15 best ark mods 2020 | What is the best ark mod to download

15 best ark mods 2021 | What is the best ark mod to download for Xbox one, ark mods mobile, PC, and Console

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We bring to you the best ark mods today. This is a collection of both best ark mods for single player and multi player.  These include best ark mods Xbox one, ark mods mobile, PC, and Console.

Playing games with a mod that stands for modifications is one of the best ways to boost up the game especially Ark: Survival Evolved. Ark is extremely fun to play and it offers so much in terms of adventures, adaptability, and tolerance. Mod changes the game content from what it originally was. And makes a game more interesting to play because you get to choose the best characters for you instead of making do with the original form.

15 best ark mods 2021

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There are over thousands of Mods for Ark since its creation but below is the list of 15 most popular, highly rated, and recommended Mods for your selection.

1. Dino Hoarders TLC

This is an awesome Mod because it gives us a much nicer version of some of the most popular creatures in Ark. They give love to some of the underappreciated creatures too and are more aesthetically pleasing. Their main priority is to avoid undermining the canonical lore established for creatures. It is one of the must-have mods present today in the Ark.

2. The Hunted

This Mod is amazing. The tranq ammo gives a rebuff that can help you escape when being pursed by something dangerous. It could lead to some interesting sneaky tactics to navigate past large predators. It is created to help you stay alive in the Ark.

3. Cross Genesis

This Mod here adds dinosaurs from the genesis stimulation to the official maps, and unlock genesis engram’s on all the Ark. It will also review nests on the island and center balance out the spawn weight. They are really challenging and fantastic Mod for your game because it keeps you safe from the predators around the Ark once you are able to tame them.

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4. Evolving Ark: Megalodon Supremis

Loves adventure then try this mod in your game because this great beast is now double its original base game size and therefore can even hold two survivors on the saddle. It seems the strongest megalodon to have surfaced as the ancient shark has even adapted by moving up the food chain rather than moving down. The Mod is simply fantastic and it is stackable.

5. Stork Adoption

Tired of murdering innocent unwanted baby dinosaurs, then this is good for you. This stork Adoption mod is awesome because it allows you to release baby dinosaurs into the wild instead of murdering them. You can easily unclaim a baby dinosaur and give it to another player. It is really a super cute idea and worth trying. Just get a stork to come and collect a baby dinosaur with no bloodshed.

6. Shiny Dinosaurs

Bored with dreary colors of Ark dinosaur, here try this. This shiny will populate your Ark with numbers of rare and special dinosaurs instead of sticking with that dreary color dinosaurs. It just makes life more colorful when you walk over the Ark and see pretty dinosaurs you can tame for their colors and their special abilities. It is an amazing Mod as it adds an aberrant cave with aberrant creatures.

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7. ECO’S Empire – Torugawa 

This Japanese building Mod is simply awesome that you can’t wait to see the next level once you start. The skin, the prebuilt structures, and cherry blossom trees are all great. It is 100% stackable. All you just have to do is to learn who to fight time period weapons and protect yourself by setting up a home to protect the land you fight for. It is a carefully researched and detailed experience in the Ark.

8. Inspect Repellants

Afraid of insects like swarms, ants, dragonflies, etc then check out this Mod. It provides basic items to safe you from all those insects. It is especially useful in Genesis Bog Biome. It keeps the insects away from you so that you won’t experience anything like a bug bite. And its added bonus is that the bug slime does not wash off in the rivers while running away from snakes, etc.

9. Epic NPCS

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Want to work with a heroic and glorious human Mod that empowers NPCS with a magnitude of characteristics, use this Mod. It interest because now you don’t have to be running around on the back of dinosaurs or any other creatures instead you are working with a human Mod. It is an incredible Mod that you will love easily. So why not try it because it Worth your time.

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10. Additional Creatures: Dodoreaper

We know that there are no enough Dodomasters but this Dodoreaper Mod brings to your Ark a great fascination. It is a permanently rare tame and also a standalone additional creature. It is beautifully scary on its own and very incredible though a bit smaller than the Dodo RSC and Dodo wyvern. It is just great Mod.

11. Ark Eternal (Live Version) 

Where are Linux and Mac/ OS users who are having a problem getting Windows-only version to work, this one is yours. It works really well with Genesis DLC and is an overhaul mod that changes a lot of features from vanilla Ark and adds more difficulties and diversities. It is a balance for vanilla difficult levels. So you just have to at away.

12. Medival Weaponry

This Mod is one thousand f the most rated and highly recommended mod in the Ark because it adds simple medical weaponry from the middle ages in the feudal time. When the landowners protected their lands with different weapons.

13. Feroxus

This was specifically designed to rival the strongest of dinosaurs. It is so powerful that it can take your enemy and they will run for their life. They spawn way too frequently for how powerful they are. It is breedable and can get mutations. It is an awesome creature and way too cool to ignore. It is a flagship mutant for tyrants with an insatiable hunger.

14. Giraffatita

This massive beast towers above most dinosaurs and other creatures in the Ark. It is a powerful mount that can hold its own in combat and as well provide utility. It is a cute AF and more like a Titano though not as stupid. It is a pretty cool animal and a great Mod for your Ark game.

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15. Realistic Titanosaurs

Always consider Titanosaurs as a raid only dinosaurs, you have not met this one because it tends to remove focus from them like that. You don’t have to knock them with canon boulder to tame them again because you can just hit it out with tranqs. It can be a new walking fortress for your collection. It is pretty sweet and breedable. You can also remove the Saddle and enjoy your game.


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