15 Warframe Best Melee eapon

15 Warframe Best Melee Weapon


Warframe is undoubtedly one of the best free to play games in history. This game network can be quite overwhelming, as there are many weapons to make a choice from. As a fast-growing community, Warframe is always on the lookout for new Mods and weapons combos. One can, therefore, infer that there are lots of weapons to choose from.

Here Are The 15 Warframe best melee weapons;

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1. Kuva Shideg

Kuva shideg is a one-handed military melee weapon that is wielded by Kuva Liches. You can obtain one by vanquishing a kuva Lich. After the vanquishing, you would see this wonderful Melee weapon in your foundry ready to claim. The Kuva shildeg has a lot of amazing characteristics that make it top our list. When has a lot of momentum when swung.  It has a very high impact and puncture. When polarized, this melee weapons increases its rank by a max of 2, giving it more Mod capacity.

Staying at the top of our list doesn’t exempt the Kuva Shieldeg from having a con. It has below-average speed and low slash damage. It is on this note less effective against health.

2. Zaw

Zaws are expandable weapons that are made and assembled at Hok’s Anvil in Cetus. Just like other Melee weapons, Zaws use an expansive component system with parts that are interchangeable. These different parts generate varied statistics and abilities when used to create a Zaw. So as a game player, you can mix and match different parts and enjoy a wide variety of Weapon customization. For further customizations, you can give your zaw a name of your choice.

3. Kronen Prime

Imagine what would happen when you enter combat and your hands turn into two very sharp blades. Kronen prime is a combo of two very sharp strong blades that have the capacity to split your enemy into half. As a result of its reduced weight, it has an increment of speed during attacks.

4. Twin Kro Kur

This Grineer melee weapon has wonderful and enticing characteristics. I have a high critical Multiplier, critical chance, and a good status chance. This melee weapon deals primarily Slash damage. With all its advantages, it is still not without a few cons. some of which include low attack speed and a low puncture and impact damage.

5. Fang Prime

For those of you that haven’t played warframe since the melee upgrade, you might feel a little awkward as to why this weapon is on here. Here are some of the pros and cons of the fang prime melee weapon. The fang prime has the second-highest base damage amongst all other dual daggers. It has high puncture damage, high status, and critical chance like any other melee weapon and a very high critical multiplier. As a con, the low impact and less effective slash do little to enemy shields and health.

Coming back on the bright side, the amount of critical hits and multi-strikes that you would see in this melee weapon is really astonishing. Get a pair of these as soon as you can.

6. Prisma Obex

One of the great specialties of the Prisma obex melee weapon is its capacity to use the exclusive entropy detonation Mod. This feature can be used to make enemies explode for a percentage of their total life.  As for the pros and cons, we can call the Prisma Obex a weapon with high impact damage, fast attack speed, and very high-status chance.  On the other side, the Prisma obex has low slash damage and low puncture. The slam attack of the Prisma obex can result in electrical damage of the enemy, but this is not so effective against enemies with alloy armor.

7. Redeemer Prime

I don’t know about you, but I would always choose a Gunblade over a gun. This melee weapon is a combination of a gun and a blade. Imagine the gaming fantasy of blowing Hotels into targets after slashing them to bits. The Redeemer Prime does not build combo very quickly, but they make up this defect with a very high damage potential.  Imagine a 2120 base damage that can be incurred in one slash. It is the best of both worlds; a gun melee weapon and a bladed melee weapon.

8. Orthos Prime

Orthos prime is one of the best polearm melee weapons out there. It has a lot of decent stats to it. We are looking at a 10% critical chance, 15% status chance, and total damage of 85. As a con, the Orthos prime has low impact puncture damage on enemy shield and armor. On the other hand, you are bound to enjoy a very high critical chance, critical Multiplier, and high slash damage. Of all Polearms, the Orthos prime melee weapon has the highest status chance and attack speed.

9. Gram prime

I can infer that gram prime id still among the best melee weapons of Warframe. It boasts of highly critical and status chance. This heavy blades can cause a lot of base damage.

10. Venka Prime

The Melee weapons sport a high critical chance, high base damage, and attack speed. Amongst other melee weapons, it has a high melee combo multiplier. You can enjoy consecutive strikes that can add up a lot of damage to your enemy.

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11. Nikana Prime

With the recent Melee 3.0 Update, the Nikana prime has turned out to be stronger.  With the Nikana prime, you are set to enjoy high slash damage, fast attack speeds, and high-status chance. It would be noteworthy to say that Nikana Prime has the highest critical Multiplier and the critical chance of all the Nikanas. The only disadvantage of this weapon thus far is its Low impact and puncture damage against shields and armor.

12. Silva and Aegis Prime

When compared to their normal counterpart, they have significantly higher damage and high critical multiplier, higher critical chance, and status chance. When you block enemy attacks with this weapon, you would receive a bonus status and critical chance.  With this melee weapon, blocking attacks is a sure way to store a charge that increases the status and critical chance by 15%.

13. Reaper Prime

The Reaper Prime is a fantastic melee weapon. You wouldn’t end up being disappointed if you chose to build this melee weapon. It has a very wide swinging arcs and very high stances. You can virtually kill anything if you combine this weapon with Reaping spiral. The Reaper prime is so good that it can kill bosses using a simple stance Mod.

14. Pennant

The Pennant melee weapon is a two-handed Nikana. It belongs to the Nikana melee weapon family. This weapon can gain a lot of attacking speed after it is used to kill an enemy with a heavy attack. Just like other melee weapons in its category, it has high puncture damage, critical multiplier, and critical chance. Like stated earlier, upon each kill, its attack speed increases by 50 %. The duration of this increment scales alongside the combo multiplier. Are you interested in some warframe adventure? Then make this weapon a must-acquire. As for acquisition, you can gain this weapon by defeating Lettro commander, Glacik commander, or Blite Captain in an Empyrean mission.

15. Paracesis

This Melee weapon was introduced in the Update 23.10. It is also known as the “Sentinet slayer”. The Paracesis has the ability to gain extra ranks after polarization capping at rank 40.  Some of the advantages include high slash damage, a second highest critical chance behind gram prime. In continuum, it has a lot of momentum when used to make regular swings. This is truly a weapon to have.

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