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10 Best Mario Party Games 2020 | What is the best Mario Party Game to Play

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What is the best Mario Party Game to Play – Mario Party games are a delight to the young at heart as they deliver on fun and excitement. The Mario games are non- gory compared to other games hence, they are dubbed friendly for children. The Mario games have been in existence since 1998 and they have ruled the virtual board games since then. There are new versions been released which are new twists to previous versions.

Here, we will be sharing with you some of the best Mario party for n64, best Mario party for Gamecube and Mario party games ranked by users. The best Mario party minigames include:

10 Best Mario Party Games 2020 | What is the best Mario Party Game to Play

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1. Mario Party 2

This is an improvement of the Mario party formula. This sequel to Mario party formula includes elements like mini-games and collectible items to keep the gamer completely entertained. Mario Party 2 comes with 65 different exciting mini-games. Some of the mini-games include dodging cannonballs on an island, penguin ride, two-player bobsled challenge. These mini-games are designed to keep the gamer entertained.

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2. Mario Party 4

This Mario takes the formula of the N64 but updates the graphics with 3D game boards. The game stands out among the party series by offering music and entertaining mini-game series like Booksquirm, Beach volleyball, and Dungeon duos. Although this Mario Party was released more than 16 years ago it still holds up as one of the best Mario party games ever created because of its creativity and presentation.

3. Mario Party 3

This game introduces new characters and features such as inclusion of Princess Daisy and Waluigi. It also includes the ability for players to hold more than one item at once. Mario Party 3 allows players to carry three items in their travels around the board. The game also consists of duel modes and battle royals. The game has a single-player mode to make room for people who have no one to play the game with. This game stands out for its unique assortment of mini-games which are memory tasking.

4. Mario Party DS

This game consists of not a few mini-games that use the system’s features like tracing an outline with stylus. This game is perfect for long trips, get together with friends. The game uses a top screen to show the turns taken, scoreboard and the map of the board. This portable Mario Party can be played with three other Nintendo DS owners using one cartridge.

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5. Mario Party 9

This is an improvement on the redundancy and slow pace of some other Mario party games. This improvement was not generally accepted as some players felt it took away the games’ competitive edge while others loved the 80-mini games and motion controls. This game is geared towards collaborative work. Players travel in the same car together and players actions affect each other.

6. Mario Party 10

This is an improvement of the Mario party 9. It brings back the carpool gimmick in Mario party 9 where players cooperate to fight off Bowser-the villain. The game features a new mode where five players can play together. This games carries the linear pattern of Mario 9 but stands out with its unique mini-games. The excellent mini-games of Mario party 10 are fewer than the Mario party 9.

7. Mario Party-Top 100

This takes 100 of the best Mario party mini-games over 2 decades and updates them with better graphics. This game allows playing with three or more friends at a time with a single cartridge. It lacks the usual variety of boards and themes but it features an open layout and limits the dice rolling process.

8. Mario Party

This game led to the birth of the different Mario series. This is a classic and there are highlights to its mini-games line up with multiple ways to play.  Platform peril and running of the bulb are games that stand out. The graphics and animations of this device are well updated. This game has however not been released on the virtual console.

9. Mario Party 5

This Mario game is filled with a lot of content and it is one of the most fun games for playing and relaxing with friends. It has inviting boards and an outstanding collection of quality mini-games. This Mario party has an exclusive epic addition called Suer Duel Mode where gamers can customize combat machines. This Mario party is an epitome of a fun game.

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10. Mario Party 6

This Mario Party series is best known for its day and night system. This series boards change when the game switches to night time and vice versa thus increasing the intensity of the fun. It has an amazing collection of minigames such as “Granite Getaway” and “Lift Leapers” The minigames can also be enjoyed outside of the party mode. The boards offer some diversity such as Donkey Kong in clockwork castle. It is a game one can never get tired of.

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