15 Best Fallout 4 Mods for Xbox One, PS4 and PC

15 Best Fallout 4 Mods for Xbox One, PS4 and PC

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You’re welcome guys! We’ve done the hard work and collected the best Fallout 4 mods for Xbox One, PS4 and PC with superb gameplay enhancements, visual improvements, new weapons and gear, and many more. Fallout 4 is a game is hugely complimented by user-created mods and with a few proper changes and additions, can be a much stronger experience. And in Fallout 4, a game with its own flaws, the opportunity to tweak and adjust the user experience can make the difference between playable and unplayable.

Some of these mods were initially selected to right some of the game’s basic inaccuracies, whilst others were chosen for their ability to enhance its environments. Sit back as we go through 15 of the best fallout 4 mods to make your gaming experience as pleasant as possible.

15 Best Fallout 4 Mods for Xbox One, PS4 and PC

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So, here are some of the best fallout 4 mods xbox one, PS4 and PC;

15. Legendary Modification

If you need your weapon to pack a lot more punch, then you might want to check out the Legendary Modifications mod. This mod adds a new modification niche to your weapon and armor crafting options, and this enables you to include one legendary weapon or armor attribute to your item in exchange for a substantial amount of materials. You are able to choose from a list of every attribute available in the game, giving you room you need to make an unstoppable.

14. Lowered Weapons

This is more of a personal preference, but it’s always bothersome when a character is always pointing his or her gun forward (like a jerk). Lowered Weapons Mod makes your character’s weapon handling less menacing. Whenever the weapon isn’t being in use, the firearm is lowered to a less aggressive position. Gun safety guys, it’s all about gun safety. Except you intentionally want to blow out someone’s brains. Unfortunately, Lowered Weapons uses external assets so it can’t be ported to PS4. Yup, sucks.

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13. OCDecorator

The OCDecorator Mod enables us do what we should have all done when we were kids, pick up after ourselves. This Mod allows the player to place any object on any other object, so placing weapons and armor on shelves or office fans on desks will no longer feed our frustration. Your settlement can now be neatly organized, locked in place, and perfectly displayed. Bye-bye mess!

12. Alternative Start

Tired of the same boring start? Start Me Up is the best fallout 4 alternate start Mod. It’s quite simple, and definitely what you need to escape the dry and boring cut scenes.  With this unique alternative start, you can now wake up as a custom character with a custom background story. For players who don’t want to go through running helter skelter (yawn), but instead wants Aside from allowing role players to alter dialogue accordingly, Start Me Up lets users select special stats with up to 20 traits, and they can choose various occupations, locations and modify levels if needed.

11. Beast Master

Take advantage of fallout 4 with the beast-capturing Mod. This Mod offers a variety of diverse creatures that can launch a surprise attack at an enemy and at the same time giving you the chance to set up a sniper shots. You can capture beasts, use them as companions, and customize them by dressing them in armor, putting trackers on them so you don’t lose them, feed them treats, and more. There’s plenty of powerful (and ugly) creatures in the wasteland for you to make your pet.

 10. Improved Map with Visible Roads

Intimidating is a cool thing to do, right? Point your gun at someone and make them your slave. Good stuff. But it’s also pretty limited in Fallout 4. This Mod adds a number of new things you can do with intimidation, such as shaking them down (always a favourite), putting them in handcuffs, or making them run away.

9. Any Mod Any Weapon

Forget the weapon crafting limitations of the base game. This Any Mod Any Weapon Mod throws logic out of the window and lets your imagination run wild when you’re at the workbench. Ever want to shoot cannon balls out of a hand-held revolver, or shove a Deathclaw’s hand into a boxing glove? Then this Mod is just for you.

8. Simple Seasons

Obviously, after dozens of hours in the wasteland you may start to get tired of all the greys and browns. Simple Seasons brings some life back post-apocalypse Boston. Fallout Season Project adds winter, spring, summer, and fall. This Mod will turn the wasteland into a snow-coated landscape, a lush and green beauty, a summer blend of orange and yellow leaves, or an autumnal array of leaves about to fall off their trees. The Mod doesn’t switch from season to season however, you’ll have to set them by activating different files.

7. Stronger Dogmeat

Vanilla Fallout 4 has Dogmeat doing 1-2dps when he attacks the various nuisances corrupting the wasteland. That doesn’t really seem fair does it? Stronger Dogmeat increases his damage to 58dps, making this canine deadly enough to send any raiders fleeing with their tails between their legs.

6. Sim Settlement

This is one of the essential fallout 4 Mod that seeks to fix Bethesda’s disconnected settlement system. Of all the settlement workshop related Mods, this is perhaps the best. It includes seven new build sets, several prefab building units, hundreds of new decorative, lighting and household objects in the game that were not included in the workshop, crop planters, new farmable crops, and a batch of new barriers and fences to bulk up defense. Don’t fret, even if you aren’t good at building, you can always get settlers to do the work for you. Kinggath’s Sim Settlements Mod works by enabling players build zone objects that tells settlers what kind of buildings to create in different areas of their settlements.
A new update called Conqueror came out recently, and it is everything you’d ever ask for. With the new update you can explore, conquer, build and destroy all sorts of barriers using pre-built settlements. Cool right?

5. Everyone’s Best Friend (Dogmeat + Companion at Same Time)

Although Dogmeat is everyone’s favourite wasteland log (clearly), we have to admit he can be a little underwhelming and suck, particularly in combat. This Mod allows you to have an extra companion at the same time following you and keep Dogmeat by your side. This mod allows you to keep those benefits without missing out on some helpful combat aid. However, because you can’t use external assets on the PS4, this Mod isn’t available for anyone with Sony’s console. Ouch.

4. Full Dialogue Interface

Sometimes your character, when conversing with other characters, can just say the dumbest things you completely did not intend. This is pain is as a result of Fallout 4’s paraphrased dialogue system, which only gives you a rough idea of what each dialogue option is saying instead of the full line. The Full Dialogue Interface Mod takes out all of that guesswork because the entire response is written out on the dialogue option, which might help your conversations go the way you intend them to.

3. Place Anywhere/ Everywhere

Fallout 4’s settlement editor wasn’t great, let; admit it. Walls don’t always line up, you get items and furniture that no matter what, just can’t be placed where you want, and you end up with some hella ugly gaps in your decorative structures. Place Anywhere/Everywhere has no alternative. It’s the one and only mod that allows users to place buildings and objects anywhere within their settlements without destruction clawing down their work. With this mod, you can build in water, air and inside other objects.

2. Better Mod Descriptions

One of the more frustrating things about the armor and weapons Mod system is the vague descriptions on each. How can one gauge the difference between “better” damage and “superior” damage? What is the “improved” rate of firing? How?! With this Mod you get some much needed specifics, making decisions on which Mods are going to be worth the time easier.

1. Craft able Ammo

Another reason to use an occasional mod? Weird game oversights. There are some absences that just don’t make sense. For instance the lack of craft able ammunition.

Perhaps it has something to do with increasing the game’s difficulty. Less ammo means the player will have to either rely on melee weapons or carry a wider variety of guns, which takes up a lot of space in an inventory that, thanks to the crafting and settlement systems, already has increased demands on its carry weight. The solution to righting this awful wrong is by getting this Mod.

It will help to note that although mods are available for the console versions of Fallout 4, Sony does not allow their modders use external assets and so some of these mods are not available on PS4.

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