM for a sniper, it has also a rapid-fire frame. With its speed and slightly good recoil, it gives you a lesser time length to gun down the adversary. You are most likely to obtain this weapon in the Leviathan Raid. This is a sure to make do for any wielder.

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13. Eternity Edge

This is a legendary sword but only available for the warlock class. This sword is more on power and solar damage. Its main attribute is its sturdiness so you are sure to have acquired a masterpiece when you master its use. With consecutive sword strikes, you increase the sword’s damage levels. The sword also comes with a very good defense and endurance mechanism.

14. Uriel Gift

Boasting an amazing 450 RPM, this is a legendary auto rifle. Although it’s automated system is its main feature, it has a wide range of rolls and mods to enhance its damage, vision and arc damage energy levels. The magazine is optimized for better recoil control and its worth is what ranks it among the best legendary weapons of Destiny 2.

15. Ghost Primus

This is also an auto rifle, legendary equipped with kinetic energy. It is a big improvement on Uriel as it also comes with a 44 may, more than 550 RPM and as noted is an automated firearm. With great aim assistance, precision kills become a whole lot common with this tool in hand. It also gives you an under pressure advantage during battles and duels.

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