15 Best Double Din Head Unit

15 Best Double Din Head Unit to Buy 2021

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In this article, we will be reviewing the best double din head unit for sound quality for you today. Our picks come from commendation from users around the States and global users as well.

An elegant Double DIN Stereo Head Unit can truly aid make your car appear a little bit more user friendly. It’s a new age after all, who wants to be jostling around with little knobs and dials to switch a radio station? In fact who wants to push buttons at all — it’s so analog!

The Double DIN unit got you covered. It offers an outstanding degree of multi-functionality, integrating the controls, and use, of various numerous tools and devices into one friendly screen. As more cars are produced with the room to accommodate a Double DIN installation, so more companies are manufacturing different varieties, each with barely different pros and cons, some with more attributes and some with less – and of course cutting across a whole range of prices.

15 Best Double Din Head Unit to Buy 2021

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Below is a list of the best double din head units currently available on the market;

1. BOSS Audio System BVCP9675A

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The outstanding thing to note with this device is that BOSS has chosen to sell it pre-bundled with the terrific Apple CarPlay software. This implies that it synchronizes easily and effectively with an iPhone. This is good to hear because some Double DIN Head Unit manufacturers want you to utilize their own software which they insist on installing and often comes with patchy results.

The unit itself synchronizes with your iPhone to play music through that device, it can also sync with other gadgets which are Bluetooth enabled and has an inbuilt AM/FM radio receiver. 20 RMS Watts of power output is relatively substantial, so if you decide to play music through factory-installed speakers (i.e. whatever your car came with) it will sound incredibly good. Obviously the best double din head unit with apple carplay.

Key Features;

Exclusively Apple Play.

Large range of Inputs.

Inbuilt charging point.


Unperturbed integration with iPhones.

Incredibly good RMS wattage.

Relatively affordable.


Zero android connectivity.

Doesn’t support DVD or CD Input.


2. Pioneer AVH-X390BS Double Din 6.2 Inch Unit

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Pioneer AVH-X390BS is rated as the best double din head unit for android. If music (or audio integrity generally) is your precedence then this unit is absolutely for you. That is primarily true if your car is still rocking the initial speakers it came out of the factory with as 50 Watts of RMS output will give you premium sound quality for music, radio, audiobooks, and in-car phone calls. A broad range of inputs is optimal for the course at this stage, although the idea that it accepts CDs is valuable, especially with older cars. It adopts both Apple & Android apps so it will easily synchronize with your phone for audio playback, GPS SAT Nav, etc.

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Key Features:

Fifty(50) Watts RMS output.

Numerous inputs (CDs inclusive).

Simple to install.


Impressive quality audio.

Fairly affordable.


Barely appears sophisticated.


3. Power Acoustik PDN 626B Double Din

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This product from Power Acoustik is clearly at the more bargain edge of the scale — though it’s not the cheapest on this list. Despite going for a price, however, you are getting a ton of features in what is undoubtedly a quality Double Din stereo with an incredibly low price tag. It possesses compatibility across a span of cell phones but incapable of downloading apps. Invariably, that implies that the device mirrors your cell when linked — this enables for phone calls, media playback, etc. if you cherish using Apple CarPlay or the Android ripoff, however, you would have to use them via the phone rather than as a primary download to the stereo itself.

For media playback, it supports CDs, DVDs, Bluetooth, and SD Card as well as USB flash, which is pleasant, and it has an inbuilt Sat Nav which also is a nice touch, that allows it utilizes your vehicle GPS antennae instead of consuming data through your cell phone.

Key Features;

GPS navigation.

LCD touchscreen display.

A receiver for DVDs.

6.2inch LCD touchscreen display.


Inbuilt Sat Nav.

Simple to Use. Quite straightforward.

Ultra-fast response on-screen command.



Mundane Design.

Employs Internal Software — doesn’t support apps.

It cannot charge other devices.


4. Alpine iLX-207

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Alpine iLX-207 is surely one of the best double din head unit with navigation. This design’s trendiness is thanks to the very reflexive, simple to use display setup. You get huge connectivity options though it can still be augmented; such as going completely wireless instead of needing a USB cable for specific functions. Also included are three pre-out ports that bolster your car’s sound system and over 2,000 radio stations to choose from on both FM and AM frequencies. It is readily compatible with Bluetooth enabled devices as well as capable of establishing connections via USB cable.

Key Features;

A wide 7 inches touchscreen display.

It comes with a rearview camera that assists you when reversing.

Provides numerous navigation options.

Dual-view display.


Dual-view facilitated.


Functions with both Android and iOS


Reduced RMS


5. Kenwood DDX774 Din Receiver Unit (with Bluetooth and HD Radio)

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Here is another all-round performer since you can connect a great majority of SmartPhones, it supports your sound system well and it’s quite customizable. The user-friendly display makes sure you quickly get used to this exotic feature in your car even if you’re not particularly tech-savvy. One complaint about this model is its lack of speed as it takes some time to respond when you click the touchscreen buttons. It also lacks GPS Sat Nav.


6.95 inches screen display.

Fine electronic adjustment.

A rear video output.

6 channels preamp outputs.

Supports FM and AM radio channels.

Compatible with new-age apps such as Spotify and Pandora.

Bluetooth enabled.


Numerous speaker outputs.

Broad display screen.

Optimized User-friendly display.


Delayed response.

Installation is complicated for some.


6. Jensen VX7020 6.2” LED MultiMedia touch Screen Double Din

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This is may not have the largest screen you’ll find on this list but it has some impressive features such as a navigation system and the fact that it even allows for BlackBerry connectivity. The brand gives out an instruction manual that ought to make installation straightforward. Jensen also delivers the trim ring, a wire strap, and all essential installation hardware. It also comes with a remote which renders it easy for anyone to operate the din head unit no matter where they’re seated in the car.

Key Features;

LCD display screen which measures 6.2 inches.

Installed on it is a navigation app, the ‘iGo Primo’.

There’s a remarkable feature that allows for online updates via Naviextras Web Support services.

10 Band Customizable EQ tuning feature — aids in modifying your audio experience.

Supports DVDs and CDs.

Compatible with Bluetooth enabled devices, smartphones as well as provide support for HDMI/MHL connectivity.


Considerably affordable.

Potent sound.

Standard Navigation facilities.


Most guide books/Instruction manual comes in Spanish.

Smaller screen compared to other models on the market.


7. Boss Audio BV9362BI Double Din 6.2”

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Although it may not be the very best among component features, it offers you a choice when you are shopping on a prudent allowance. This product rank among the best double din car stereo with backup camera.

Key Features;

Touchscreen display.

Remotely controlled via a remote.

Installable rear camera for rear end view.

Bluetooth microphone for hands-free calling feature.

Numerous radio presets.

Supports favorite apps such as Spotify and Pandora.

Capable of executing files from DVDs, CDs, USB, WMA, and MP3 drives.

Compatible with most smartphones.


Affordable price.

Numerous radio presets.

Remote controller and a microphone included.


It doesn’t support charging via USB.

Reduced quality build.


8. Sony XAV-AX100 6.4” Double Din Unit

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This unit comes under the mid-range relative to price and it maintains an extensive set of features which makes it a good investment. It’s incredibly light and has an elegant layout that augments the front of your vehicle.

Key Features;

Considerably sized screen (6.4inches)

Sleek layout.

An ergonomic rotary dial which grants you access to the menu selections.

Voice prompt activation setting.

Three pre-out audio speakers.

Optimized DSO (Dynamic Stage Organizer) which assists in re-calibration of your speakers.

Very compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Compatible with Bluetooth enabled devices.


Stylish display layout.

Satisfactory screen.


The price is on the high side.

May require some level of skill during customization and installation.


9. JVC KW-V830BT Double Din

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JVC is an outstanding brand for a reason. This is an excellent unit and you will come to acknowledge how the designers spent the time to make it more suitable for users. That’s quite apparent in the fact that it weighs so little which makes it easier to install.

Key Features;

Touchscreen display.

Sizable screen (6.8inches).

It can be remotely controlled via a remote controller.

Very compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Supports ‘Siri Eyes Free’ feature.



USB charge preference for devices.


Gradually responsive.

Volume buttons require modification.


10. Pioneer AVH-1300NEX Multimedia DVD Receiver Uint

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Surely one of the best pioneer double din head unit you will find in the market today. This unit is quite responsive which implies a substantial level tech design.

Key Features;

A relatively small screen which measures about 6.2inches.

Compatible with Bluetooth enabled devices.

For a great audio experience, it comes with inbuilt EQ features, time alignment, and a 13 band graphic equalizer.

Supports high-resolution FLAC files.

Compatible majorly with Apple smartphones and is quite selective with Android phones.

Supports most apps including Spotify and Pandora.


Tremendous for Apple phones

Provides enormous control over audio output


Smaller screen size compared to others.

Inadequate Android compatibility.


11. Boss Audio BV9364B – Double DIN Head Unit

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Boss Audio BV9364B satisfies your dream of ramping up fine-tuned music and handling everything by utilizing just a wireless remote. It comes with a special in-built Bluetooth feature that enables you to not only make hands-free calls but also stream music from either Pandora or Spotify apps.

Key Features;

Simple adjustments utilizing remote and steering wheel controls.

Digital touchscreen panel with ingenious graphic layout.

Several music source selections.

Rear camera option which eases reversing.


Relatively affordable.

Increased power output.

Cordless remote control.

In-built Bluetooth and Navigation features.


Screen maybe barely responsive.

Difficulties may be encountered while playing CDs.


12. ATOTO A6 Double Din Android Car Stereo

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Being compatible with mobile gadgets is one thing and granting solid integration with entertainment and navigation software is another. The ATOTO head unit is primarily customized and optimized for promising performance. It provides Android users all they would need from a head unit for surer, more comfortable, and satisfying commutes.

Key Features;

Satisfactorily connects to Android Marshmallow OS.

Factory-made customizable steering wheel key control.

Immense reception of Bluetooth and ATOTO Wi-Fi.

Pre-installed map engine application software along with an in-built GPS module.


Remarkably k booting; you can access the system barely within 2 seconds after starting the car.

Large storage space of about 256GB micro SD storage.

Astonishing sound and crystal clear High-definition videos.

Fantastic visibility at night and also during the day.

Functional back-up camera.

Perpetual firmware upgrades.


Air bubbles may get entrapped within the screen guard.


13. Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX

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Pioneer stands out on top when it comes to audio and video clarity, simplicity, and immaculate connectivity. The AVH-W4500NEX exceeds any prospects with its vibrant display and highly adaptable controls and functions. It is designed to match the digital lifestyle of any modern driver searching for refined entertainment features at an affordable price.

Key Features;

Large and animated display.

It can be connected to two phones simultaneously.

It can access and play music from numerous sources. (CDs, DVDs, USB, etc).

Effortless navigation.


Pre-installed Bluetooth-enabled hands-free calling.

Vast screen area.

Separable screen (for simple maintenance and anti-theft reasons).

Cordless remote control.

Favors modification of backup camera.


Infrequent slow touchscreen response time.

Inability to use Android Auto and Apple CarPlay simultaneously.


14. Kenwood DMX7706S

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This Kenwood head unit offers you a screen size of 6.95”. It is crystal clear and based on resistive technology. This implies that it is fast and operates without lagging. It has a USB port that enables you to connect your iPhone or Android phone. This head unit only gives room for wired Apple Carplay and Android Auto.

Key Features;

Enabled digital multimedia player with an AM/FM tuner.

In-built Bluetooth enables hands-free calling and music streaming features.

In-built amplifier (22watt RMS/50 peak ×4 channels)

6.95 inches Ultra-clear Resistive touchscreen display, definitive USB connection

Modified Bass boost and loudness.


Superfast startup Kenwood stereo set.

It grants additional oomph to factory speakers.

Capable of playing any type of music file.


HD radio is unavailable.

Requires sophistication for Android Auto installation.


15. Speedton double din 7-inch car stereo

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Coming in last is the bargain model on the list, the only product here with a price tag just under $100. It is an extremely basic Double Din stereo unit with barely any sophisticated feature.

Key Features;

Wide 7-Inch Screen.

Bluetooth enabled.


Cheap. Extremely Cheap.


Extraordinarily basic model.

There’s no CD or DVD Playback feature.

Absent USB connection.

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